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  • That explains everything that is happening shock pain and moving away from isolation. As part as part of the establishment made a lot of excuses for people charged for a crime, one of my supervisors said “Peter if you feel overloaded just cut & paste any DSM classification for people you are assessing”, thereafter take them to general doctor get them on “something”. Didn’t know this paradigm was keeping people sick had no idea I would become a victim of psychiatric abuse, up went anti psychotic pills month by month, testing “levels of effectiveness” what happened next ? Lost my career due to poor judgment had no idea it was medication causing cognitive decline and anxiety. At the moment it feels like a bad dream. Would get on trains having little memory of my actions…off to psychiatrist next day “Peter this is part of Bi Polar”. Reply “I am having memory problems could it be all this medication ?” “Falling out of bed onto the floor?”. Reply “Book tells me it’s safe!”. Fortunately for myself managed to get away from this person.

  • It is still hard or unbelievable come to this conclusion thanks. Defended so many people for offending behaviour. Sold on chemical imbalance now prospect of reducing my cocktail although lower doses is scary, hope this time can use meditation, audio visual entertainment as an alternative. Have successfully come off very high doses yet went too quickly without success perhaps due to addiction ?

  • As a previous Psychologist, thereafter victim of drug companies shocking to learn about possibility of ‘chemical imbalance’ may not be factual. My assessment of Bi Polar did not take into account traumatic head injury, as for thousands of patients there is no scientific test for many DSM classifications. There is no doubt that anti psychotics contributed to my cognitive decline, memory loss & mental impairment. Had to find a general doctor to reduce now lowers doses together with hopeful employment as a Criminologist. ‘Disease’ ‘chemical imbalance’ can take away personal power for healing. Dr Carl Jung was barely mentioned during our psychology degree deemed unscientific, cannot be measured. Many years of statistics was a disappointment. For myself & thousands of people on Facebook withdrawal from psychiatric pills is very difficult, for myself almost had a stroke. There was no sorry from government officials or medical people. Facts are DSM classifications are ahistorical, change over time, symptoms overlap with other mental disorders for example it is not uncommon for mental health professionals to disagree an official diagnosis when assessing same patient for preparation of a court report.