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  • I have a few thoughts and questions, but I fear I will be blocked, deleted and or banned if I mention/ask them. For a website to advocate for those who have been mistreated by so many, it seems paradoxical that those who challenge some of their claims commonly made here are themselves discounted, insulted and abused.

  • Charlotte, Holy Cow, man, you can write. Excellent portrayal of what you’ve gone through. You are interesting, keep a good pace, never boring, excellent sentence structure. A+. Most of all, I’m so grateful you found help. Awesome.

    I’ve looked and cannot find the data below. Would you mind letting me know where you found it, please and thank you, and KEEP WRITING!

    “Meanwhile the media fails to report studies like this one, which showed that children told they had ADHD (psychiatry calls this ‘diagnosis’) were 2.5 times more likely to harm themselves than those with exactly the same symptoms but who were not told they were disordered.”

    {You are operating at a level of privilege that allows you to ignore the fact that others don’t always “have a choice” like you do.}

    How do you know?

    “Try to open your mind to others’ experiences.”

    You are making a false assumption

    “Daiphanous Weeping November 11, 2022 at 3:03 pm
    Birdsong, I would rather shame a child sex abuser and be called a bully than nonchalantly look away at what is going on in our communities.”

    That’s how I feel.

    “Shaming and shunning are emotional abuse. And emotional abuse is not, in any way, “non-violent”. And it is never “deserved”. It is silenced violence.” birdsong

    He will get a prison term which is a form of violence, and will suffer at the hands of inmates most likely. jeff dahmer got his head smashed in, priests are killed, etc.

    Someone who is shunned always has the option of changing his behavior if he wants it to stop.
    Stress causes ulcers; real disease. Our lives are intricately woven together physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally.
    “You are what you think in your heart” And, “Where your treasure is, there will be your heart, too.” Many of us become gravely ill and many die from the ways our minds work.

    NEJM “As a result, the adolescent brain is much less able to cognitively modulate strong desires and emotions. This observation is particularly relevant to the establishment of 21 years of age as the legal drinking age in the United States, a ruling that is often questioned even though a dramatic reduction in highway deaths followed its institution. One could legitimately argue that the study of the neurobiology of addiction provides a compelling argument for leaving the drinking age at 21 years and for increasing the legal smoking age to 21 years, by which time the brain networks that underlie the capacity for self-regulation are more fully formed.

    The brain disease model of addiction has also informed policies that take advantage of the infrastructure of primary health care to address substance-use disorders and to provide a model for paying for it through the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA) and the Affordable Care Act. Although it is still too early to evaluate the effects of these policies on the nation, an initial examination of the MHPAEA in three states showed increased enrollment and care delivery among patients with substance-use disorders and an overall reduction in spending on emergency department visits and hospital stays.” We live in a fascinating time.

    “Human nature has proven to be an extremely malleable historical entity. The earliest tribal/communal societies were based on very HIGH levels of cooperation out of NECESSITY for their survival.” Lewis

    A degree of camaraderie existed among Americans during WWII people longed for after the war ended.
    If people were not born with an inherent bent to screw up, along with a conscience, certainly the world would be a more pleasant place. “Mom, I couldn’t be naughty today! I tried! I promise! I’m not lying! All day all I did was try to get into trouble and do stuff I’m not allowed to do, but I failed. I’m disgusted with myself, mom. I’ll try even harder tomorrow. There’s got to some way I can blow it!

    If stress contributes to mental illness, I don’t think we will ever prevent it. Mankind will invent new reasons to condemn others, to fight, to disrupt, to demean, to belittle, to taunt, and to draw out the worst in others, to exploit peer pressure in order to ruin the lives of others. Lord of the Flies. Recorded history seems to me to prove beyond any doubt, that given enough rope, man will hang others and himself, no matter the circumstances. At this moment and at any given time we are 20 minutes away from destroying everything.

    I like this line from Wondering Aloud, “And it’s only the giving that makes you what you are.”

    I am familiar with the work of Whitaker. Am I to take a pledge that I subscribe to his opinions before offering my thoughts? I think he has much to offer. Everyone does.

    “I’m trying to get you to open your mind here. If you want validation that “treatment works,” there are plenty of places you can go. I assume you came here to look at things more broadly.” mccrea
    Am I supposed to qualify why I’m here to you? How do you know I should open my mind further? Why do you accuse me?

  • I can’t reply to Birdsong except to respond to myself and hope it will find its rightful place.

    I suppose there are. I couldn’t tell you how they are all different. I don’t know all of them.

    Unspotted, to me, means to not to buy into the notion that I can find peace and wholeness through acquiring things or achieving more than the next guy, or that my life consists of externals. My relationship with God is what matters.

    What do you recommend?

  • No it isn’t. Avoiding someone isn’t threatening them with bodily harm.
    Capitalism has nothing to do with mental illness, per se. I don’t have to allow myself to be oppressed. Shoveling someone’s driveway for something in return doesn’t force me to take on the role of an exploited person and hiring someone to shovel my driveway doesn’t make me an oppressor.
    If I want to afford shelter, food, sanitation, clothing, etc., I am going to find a way to get them through work. Thank God for so many opportunities to earn what is necessary to survive. It isn’t your responsibility to take care of me or I you.
    Banks provide capital to those who are likely to repay loans. There’s nothing wrong or oppressive in and of itself with that. To maintain our current standard of living, we must compete with nations around the world to make a better mousetrap for less.
    “Well it may not be the psychiatrists, per se, but I wouldn’t put it past the drug companies.” How? No one can force me to believe something/anything. I have choices. Buyer beware. Mixed with chemical combinations that help people are plenty of con-artists who take advantage of others. Time has shown that the majority of pharmaceuticals are helpful taken as prescribed. Aspirin is more deadly than many drugs. A toxic dose of aspirin is 200 to 300 mg/kg (milligrams per kilogram of body weight), and ingestion of 500 mg/kg is potentially lethal. In chronic overdose a lower level of aspirin in the body can result in serious illness. Much lower levels can affect children.”
    I wouldn’t put it past almost anyone to do almost anything.

  • You are on target, Marie. Our economy and our freedoms under our democratic republic are by far the greatest of all time. We are the envy of the world. People from around the world have flocked to this country for the myriad economic opportunities, our laws, our judicial system, free speech, our education system, our constitution and the safety our law enforcement provides for us all.
    We are a nation set upon a hill, a light, a beacon, projecting strength and the means for anyone to improve her lot in life.

  • Vincent Van Gogh would disagree. Winston Churchill, too. The Lincoln’s, Mike Wallace, Mike Tyson, Kirsten Dunst. The 39-year-old actor has revealed that when she was in her 20s, she entered a rehab center for help with depression. …
    Dwayne Johnson
    Katy Perry
    Jon Hamm
    Lady Gaga.
    Michael Phelps.
    Kristen Bell.
    Bruce Springsteen

  • I don’t believe that an economic system or medical practitioners in the field of psychiatry are the perpetrators of a conspiratorial assault on the masses, seeking by design to usurp authority and amass wealth per se. The mafia does. Some people do. Evil is real and it permeates our world. Egos demand their own way. Flesh craves to be satisfied. Jealousy is an old-fashioned concept, but just as influential as ever. Greed’s been around a long time, too. The modern man has been groomed and refined, but he is still the same deep within.
    The United States has created the greatest economy in the history of the world. We have contributed an incalculable amount of money and materials, education resources and military protection, unprecedented in recorded history, which is why the Chinese are infusing capitalism throughout their land and are about to beat us at our own game. Just look at their investments in developing in 5G. “For the past two years, China has been at the forefront of the 5G innovations race, thanks to significant rollouts and the growth of 5G solutions. The country has built 961,000 5G base stations and 365 5G terminal connections and has shipped 128mn 5th-Generation phones.” And, get this: “China has officially launched research and development work for its 6G mobile networks. The country only just turned on its 5G networks earlier this month, ahead of an initial 2020 schedule.”

    AI is where it’s at and they are killing us. In 2021, AI start-ups in China obtained US$17 billion (RMB 121 billion) in funding from private equity and venture capital investments, representing nearly one-fifth of the global total.Oct 14, 2022