Friday, January 27, 2023

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  • Hi James, I ran into this article by pure chance but I thought I would give you my two cents as someone who is a TMS researcher at an R1 institution. I use TMS as a tool to study the causal role of certain parts of cortex (but thats neither here nor there). I am curious as to the treatment you received (I am not familiar with the clinical use of TMS though I know its commonly used to treat depression as a last resort). Do you happen to know what coil (did it look like an 8), pulsing pattern, and or area was stimulated? Did you have to go through an MRI session to localize the anatomical area?

    I am not here to dispute whether TMS can do long-term damage to cortex (that would depend on many factors–though I highly suspect that it wont–provided the people administering the treatment are well trained). I am mostly here to help, with any lingering questions you might have about TMS. I see you did your research as to the strength of the magnetic field (1-1.5T), to put things into perspective the average MRI scanner (also a magnet) has a strength from 3-7T and is deemed safe. BUT, beyond the strength of the magnetic field which is not the issue here. I can tell you that TMS is absolutely not frying your brain, nor is it powerful enough to reach deep enough into cortex to do any serious damage. That being said, the intensity of stimulation is not as important as where you are stimulated. which is why I asked the questions I did. Anyway at this point im rambling on…please do contact me if you have any TMS related question. BTW if you’re worried TMS has done long term damage to brain tissue you could get an anatomical MRI done, that might ease some worries.