Friday, February 3, 2023

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  • Mad In America Foundation

    The creation of author/journalist Robert Whitaker, Mad in America says its mission “is to serve as a catalyst for rethinking psychiatric care in the United States (and abroad). We believe that the current drug-based paradigm of care has failed our society, and that scientific research, as well as the lived experience of those who have been diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder, (many of them are paying for the privilege to criticize psychiatry) calls for profound change.” Its Form 990 from 2019 shows gross receipts of $464,471 and a nonprofit net worth of $318,307. It paid Whitaker $40,480.

    You are a multi-multi-millionaire are you not? You own your own publishing company, correct? And you own Mad In America, paid for by many volunteers who were abused by Big Psychiatry, I believe. What are your gross receipts per annum, Doctor, from all your sources of revenue? You’re pulling in a half million right here, again from donations to advertise your books from which you pay yourself nearly $50,000 a year (all from contributions, right?)
    You promote your books everywhere you speak for free, too, no? They pay your expenses, I imagine.

  • Talking to God is proven to be transformative to hundreds of millions. “For me, at the time, it felt like an enormous relief, a lifting of burden, a sense of connecting with the universe in a way I never had before. Very powerful!”
    “It makes sense that Jesus mattered to me as a late teenager, when I had a born-again experience “At that point Jesus became not only my Lord and Savior, but also my best friend and closest ally.”
    “Jesus was my model of self-giving love…” Bart Ehrman. me, too.
    He saw the richest wheat lands of Europe turned into a wilderness.
    He saw famine – ‘planned and deliberate; not due to any natural
    catastrophe like failure of rain or cyclone or flooding. An administrative
    famine brought about by the forced collectivization of agriculture
    . . . abandoned villages, the absence of livestock, neglected fields:
    everywhere, famished, frightened people.’

    In a German settlement, a little oasis of prosperity in the collectivized wilderness, he saw peasants kneeling down in the snow,
    weeping, and asking for bread. In his diary he wrote: “Whatever else
    I may do or think in the future, I must never pretend that I haven’t
    seen this. Ideas will come and go; but this is more than an idea. It is
    peasants kneeling down in the snow and asking for bread. Something
    that I have seen and understood.’ malcolm muggeridge, who found God and was transformed by Him utterly

  • There is nothing which proves that psychotherapy has any benefit even if the poor slob begins working full time or sleeps great. Who’s to say they had anything to do with his interaction with a therapist? Where is the objective test that his paranoia eased or his failures to concentrate consistently diminished or that his depression lifted a wee bit? Can’t measure depression or problems focusing. He goes to work. Work is killing him, he hates it so much. Everyday spent at work he comes closer to ending his life! So what was accomplished? BTW, who is to say that preventing suicide is a worthwhile goal?
    IOW, playing devil’s advocate, we cannot even define the issues being “treated” let alone measure “improvements”. This is the flaw, the justified criticism of anti-psychiatry.