Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Comments by Tom Shapiro

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  • Let me propose an answer I believe will address your concerns. Let me ask you a question. Are you trying to prove that psychiatrists are no good? I ask because you list several people harmed by them. You implicate the entire industry based on some bad experiences. That isn’t logical. That’s what I believe Whitaker does.
    Do you know how much a top orthopedic surgeon cost me by botching the surgery on my ankle? A professional career in football. Do you know how many orthopedic surgeons botched my care along the way? Do you know what that felt like? Or, my mother whose breast cancer was caught only after several doctors told her there was nothing wrong with her? M.D.s. Almost died.
    I believe in doctors.
    I, personally, I can’t speak for others but your question insinuates I must have a lousy but hidden agenda, which is an insult in itself. I have nothing to do with this industry Except one thing: I know a number of people who are alive today and doing well because of excellent psychiatric care and the meds they take.