Friday, March 24, 2023

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  • This is where public AWARENESS comes in. People need to know the real truth about these drugs and the harm they cause a LOT of people. Once people are made truly aware and are able to take charge of their own health and be able to make informed educated decisions, not just relying on what doctors/psychiatrists tell us, then hopefully there will be a LOT less demand or in my opinion coercion. Advertisements on TV for these drugs are also a big part of the problem telling people they should actually ASK for these drugs(making them seem like a good thing) which is CRAZY ! These advertisements also should be banned in my opinion. There is a lot of misinformation still in general and people need to be INFORMED about this sick reality of over drugging and poisoning people with these toxic drugs.

  • I too believe we can make a difference. This whole drug industry is creating drug addicts instead of truly helping people which is their goal. They are trying to get as many people addicted to these drugs, which is highly profitable for both doctors/psychiatrists/BIG PHARMA. They don’t want to actually cure you ~ that’s why they tell you you’ll have to take these medications for the rest of your life because they KNOW that you’ll soon be addicted(not because of your so called “illness”). It is so SICKENING that so many doctors/psychiatrists are selling themselves out for the sake of GREED and have turned themselves into legalized drug dealers ~ PATHETIC!

  • Very well said. We need a LOT more people like you to speak out about the atrocities these drugs are causing. I hope this is the beginning of some real change in this corrupt and abusive industry. There has to be a lot more accountability on these doctor/psychiatrists/Big Pharma. The only way that will happen is by people getting involved and taking action. People need to stand up for their human/civil rights and not be intimidated or brainwashed by these doctors/psychiatrists and the whole SICK system. Their goal is to keep you down and unable to think or fight or be in any position to do anything about it ~ using fear to keep you dependent on them and their so called “TREATMENTS”. I hope this is the year for some real CHANGE and an end to this ABUSE! I think a major civil/human rights movement is necessary for this to happen.

  • Thank you Monica for your strength and courage to get off these TOXIC drugs and for giving hope to many others in their fight to free themselves from these drugs. People need to know what is really going on and we need to do our own research and make educated and informed decisions about our own mental/physical health and not just trust these doctors/psychiatrists to decide what’s right for us. We need as much information and support to take our health into our own hands and learn safe ways to come off these drugs and SAFE alternative treatments that work better! We need more SUCCESS stories like yours and we need to put an end to the senseless lives being lost and damage these drugs are doing.

    p.s. I lost my beautiful 16 year old niece to these drugs 7 years ago and my other 16 year old niece(her sister) has been on these drugs since the age of 7 and has had nothing but problems(both physical and mental) with ALL of them! I fear for her life and my goal is to do whatever I can to help her possibly get off these drugs. I know in my heart she would do much better without these drugs and it frustrates me to see her needlessly suffer.

  • Thank you for your support. That is my goal to educate my entire family about this and do whatever I can to put an end to this abuse on the part of these doctors, QUACKS and big pharma. I can’t believe these drugs are even being prescribed and haven’t been pulled from the shelves with all the evidence supporting the damage they are doing and deaths they are causing. It will have to take more and more people speaking out about their experiences and taking action so this corruption stops!

  • What a great article and so articulately written. It is so SICKENING what these so called “experts” and the drug industry is doing to people. It is truly criminal how they cause so many senseless deaths and the way they are destroying peoples lives with these TOXIC drugs and it’s time people start really taking action against them. In my opinion they are the ones who are really “SICK” and really need help! The world needs a major wake up call as to what’s really going on and we all need to do our part to stand up for ourselves and take charge of our own health. We need to do as much research and be able to make educated decisions about our health and not just letting doctors/therapists/psychiatrists decide what’s right for us. We need to get the truth out there! I’m so glad that you have come as far as you have in your withdrawal from these drugs and I hope you will continue to be able to heal yourself from the damage that was done. Blessings to you and wishing you a Healthy New Year!

  • I totally agree. I blame a big part of the huge increase in divorce rates to these drugs and there are several websites to confirm that. Beyond Meds has some very good information supporting this ~ these drugs can cause people to sort of disconnect and not be able to feel emotions they normally would feel, therefore not knowing how to really feel what “love” is anymore. It’s so sad and alarming to me and the world needs a wakeup call to see what’s really happening.

  • I totally agree. There has to be a lot more activism and making people aware and getting involved. We need to do WHATEVER it takes, if that means class action lawsuits, etc. and I agree that what makes is difficult is that a lot of people treated with these drugs may be in a compromised state(which is what they want) and difficult to take action. I would love to see someone being held accountable for this criminal behavior and the senseless lives being lost and ruined by these TOXIC drugs.

  • I can’t agree with you more. I lost my 16 year old niece who took her own life after being on these drugs and a family member just killed himself ( I highly suspect that these drugs played a part in his death) and I fear for my 16 year old niece who currently takes these drugs and has had nothing but problems with all of them. I blame the drug industry and these so called “therapists/psychiatrists” for over prescribing these TOXIC drugs. They are nothing more than legalized drug dealers and someone needs to be held accountable for all the senseless deaths and harm they are causing. It’s all about greed and money and it makes me so SICK!

  • I can really relate…my 14 year old niece was supposedly diagnosed with ADHD/Bipolar disorder when she was around the age of 7 or 8 which I NEVER bought into. She has been on numerous drugs ever since, most of them causing terrible side effects, including hallucinations, weight gain(over 40lbs), bad acne(which extremely affected her self-esteem) along with other problems. I am very concerned about her and I would love to try to get her off these drugs and try a more natural approach, but I don’t know what authority, if any, I have. Does anyone know what actions I can take to try to help her get off these dangerous drugs? I know you have to be very careful when coming off these drugs.

  • Hi Chrys ~ I’m so happy you had the courage and strength to gain control over your health and your life! I lost my niece to suicide due to these drugs, and now her father(my brother) and ex- wife(which I largely blame their divorce on these drugs) and my remaining niece all are on these destructive drugs. I feel that they are almost brainwashed or in complete denial about what these drugs are doing to them and blame these “therapists/psychiatrists” for destroying not only their lives, but our entire family’s lives. I feel these psychiatrists are really the “SICK” or “Mentally Ill” ones!

  • Alix ~ I agree! There are way too many people being treated as guinea pigs and these drugs are handed out like candy. Drugs should not be used as a first line of treatment, instead alternatives should be offered along with medical testing to rule out any possible medical causes and people should be given all the information regarding any drugs they prescribe so people can make truly INFORMED choices. Part of the problem is that many people don’t take the time to do their own research and put too much faith in these so called “therapists/psychiatrists”. People need to take control of their own health and their own lives!