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  • Thank you for this great coverage of your experience.

    As someone who has experienced psychosis, I emphasize with your struggle with shame. I think there are two components, the shame of what we have done to ourselves, racking up spending, being trapped in a hospital, medical bills, and the shame we feel from other people that look on us with pity.

    For the former, what you have done, trying to build a beautiful life, is the best panacea. It’s what I strive towards.

    For the later, I think your understanding of shamanism is great, and let’s us build an identity where our “illness” is a strength. I have rigid, logical friends that are sorry for me because I’ve “gone crazy,” and because I believe in spirits and magic and the like. But I am sorry for them, because they will never witness the hidden depths of beauty and complexity in our world, lying beneath the skin.

    Thanks again for this wonderful article.