Saturday, March 25, 2023

Comments by Frank L.

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  • The discussion of psychotherapy vs. drug infusion is clearly a dilemma solved on a1 by1 basis. The therapeutic benefit of analysis could very likely negate any need for drugs. However the skills required by the Dr. would be enormous. How many have the qualifications to meet this demand? Hence the psycho-med. prescription. The band aid approach is clearly the less expensive therapy. The psychologist can prescribe to patients but is no more qualified than a PA. or Rpn. Or on and on. A psychiatric trained specialist is what’s needed. One willing to embrace the challenges of the patient. Very likely not to happen.
    Also, the lumping together the variety of depressional disorders is wrong.
    The garden variety of the 70s and80s depression is miles from a manic depressive. Not to discount any depression, there’s some and then others.
    It became easier to classify and prescribe.

  • I have abused alcohol for 50 plus years and finally want to stop for good. Feel its beginning to take its toll. While working it was easier to moderate, never missed due to drinking but need to set a better example. Children.grandkids, friends etc.
    Benzos have helped me accomplish this to a great degree. Fortunately, the reduction in anxiety is greatly diminished by usage intermittently. I will entirely withdraw all drugs. “Grant me the serenity…”
    Thanks for acknowledging they can help.

  • Your article inspired me, thank you.
    This is a second hand account of a dependant whose mother was diagnosed (labeled) manic depression with no chance of recovery.
    I do remember it all after her initial nervous breakdown. It was shortly after her fourth child with two more to follow. The memory is horrific and to long and sordid to cover here. Lobotomies were on the way out but shock treatment was avail.
    Somewhat understandable, long-term psychoanalysis was the curable prescription but not the one chosen.
    Prescribed:200mg. Thorazine3x daily and 5mg.upper huh. This then 8year old child new this concogt. was useless.
    To this day I study psychology in attempt to discern goings on. I realize its possible to have it labeled incurable.
    Cannot run from it, hide and no escaping it.
    Love and understanding.
    More to follow.
    Thank you.