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  • Katinka and myself seem to have similar stories on some level, despite the fact that I grew up in a remote part of Ireland. My father ended up trapped in the system for 10 years. From 1973. But he was on the drugs until his death at 52, from prostate cancer (but possibly also the effects of being on Lithium for 20 years was a contributing factor, as his kidneys seemed to fail in the end).

    When I went to see Prof Ivor Browne I hinted at the fact that my Manic Depression / “Bipolar” diagnosis was genetic. I even went into a small bit of detail about his ‘highs’. But then Ivor dropped a clanger, that left me literally rewriting 20 years of my life. My father died when I was 23. Ivor said “But your father was around in the era of medication as well !”. No one had said it like that before. And Ivor is a so called ‘expert’ who has 50 years experience as a Psychiatrist / also trained therapist.

    I realised that the drugs can bring a person way down. So low that you can’t really get out of bed. Or on a ‘high’. While the drugs might have been slightly different back in the 1970s and early 80s, they still could seriously affect mood.

    While some of us do suffer from anxiety, I believe there is a problem metabolizing the drugs on my paternal side, as highlighted in the work of Dr Yolande Lucire. When I can afford to I will get tested. Another relative had a similar reaction to Lexapro as I did to Citalopram, but they are effectively the same drug.

    Some people would rather live in the 1970s mentality, as this truth challenges their belief system, that they have been indoctrinated and brainwashed into. I was in that boat myself for most of my life. People trust what doctors say, but at their own peril.

    The drugs don’t work long term and for me made things far worse, but they also don’t address any issues or inter generational trauma within a family or society. Or true ways in dealing with anxiety. I took Citalopram for anxiety / panic attacks and ended up in mania / ‘psychosis’ 3 years later. It has changed my life forever. I try to stay positive despite the mass damage. One day at a time. Thanks Katinka for sharing your story. I’m tired which affects my writing ability. If you got this far thanks for listening.

  • Mary Maddock has been very supportive to me and so many others. She is an inspiration. I think it was her that told me about Dr Terry Lynch. I probably had his first book at the time but was on a similar journey to Mary with the drugs and not in a good place, with very little support. So it was a crucial part in my ongoing recovery and healing journey to have met people like Mary & Jim. Terry, Leonie and so many more.

    I also read her book which is very good “Soul Survivor”. People have been fighting hard for so long to bring about change. And I hope that change is in progress. Especially with the Council for Evidence Based Psychiatry ( and some of the great work been done by people in the British Psychological Society. As well as Robert Whitaker, Dr Peter Breggin, Marius Romme, Prof David Healy and others. Also Prof Ivor Browne, who continues to get the word out about the true causes of emotional distress.

    I’ve read Dr Terry Lynch’s latest book “Depression Delusion : The Myth of the Brain Chemical Imbalance”. It is very well researched and thorough. It was great that he gets to talk at various events, including one which I was able to attend recently. More people need to hear what he has to say, as the flawed biomedical model can bring a person on a road to no where. I discovered that 1st hand. As I continue to heal through talk therapy and working daily on myself. I eventually hope then to be more active in my own community in bringing about some change. I would like to see Open Dialogue and Advance Directives as part of an approach that, instead of damaging the person and their relationships, will bring about the best possible outcomes for people in distress, their family, community and our overall society.

    My review of Dr Lynch’s book can be found on here ~

  • Phew Leonie! I thought you were talking about me and my hair 🙂 Got it done for a Capacity Law symposium in Dublin Castle, thinking I would meet our Minister for Justice but sadly could not make it due to my broken hand and the need to change my cast. Thanks for having me and it was great to meet Maria. Ye are both brave and amazing. Ye both do great work and complement each other. Hoping that Maria will be back again soon and she might get to other parts of the country to present her great work.

  • Ye are both amazing ladies and the work ye do will help save others. I may have made one of those comments so luckily I still have my head! Non-judgmental listening is the best approach.

    I wasn’t trying to take away from the horror and trauma of it all.

    I think of certain other children related to the one lost. I remember a 6 yr old noticing that I was looking at a photo of all 6 siblings and even though she was only 2 when tragedy struck she said “That is my brother that died. We were very close”. And went on to tell me little stories about Shane. She went off to school that day and came back with a smile on her face. And a bar of chocolate hidden behind her back that she had bought with her tooth fairy money. How cute is that. And last weekend herself and her 9 yr old brother wanted me to stay another night on the couch. Such lovely kids they are.

  • This idea of “preventative intervention in Psychiatry” shows that they are in denial regarding the damage been done by messing with people’s brain chemistry. A Yale study found that about 1 in 12 admissions to Psychiatric hospitals was a result of “mania” or “psychosis” induced by SSRIs.

    Not forgetting the risk to the unborn baby and the lawsuits eg relating to the drug Celexa (Citalopram).

    Also not forgetting the link between SSRIs and suicide and violence in some people.

  • Are the lawyers in bed with the drugs companies? If you were dead how could you have a case against the drug companies? Maybe your dependents would have had but not you personally. There have been class action lawsuits brought before eg by lawyer Jim Gottstein on Zyprexa:

    I do keep Zyprexa 5mg on standby. It does work for me, as it has a tranquilizing effect. It has Prolactin in it. And if I have a “manic” episode it is part of my toolkit from coming back to earth. I use it over a few days. But I never needed to be on 10mg long term. I gained about 2 stone and still work on losing that weight. As a female it also stopped the female cycle. Plus it put me at risk of diabetes.

    I live in Ireland so things are probably different here. In America there is a company that deals with Celexa birth defects: but not what we experienced. This is there website:

    Best of luck, Anne Marie

  • I too became “manic” while on Citalopram 4.5 years ago. I was locked away and no one told me that “anti-depressants”/SSRIs could have been the cause. Which would have made things a lot simpler. And reduced the trauma, distress and stigma that I had to go through.

    I also stopped medication cold turkey after I got out of hospital and didn’t realise the dangers of doing that. So I ended up back in hospital in withdrawal. But no one bothered to mention the word withdrawal. But if you are a drug pushing cult you will hardly tell your victims the TRUTH. Hoping to get the TRUTH out there and to change the world! Hard as that might be. But even if I can create awareness for a hundred or a few thousand people I will be happy.

    Just be kind to yourself for the next year or two and try to manage stress well eg daily Yoga and meditation. Due to the medication these symptoms can return well after the drug is stopped. Thanks for sharing your story.

    Not forgetting that I was put on high doses of Zyprexa and Seroquel, both of which have lawsuits against the makers. What these people are doing is criminal. I never needed 10mg of Zyprexa long term. 5mg is sedating for starters. And a short time on the drug would have helped me return to “normality”. What we are dealing with is a sham and a scam of a system. That is destroying lives.