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  • WOW >>> what a jump from support group to consumer… I created my account as I am a mature adult crying like a lil baby confused and crippled to a point of irrational though at the time. BRADFORD -You were not there. Government -not there, web sites not there.. MYSELF and a half dozen other parents questioned the book dailly and rationalized every step. NAMI WAS a god sent. I TOLD them I TOO has reservations on (( one)) drug my son was given that once taken it limited other drug choices. WE ALL MADE the best choices we could with out information, education , support and a group that gave us access to other in similar situations. UNTREATED Mental illness killed my sons two best friends in the last 1 1/2 years as self medication is alway the next best cure and usually fatal. THERE IS NO one right answer here. I follow no one blind . I AM learning, educating past NAMI , with NAMI , internet, books , and my son best hope . NAMI SHOWED me I am not alone and taught me to move forward . IT IS MY burdon and chose as the last hope for my son… THE system is broke.. The only money going into the field is PARMA,,, PLEASE search learn and discover.. groups, orgs. national mental health agencies , SAMHDA, NIMH , National mental health services, Healthzone and be educated.

  • .. ‘irrefutable proof” that schizophrenia is caused by structural abnormalities of the brain. Later it verifies the abnormalities and discusses parts of the chemical creating process..may/maynot be a facture. WE talked for two hours on different causes/ relative info.. . THE BOOK breaks chemicals and the diseases down way above all the parents heads.. IT actually does not blame one structural/chemical producing structure abnormality down but several causes, virus at the time of year born, drugs, trauma, injury, lifestyle, outside chemicals, glands, hormones, and “”” causes including genetics and hereditary factors. I met once a week for about 13 weeks… IT was a god sent to learn and how to cope, deal, and see my son in a positive loving manner. AGAIN, PLEASE FIND WHAT causes the many variations, cures, as I am as skeptical as you on DRUG companies, influence, lobbies, government, and we all had the same impression on the DRUG companies. WE all know the politics. ( WE tried to hold that in check)… WE all went out and bought LIGHT lamps for seasonal depression as one suggested as helping our depressions. WE all understood the DRUG pharma money in healthcare, legislation, party control and being very much an underdog. .

  • Don’t talk to me about the merits of NAMI until they stop telling me my ‘mental illness’ is just like diabetes, while promoting psychiatric drugs that cause just that (or until they stop blindly calling us ‘anti-science’ while refusing to look at the facts themselves). YES DEAR… NAMI was addressing the stigma of the society treating the mentally ill as less than people.. YOU are a valuable person and YOU NEED TO be heard , supported and find a way to help us all. OUR KIDS are literally dying . MY son lost his two best friends in the last year so dont talk to me about subtle or not addressing all cures, facts, ideas, support , alternatives. I am a destroyed parent made better BY NAMI…MY SON is an adult.. Over 100 thousand in MED bills, 5 thousand in lawyer bills fighting guardianship. NOT worked in 6 months and not alot better living with me, I get called the worse father , spit on and humiliated dailly and love him like he has a simple physical disease of the brain,,, YES ,I wish they would treat him like his condition is as simple disease and not avoid him at all costs as he will always be alone till a group like NAMI advocate . I wish they would treat him like a PTSD,heart patient or missing a leg.. . ISOLATION,DEPRESSION,HALLUCINATION,DELUSIONS are a way of life . YES we struggle to be treated just like those who should not be non funded,stigmatized, avoided, belittled and betrayed daily by society . YOU GO GIRL and right these wrongs any way you know how, and GOD BLESS .. MYSELF and others go to a dad support group that would have been outraged by any NAMI class meeting shutting down any conservative talk. YOU just dont get it. WE were crying for any other solutions having been destroyed by the MEDS effects and life’s choices given to us. IT CRUEL, HARD , and to much for parents to adress alone. WE DEAL with this . WE didnt create, control or cause these diseases just do what we feel is right for our loved ones.

  • To put one paragraph on NAMI people is a disservice to the citizens in general and to the mental health field. SHE SHOULD Have put nothing is available (period) besides NAMI in most areas outside of a web member group. ITS like saying lets criticize the only thing available.. NOT THAT, she does not have valid- great points about funding , growth, availability and the struggles people in crisis and stress are under.. THIS IS a huge void in our system. IN IOWA we have no psychiatrist outside of the major hospitals! NO resources , information, direction, no government agencies, no support but NAMI. OUR GOVERNOR , system, support is broke and disorganized. THE CURE REYNOLDS stated was Privatization and big business buying what shambles is left of our medicaid. The hit piece does simply not addressed the crisis people are in. NO ONE! NO ONE! was there for me.. GET IT! OUR local or National government agencies , hospital, PHARMA, or any one ((BUT))) NAMI was there that I found… Then after a few months searching I found you and a few web sites … THIS after I was sane enough to search the web tirelessly for information. I went to Family to Family(NAMI) and found many struggling as I. Very good people and hugged and talked our way into some kind of help for our loved ones desperately needing any hope the could find. WITH OUT these selfless volunteers I to would have been in a bed beside my son in an institution. THE consideration , care, and showing great concern for myself and other people are unmatched in my life. WE ALL HAD SIC loved ones and cried many meeting . EVERY ONE THERE was at one time in crisis. NAMI IS THE first step for any information, education , support and reassurance the sun comes up tomorrow. IN IOWA only the rich see a DR. in the mental health field. THERE IS ((NO)) alternative but DRUGS as you made your point. MY SON was in the hospital 6 weeks and did not get any better.. EVERY DR<NURSE ,Social worker for the hospital said he needed drugs… to get better,,, THESE ARE HARD, life changing decisions addressed BY a NOVICE hit piece and petrified parents who struggle at any thing string of hope they can reach for-in CONTEXT! THE little obscure web pages were not there. Government -not there, community not there, NAMI WAS.