Sunday, January 16, 2022

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  • KindRegards,

    You are a victim, I am a victim… be steadfast, hold your ground! I remember trying to conduct research about 9 years ago as well on this, and it was extremely scant or non-existent. Consult these sources: Dr. Gotzsche, Dr. Breggin, Dr. Hickey, Dr. Brogan, Dr. Lieberman, Eric C. Schneider, Dr. McLaren, Robert Whitaker- their research is sound, and they have come forth stating that the “chemical imbalance” theory of mental illness is a myth, and more over there was never any scientific research done in advance to illustrate that the theory held an weight (more importantly we now know that it doesn’t). You’ll find video, and literature (academic and periodicals).

    This might be a bit much, however, please consider this. I am a historian, and former journalism student, and I have conducted research and done interviews with those that are victims/marginalized and there is always a common tenet: everyone who suffers any form of “mental illness” once had faith in God, but strayed. We could get into a discussion about seen v.s unseen, or viruses, bacteria, prions, etc. relative to the naked eye, but believe me this thread exists, and you can confirm it for yourself (ask around). Imagine trying to prove to someone who has never felt the wind, nor seen its effects that it exists (but there is the power of The Holy Spirit, and the Heart- this is how Faith is discerned). You can pray or not pray, but please consider praying. You can also believe in science, because good science is nothing but being a friend to the truth in the face of all the lies of the world (check out the writings of St. Francis de Salle). Faith and science do not have to be mutually exclusive.

  • Thanks Dr. McLaren,

    I’m tired, and I skimmed, I loved what I read, and I’ll be back to read the entire piece.

    Would anyone like to discuss the origins of psychiatry from a historical modality or perspective? Remember sanitariums, remember asylums, remember the lobotomy, remember shock-therapy, remember how Dr. Breggin has classified anti-psychotics as “chemical lobotomizers?” Remember Robert Whitaker explaining the science relative to the synaptic cleft, and the neuro-transmitters? Well, how about this… we can trace via the NIH/NCBI (the US Government, essentially) the roots of modern psychiatry (Emil Kraepelin) to the eugenics/phrenological movements in pre-WWI and WWI Germany (interestingly as well, we might want to do more research on Farben here). Enjoy!

    This NIH abstract interestingly ties psychiatry’s roots to the eugenics movement (much more research is needed on this, and mine will be ongoing):