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  • Yes, he was wrong about penis envy. But that can’t be the lie Chris Johnson was referring to because claiming that psychiatry and the DSM are “an entire industry dedicated to perpetuating” the theory of penis envy would be absurd.

    I’m aware that Freud wasn’t the first to recognize the importance of dreams, and so was he. In fact, he actually quotes a passage from Aristotle to that effect (in which Aristotle mentions, wait for it, dreams of sleeping with one’s mother!).

    Having worked at an anonymous support service for a while I can assure you that the desire to sleep with the mother is certainly alive and well in many grown men, and is sometimes carried out. Whether Freud’s theories on this are true is highly questionable, but he didn’t assert these things out of nowhere. Neither did he attribute the feelings of adult males to little boys.

    Btw, Freud wasn’t the first to posit infantile sexuality. Others had done it before him.

    I’ve looked at the article you quoted and, with all due respect, I’m not convinced. A bunch of sweeping claims, asserted without any evidence or arguments to support them and without referencing any of Freud’s works. Someone somewhere claiming that ‘this is bonkers’ isn’t much of a refutation, is it?

    So much tedious Freud-bashing by people who don’t know what they’re talking about. Sadly these kinds of things probably deter people from investigating whether psychoanalysis might be able to help them, either as a theory to help them understand their experience, or as a therapy. Spoiler: psychoanalysis has moved on in the 100 years since Freud!

  • I’m not sure what you mean by the ‘well-crafted lie Freud foisted upon the world’. Freud fundamentally believed that mental symptoms are meaningful and have meaningful psychological causes. (He considered even the tiniest details of the content of, say, a paranoid delusion meaningful rather than random delirium.)

    Things like the chemical imbalance theory or the biological causation of mental illness are about as un-Freudian as you can get.

    Also, if you actually found a psychiatrist who openly sees themselves as a Freudian or as perpetuating Freud’s legacy I would be extremely surprised.

    What lie are you referring to?

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BN_K-DU35dk

    It covers almost the same as what you’re saying – the lack of efficay of antidepressants, refutation of the serotonin theory, and withdrawal effects. It also shows a clinic in Germany that no longer recommends antidepressants.

    You can put the transcript through a translation software to get the details – just in case it helps to have support from across the border (this documentary was created by a public broadcaster) for your court case or whatever else you’re up against. Good luck!

  • Dr Gotzsche, I look forward to reading your book. A brief remark, though – the above article says, ‘has published more than 75 papers in “the big five”’, and in the next paragraph, ‘have published 30 papers in medical journals with peer review’. Are the Big Five not medical journals with peer review then?!

    Also, it says ‘my scientific works have been cited over 150,000 times’, but on your profile at the Council for Evidence-Based Psychiatry (https://cepuk.org/members/) it says 15,000 times. There’s quite a difference between 150,000 and 15,000. Maybe it’s just because I like math but this kind of thing makes me suspicious. It makes it look as if you’re making these numbers up, or at least inflating them. It might be helpful to clarify those things.

  • Hi Lori,

    I’m so sorry about the ordeal you have been through. “It’s normal to be depressed when on your period” – oh my God… It’s absolutely shocking that this kind of misogynistic garbage, coupled with the might of a “medical” specialty that has no basis in science, can derail an entire life, ruin decades of productive time and cause irreparable harm with no benefit. I’m so glad you managed to extricate yourself.

    You write that you’re interested in alternative approaches – FYI, MIA published a compendium of those some time back.

    This is the list of treatments: https://www.alternativementalhealth.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Depression2014-07-23.pdf

    These are for psychological problems of course – however you don’t really have a psychological problem, you have a neurological problem based on harm caused by drugs.

    I have about 15 years’ experience with alternative therapies and when you ask, “these practitioners have never even heard the term akathisia. However, they will enthusiastically believe the psychiatric drugs caused brain damage and will take money to treat it. Should I trust them?”, in my view the answer is– NO !! Don’t trust anyone who openly states (or clearly shows) that they have no understanding of the condition that’s affecting you. It’s grandiose and unprofessional. (Not unlike psychiatry.) You’re better off treating yourself. You have been badly let down by doctors (to put it mildly), you are your own doctor now. So always remember the Hippocratic Oath, ‘First, do no harm’.

    I thnk that the CAM field is approximately 95% quacks and mountebanks and 5% gold, and it can be very difficult to tell them apart. Someone mentioned ‘needle in a haystack’ above, that describes it very well.

    That said, there are a lot of great techniques that you can do by yourself and that are entirely free, e.g. yoga (there are 1000’s of classes on Youtube, from yin to restorative to power yoga) or Emotional Freedom Techniques. There’s the Healing Codes by A. Lloyd which is similar to EFT and which you can get from his book. I guess nothing is 100% safe but these are gentle interventions that can be stopped at any time.

    Also, in my view the foundation for any kind of self-healing is establishing a meditation practice. You have to learn to get still and observe your thoughts and feelings, and tolerate the emergence of strong emotions or traumatic activations of the nervous system without reacting to it or getting engulfed. There are lots of free programs online, e.g. listed on Meetup or just by Googling, and in a major city like SD I’m sure there are in-person programs too. I don’t know if this would work for you of course but the important thing is to keep trying and follow the breadcrumbs until you find an approach that does work for you.

    When I read your story and your comments on this page you don’t strike me as brain-damaged or cognitively impaired at all. The human body and brain have immense self-healing powers. All is not lost. Best of luck to you.