Friday, September 24, 2021

Comments by Grace Joubarne

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  • The best way to fix any system that is fraudelent, arrogant and tyrannical is to end it completely and start all over. Trying to change a system that is so inhumane as the psychiatric/pharmaceutical/government complex is a waste of time in my view. The only way to change anything is from the grassroots level. Get the grassroots level angry enough and many things can change overnight. Psychiatric survivor groups are sprouting up everywhere, though I haven’t seen any groups (except those headed by ghostwriters)applauding the treatment they received at the hands of psychiatrists and the mental health scheme. I feel we have to make more people aware of the truth about psychiatric treatment so they will stand up for themselves and refuse it, as it is their right…then things will change. As well, I feel it is long past time that Dr. Peter Breggin be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. AFter all, the doctor who found a way to quickly brain damage millions with icepick lobotomies won a prize.

    If someone like Dr. Breggin won such a prize, we would immediately have the ear and attention of billions of people world-wide.

  • We don’t need any study to see that the more mental health ‘experts’ get involved in children’s lives, the worse it becomes as the child is typically forced onto psychiatric drugs. As reported in Natural News recently, US schools get a stipend for every child diagnosed with a ‘mental discorder’ which might explain why schools are falling over themselves fingering kids for the fraudulent diagnosis of ADHD. A child’s normal reaction to poverty, sexual abuse, neglect and so on is not ADHD and will not resolve with drugs. What the child needs are empathic teachers who will give that child a little more help, direct intervention to ensure the child has good nutrition and of course swift action if there is abuse and neglect. It is estimated that 2 out of every 4 children will experience molestation by the age of 18 years. Now psychiatric drugs will cover all that up and more children will be victims as perpetrators will know how to keep them quiet.

  • I refer many of my clients to this site for resources. I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist who has been working for years with psychiatric patients…many of them ‘downloaded’ to me after the local institutions ‘maxed out’ their ‘treatments’. Many clients are/were on multiple psychoactive drugs at once and often hooked on alcohol and cigarettes as well. I agree with your list completely except for the addition of a psychiatrist to the mix. If they are like Dr. Peter Breggin who uses no drugs whatever and relies on empathic therapy, fine, but otherwise psychiatric dogma and attitudes are entirely contra-indicated for clients who need empowerment. Psychiatrists do not concern themselves with empathy…they are trained to diagnose and prescribe.

    I can say that I have worked with a large number of people who managed to wean themselves off their medications safely enough, but who found the underlying emotional isues were still there. I offer the final piece of the recovery puzzle…regression hypnotherapy to get to and dissolve the root cause of the original issues clients sought help with in the first place. I also embed subconscious anchors that assist clients to manage the inevitable withdrawals, help them set a withdrawal schedule that works for them and which takes into consideration their work schedules, activities,families, etc and I refer them to Dr. Vladimir Topalo a European medical doctor and naturopathic physician (living in BC, Canada) who specializes in the natural detoxification and rebalancing of clients subjected to psychiatric drugs and other mind-altering substances. Diet is extremely important to the successful recovery. By employing the emotional detox (regression hypnotherapy), physical detox and rebalancing and lifestyle changes, responsible and committed clients have seen miracles. Some have been left with permanent brain damage (tardive dyskinesia, etc), but still they are happy, empowered, peaceful and most times back to work and life!