Thursday, May 6, 2021

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  • bipolarorwakingup is a scam, he does not even have Bipolar Disorder and has never taken medication before and has stated this many times and I have proof of it. Please check out this video I made on this topic.

    He is exploiting Bipolar Disorder to promote spiritual awakening and to buy his book to make more money.

    He exploits it by using the mania of Bipolar Disorder to manipulate people into believing that they do not need medication and that it’s just a spiritual awakening and that Bipolar Disorder does not actually exist.

    I explain everything in detail in this video.

    This makes it harder for people who truly struggle with Bipolar Disorder on the day to day. He is spreading misinformation and exploiting the fact that people who have this disorder sometimes seek a miracle cure to be rid of their mental illness.

    It is wrong, and also potentially dangerous for some individuals as he openly encourages people to go off of their medication, one person just got out of a hospitalization even and he suggested he slowly work his way off meds.

    I do not advocate medication or going off medication, I believe there is no right or wrong way to cope with Bipolar Disorder. There are pros and cons to being off or on meds.

    But what he is doing is wrong. He does not know what Bipolar Disorder is and leading people to believe that it’s all in our head and not a real mental illness, that it’s just a spiritual awakening and is normal.