Saturday, December 3, 2022

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  • Craig,
    I just received your book, it’s so thorough and helpful, thank you for all of your efforts in presenting things in a very user-friendly manner and with sound research citations. Question: I understand and agree re no “one size fits all” on the nutrient approach. Do I understand correctly though, the EMPowerplus seems one supplement that is tested and “safe” to take as is, for Bipolar? I will be working with our doctor and also True Hope staff, but it seemed like one approach that does not need metabolic panel testing, and can just be started, correct? We are tapering off just Zyprexa, (thankfully)and she has not been on it long, more thankfully. Thank you again for this empowerment.

  • Also, check out the Walsh Institute in IL, I believe he was also part of the Pfeiffer movement.

    The only thing is that these better approaches can be costly. I found a lab that tests for the Walsh protocol of $250, which i thought wasn’t too bad, considering. It is so hard to move forward in hope when trying to navigate a drug taper. We are down to 7.5 Zyprexa (can’t get out of bed until 3pm) and were just ok’d after two weeks of that, to go to 5mg to see if any quality of life improves. As you all know, seeing your loved one suffer is debilitating. Craig, I ordered your book on natural treatments, thank you.