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  • Hi again, Alex, You speak my language. I “see” you.
    I would love to share a poem with you:

    “I AM My Own Medicine”

    As I wake up, I feel the elixir deep within me start to merge and I start to purge everything that I allowed to shake me, break me, hell, discombobulate me.

    I began to realize that nothing and no one was going to save me from myself, so I had to face it, feel it, and then free the notion that something outside of me would do the inner work for me, when truly, that inner work was tailormade to metamorphosize me. I had to pay heed to the spiritual nudge within urging me to reach down to the depths of my soul, where my cellular memory lives, encompassing every life I have ever lived, every quest I have tried to tackle, every task I have completed, every test I have faced, every person that has taught me about love and pain, and I grabbed it, the medicine within and began to swim with the current, rather than fight with deterrents, which has made my life that much more enriched with this inner God nutrient taking over my life like a vital vitamin straight from the kingdom within, making me more equipped with self-love knowing that, I AM, indeed, LOVED.

    This process of sipping on this divine medicine happens continually, making me realize I have been quite sickly, and without it, I slip indefinitely, so instead I top off the medicine cup and even let it overflow, so I stay right in this effervescent glow, where it heals and transforms me, making me less up in arms over petty, trivial things and more with open arms for everyone and everything, for there is no problem outside of myself that is superior to the power within me.

    With deep, deep bows,


  • JaneCarol, I totally agree with you. Hospitals are BIG business. There are so many people who have bought into a disease-medication model and that model is the crust of hospital business for both medical and mental health. I did say that hospitals were not out to heal for if they were, they’d go out of business.

  • Stephen Gilbert, Hi there 🙂 You make some really valid points and it makes me so sad. What an injustice. A dream of mine would be to make quality food that helps people heal and thrive accessible and affordable for all. Look where all the Whole Foods are located…in the wealthier areas and then look where all the liquor stores are located. Here, eat all this junk food and then wash these pills down with that soda. No wonder we are a society that is struggling from the inside out. We drink, eat, and swallow poison, which keeps the medical and mental health industry booming.


  • Rachel777, My heart broke for your nephew. I don’t have children, but I have 6 nieces and nephews who I love tenderly and fiercely as if I was their second Mom. I am a broken record with my sister and brother about NOT MEDICATING THEM no matter what. I wrote in my own story about how lucky I was to come out clean (non medicated) when I was young and struggling throughout my high school years. I wish more people were pissed off at the injustice and the constant assault from the the medical/mental health industries on us. Making us ill, keeping us ill, and making us believe we are ill is profitable. 🙁 UGH. My heart breaks whenever I see babies and children being pumped full of vaccinations and urged to take poisonous, synthetic medications, which also makes my blood boil. The tactic of making parents fearful if they don’t vaccinate and medicate their kids is such a tool for control. Using fear to make us complaint is as sinister as it gets.

    Aching heart,

  • kindredspirit, Now this is a conversation I can get down with! Thank you for the validation and recognizing that every body and every mind responds differently to different things. I think marketplace orthodoxy can trick and deceive many regarding what and how they should eat, when really, the knowledge and wisdom about one’s personal health resides within!

    And good for you on figuring out what works best for you and for being able to hold a delightful conversation full of respect and acknowledgment for another person who eats differently than you. THIS is what people look like when they are living in their divine nature. It is so beautiful to me! Health and wellness is all about uniting the way we think with the way we talk and act.

    Thank you again for sharing.



  • Hi everyone, To keep with the theme of not using the term “mental health,” I want to share something regarding my SPIRITUAL IMBALANCE, therefore my spiritual awakening. Nutrition has played a vital role in my mental and physical wellness. The KETO lifestyle has truly been a game changer for me.

    Eating a diet rich in good fats and low carb for almost two years, has not only changed my skin and being able to maintain a weight without much effort (which is new for me), but my mental clarity is sharp, I sleep through the night without waking up constantly, and I have incredible dreams that I can remember. I am less obsessed with food and stay full longer. However, the biggest thing is how calm I feel and have this ability to navigate problems better without reacting, flipping out, and panicking, which in the past set me up for spiraling down into a dark place. I feel more equipoised when I eat this way. Fear is on the back burner when I eat this way. Plato said it best, “let your food be thy medicine or thy poison.”

    I think the way people choose to eat can become very dogmatic and in-your- face, as if one can eat their way to enlightenment and that isn’t the case. Have I reached enlightenment? Haha, no, but have I gained some wisdom around nutrition, absolutely. Whenever I get a chance to sneak in an opinion about what has helped me thrive and live my best life in a healthier way, I chime in about this KETO business. I feel like this part of the comment sections was an opportunity for me to do so. Dr. Weston Price’s research for the causes of dental decay and physical degeneration, which lead him to the notion of how important the right nutrition played in dental health, was a selling point for me to try KETO and I will never look back. Dr. price spent time with isolated indigenous peoples where he found that they provided at least four times the calcium and other minerals, and at least TEN times the fat-soluble vitamins from animal foods such as butter, fish eggs, shellfish and organ meats.

    I know eating meat is controversial and causes many to become impassioned when the topic is brought to the table, but I feel most balanced when I eat meat and a high fat/low carb diet. I believe in it and I wish psychiatric hospitals served quality food, which can assist people in the healing process, but then again, hospital’s ARE NOT out to heal.


  • Hi LevenderSage, Most doctor’s do not have expertise in medicine, because if they did, they wouldn’t be prescribing them and there would be no medical field, other than for life saving measures. The medical/mental health industry is a money making scheme, where making us believe we are ill is profitable. Most doctor’s push dangerous medications because that is what they are trained to do, given the medical model and the drug based paradigm we live under. Doctor’s get kick backs from prescribing the latest med not even knowing (or knowing) the ramifications of the latest popular medication that they are handing out like candy. I firmly believe that most science surrounding poisonous medication is cooked up research to push a hypothesis that medications are safe when they are definitely not.
    JUST SAY NO to pharmaceutical drugs. I do my very best to stay clear of the medical and mental health establishments.

  • Hi Alex, thank you so much for reading my story and for getting involved with the discussion; I’ve been keeping up with the comments. And yes, oh my goodness, yes. Even in the East Bay there are problems like you mentioned and it is rampant. I have heard the call from deep, deep within, so rest assured, I will do what I can and use my mouthpiece for good.

    I see you.
    Have a great day,


  • BSOTF, Your comment was soothing balm for my soul. How you described me is exactly what I have been working on trying to be like at all times. The middle way, IS the way. Thank you for the validation. It was so touching!! YOU just gave ME hope, too.

    Also, I am sure the work you did as a social worker touched many lives. YOU ARE EVERYTHING, so how could you be “less than,” when you are IN everything. I know, without a shadow of doubt, that YOU ARE MAGNIFICENT. Live in that truth.

    Oh and the more you practice being mindful and calm the better at it you become; and when you mess up at it, just live and breathe in FORWARD MOMENTUM. Don’t look back.

    Have you ever read, “The Four Agreements,” by Don Miguel Ruiz? If not, check it out.

  • Steve McCrea, “They” know this, but, it is hidden, because if this truth gets out, psychiatry would truly be seen for what it really is…Pseudoscience. If the mass majority believed in consciousness and that we do indeed create our own reality (illnesses, drama, conflict, pain, suffering, etc.), there would NOT be a mental health industry, let alone a money-making scheme. People cannot wrap their “minds” around the fact that WE are so much more than these physical bodies and pathology goes beyond the physical realm. Consciousness, spirit, soul, the “god vibration/ frequency,” that flow, that inner knowing, our magnificent LIGHT, the REAL medicine, CANNOT be measured by scientific tools.

  • Bippyone, Wait, isn’t that discrimination? If that is true in the UK regarding Social Workers, then I am confident enough to believe that the current social workers there are hiding their truth and are having to lie about their mental health in order to work in the field. I say this as a matter-of-fact, because EVERYONE is on the mental health spectrum and there is no scale or test to determine what area of that spectrum one should be on.

    Mental health cannot even be measured. It’s going measurement seems to be how well someone “fits” into society and that is very subjective and relative. Heaven forbid if you beat to a different drum, hear voices, seen as being “too sensitive,” or come across as eccentric and odd, as if all that is a crime to society. Many people in our society want people medicated/drugged, because it makes them more comfortable with being uncomfortable with other people’s way of being, and it gives them false security that the medication is going to do something wonderful to the person being drugged, so they don’t cause disturbances. All that the medications do is make people docile (and of course cause all other kinds of issues) and does damage to the delicate balance of the mind, body, and spirit.

    Jiddu Krishnamurti says it best, “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” If someone were to show me a “well adjusted” individual in this cosmic prison/simulation that we live in, then I would firmly say that they are a robot, an android, devoid of feelings.


  • To the spectacular being reading this… There is an incredible article about seeing mental health as two incompatible energies: one from the spirit world and one from the physical word. The dance of the two energies are trying to merge together as a transformation in consciousness. Read that again! We urgently need our culture, our society to allow for this to happen, rather than harming it away by the use of drugs/poison, because there is a message to be heard and if medications are taken, those disastrous chemicals interacting with our bodies’ own chemistry ignite the energies into more negative and darker depths, making it appear one is “mentally ill” when that is not the case at all. it makes so much sense to me. Here is the link:


  • Hi J, Thank you for reading my story and sharing your thoughts. The word “quacked,” and “de-quack,” really resonated with me; I totally understand. What were some of your trail- and- error efforts to get back to living your best life? How long have you been medication free? Do you work in the mental health field now?


  • Bippyone, I really do appreciate your opinions, which have caused me to, once again, reflect on my own experiences. Also, I am sorry to hear about your husband. I hope you are having a good day so far… now on to my thoughts:

    I think it is rather sad when people feel that they have to debate who has the worse case of “mental illness.” As if having the worst one is a badge of honor or shows that “because I have delusions and hear voices and you don’t,” warrants more sympathy and/or justification to be poisoned by drugs. How absurd is that thinking? The experiences people talk about related to their mental health, regardless of where they are on that spectrum, are horrific in their own right if not faced, processed, and dealt with. A quick search and/or a conversation with people that experience alternate realities, hear voices, having auditory and visual hallucination, and delusions, will show you that there are MANY who DO NOT take ANY drugs to “manage” those things, because they realized DRUGS were/are never ever needed. There is NO DOUBT in my mind, that antidepressants, sedatives, hypnotics, benzos cause suicidal and homicidal behavior.

    I guess I could have written my story in another way where it highlighted on my darkest days in detail, where in midst of my pain, the thoughts in my head would tell me that I was nothing, that me dying would be better for everyone, and how excruciatingly difficult it was for me to even come out of. I could hardly communicate, I isolated and fear took over. I fixated on taking my life. I have brushed up against darkness throughout my life. So, please, do not speak for people whom you think carry a “lighter mental health load,” all because you need justification for WHY YOU are still on medications that are most likely harming you. These drugs cause people to suffer permanent side effects. I respect your choice to continue on them, but please try to refrain from comparing your symptoms with others, because more likely than not when you hear about someone’s mental health journey, it is only a ‘snap shot’ into their whole mental health experience.

    Bippyone, I am a Wounded Healer just like you, regardless of what “symptoms” you may have that cause you to discount the experiences of others who also experience a unique struggle of their own. I won’t pretend to know what you experience and I encourage you to stop comparing your “stuff” to others, because mental health is unique, precarious and perplexing. The bravest thing I ever did was admit that I struggle, that I am afraid, too, and fear still comes at me all throughout my days, but I am more equipped to redirect my thoughts and move forward, by using my curiosity about what my symptoms may be telling me about my ideology, my perspectives, my attachments, my grasping’s, my unhealthy thinking, my choices, my physiology, but more importantly, my spirit.

    Go to this links: and

    Thank you for your thoughts,


  • Hi l_e_cox, thank you for reading my story and I will look into Hubbard’s work and CCHR. The psychologist whom you worked with back in the day sounded way before her time. I am glad she said enough to you about psychiatry, so you proceeded with caution. I love people that can say just enough where it packs a punch and causes one to step back and think for a minute before going forward. I think you were just on the cusp of when antidepressants exploded in our society, especially the push for people to try Prozac, which was early to mid 80’s, I believe. These days, they are prescribed at the first appointment it seems…gotta hook people fast before they change their mind.

    And yes, psychiatry has a very controlling arm around the field of social work. I know this, which is why I am not working in mental health any longer. Social work is pretty broad, so I find that there are many other avenues that I can work in that are not directly mental health, where I have to diagnose and encourage people to take their medications.

    Psychiatrists are puppets and most are unawakened minions that keep the herd in line and sick, and will fight tooth and nail to support the mental health system at their patient’s detriment, due to still being under the illusion (lie) that these drugs are helpful or they know they aren;t,but the paycheck is good or they are under the illusion (lie) and the paycheck is good. Yes, I know there are really good ones, too, that see through the smoke and mirrors, but in my personal and practical experience in the mental health field, I kept hearing from psychiatrists, “You’ll have to take these pills for the rest of your life,” which really is a classic hook line into our brain to induce fear, so we are more than likely going to come back and get more of their products. I heard it so much that I began to wonder if that is a line that they are trained to say, while becoming a psychiatrist.

    The mental health industry is very lucrative system and the people behind it (Rockefellers, Rothschild,) know exactly what they are doing. Taking medications IS far more deadly than the discontinuation of them. If we can be made to believe we are mentally ill, insane, weak, unhealthy and in need of medication to function, then it’s profitable, because people will eat up their going treatment of gulping down pills that neither treat nor heal, but rather disable, control, quiet, and sedate, like robots, which in turn keeps the industry and the people who created it trillionaires, who would never dare touch, let alone eat their products (psych meds), because they know they are very dangerous. So, yes, I know psychiatry has most, if not all their tentacles in social work.

    Thanks for hearing me out and thank you, again, for reading my story and commenting. All good stuff.

  • Hi Pedith, I am over here celebrating for you and with you regarding year five! Yay! Completely tapering off these drugs is such a feat, isn’t it? People just don’t understand unless they do it. These drugs are very peculiar and they seem to taunt us as we try to get off of them…I remember the process being so daunting and that is why so many just go back to them. It makes me sick and that is just one major reason I wanted to write my story, so I could share that it WAS tough, indeed, tapering and weaning off, but one must push past the symptoms to be free! And therein lies the trick of these medications, that I think were engineered to do just that, so we don’t think we can get off of them. That little trick in the design of the formulation of these pills is so wrong… I do feel it was very intentional. With all this said, GOOD FOR YOU!! It takes so much self-love, so much gumption and tenacity, and letting go of beliefs in order to wean off these medications. It was a very spiritual, gut wrenching, frightening process for me when I decided to get off the medications. Till this day, I am very cautious, to the point of being hypervigilant about putting anything synthetic in my body.

    Lastly, I loved reading about the spiritual work you are doing with others. Being present, vulnerable, empathic, and emotionally availability to others IS A GIFT. How lucky those people are who come in contact with you. That work is so very much needed in our world. I always say, one has to lose their human mind in order to gain their spiritual senses. Keep doing what you are doing, Pedith.

    Thank you,


  • Hello there, Bippyone, I want you to know that your comment was read and re-read, so please know, I know the struggle and never do I want my words to portray callousness or pie- in -the sky- thinking on my end. I hear your spirit in the words you write and your truth is that everyone is different in the way one’s body, mind, and spirit interact on drugs (medications) and I agree with you, to some extent. However, I had to get bold and courageous in my ability to question the medical and mental health institutions, that are supposed to help us heal, which in my experience, has led to me to believe, that they no longer embody the notion of healing, because health and healing do not bring financial gains. To be really honest, I question if these industries ever did have the intention to help us heal.
    I cannot speak on your husband’s experience and I hope he is doing better. I am glad to hear that the medications he took for so long didn’t harm him. He is a lucky one. Taking psychotropic medications is like playing a game of Russian Roulette as they seem to be unpredictable and the physical, mental and spiritual consequences from taking them are devastating for many people. With them being so unpredictable in their trajectory, I question why they are touted as the going treatment for mental health care needs, but then again, I do understand why and once a person begins to question the very system governing the masses, you see that something rather troubling has been going on for eons. Here is a great article about the harm in taking antidepressants:

    I wish you nothing but harmony, healing, and peace.


  • Thank you, Rosalee, for reading my story and sharing your thoughts. I agree! I truly believe that we can only meet others as deeply as we have met ourselves. Once I started living in and speaking my truth, connecting with others started to come easier for me. Once I began trusting myself, I started trusting others more. I see that whatever I have going on vibrationally within me, I will attract those very same things outside myself. WE MUST share our stories and use the power of our word in the direction of truth and love, so we keep attracting like-energy to our tribe and to also spread the message that living one’s best life is possible.

  • Hi JanCarol, thank you for sharing this information.
    Are you aware of all the “mysterious deaths” of many holistic doctor’s within the past few years? If you read further into the circumstances as to why CITA closed, you’ll start to wonder what really happened, given the incredible work CITA was doing and why many other practitioners in the field of natural healing have all of a sudden “committed suicide.” We live in very menacing times and keeping us SICK is profitable. I think there are many people that want to educate others about these drugs and help them get off the drugs as well, but their lives seem to be at stake when they do help. It is very disheartening.

  • Hi BSOTF, Wow, what did I just read? Thank you for sharing that link; I got a very sick feeling in my stomach while reading it. Talk about some controlling bullying tactics. What that said to me was a complete disregard for people that have been labeled “mentally ill” with opinions as if people who are struggling can’t have valid feelings re: their care/treatment, “because they are ill.” The people that come in to their facility for services have NO voice after that message was written; it was purposeful for sure. Not only did that message discount those complaints that seemed unimportant and irrelevant to the staff who wrote it, but it also stomped on any true complaints that warrant investigation and due process. I bet you most of the complaints ARE, indeed, valid. That was a mega chess move made by staff there at that place to solely “cover their own ass,” because they seemed to be getting a lot of complaints. How sad!!

  • I look forward to reading your memoir! That is my next step as well.
    You touched on something that really bothers me, as well…”treatment resistant depression.” WORDS are so very powerful. Words caste spells and what a very intentional spell to say that and then BOOM, the spell has taken charge in making people believe that they have to be on medication after medication for the rest of their life due to being “treatment resistant.” Or even worse, these people that are led to believe that begin Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) because of how desperate they feel. It is trickery and deception at its finest. I am so grateful that I never have experienced ECT. I hope you can get the message to your Mom, but, for some reason, I feel that she is already healed up and knows your efforts, my dear.

    This brought tears to my eyes: “I think of people like us as the scouts—like in frontier days. The scouts would ride ahead and see the dangers that were out there and ride back and tell the rest of the people. So often they were dismissed. We just need to keep riding!”

    Thank you for sharing that. I believe that THAT is exactly what WE are.

    Love and more love,


  • Hi annieblue, thank you for reading my story and sharing the nuggets you pulled from it. That feeling of inadequacy is a beast, isn’t it? I think there is a collective spell over us that creates that feeling within us that we are not ever good enough. There is an author named, Paul Levy, who wrote the book: “Dispelling Wetiko.” He expressed this: “There is a psychospiritual disease of the soul that originates within ourselves and that has the potential to destroy our species or to wake us up, depending on whether or not we recognize what it is revealing to us.” ― Paul Levy, Dispelling Wetiko
    If we don’t feel good enough and it is a strong enough void within, we seek to fill it with things outside us (food, drugs, sex, shopping, relationships, taking out loans, cars, homes, etc) with hopes they take away that feeling and we know all too well, those things are very temporary, so we end up perpetuating the feeling of emptiness, while we grasp, chase, and attach ourselves to those things with hopes they take that “not good enough” feeling away. It becomes a very vicious cycle. I know it all too well and that isn’t “mental illness,” it is a spiritual thing and unless we wake up to it, it continues. I find it very menacing that our system is intentional about making us feel less than, not good enough, limitless, powerless, because we then partake of the system’s industries (food, medical, mental health,) to fix that feeling and we end up caught in a trap, by design, unless we wake up to it, because those camps are not about healing people, they are about keeping us ill, because it is profitable.

    I am celebrating over here with you regarding your 17 years of being drug free! That is a feat! AND depression free! Woooo hooooo! All IS well and you are a testament to living in your divine nature. YAY!

    I should do the webinar, too, thank you for sharing.

    Have a wonderful day,


  • Hi Annette, thank you for reading my story, reaching out and sharing your reflections. You sound pretty awesome and I am so glad you managed to side step getting on any type of medication. That is wonderful to hear and to read about how the inner belief inside led you to conclude that those tough feelings you felt and experiences you were having were part of your growth/part of your path. I just loved reading that. Our thoughts, feelings, and emotions have their very own electromagnetic reality and respond to the very energy, frequency, vibration we have going on within. I urge you to share with others that their emotions and feelings are guide posts, indicators, and/or messengers, if you will, to let us know that we are on the right path OR not. Instead of medicating with poison when we are overcome with intense feelings from grief, loss, dissapointment, trauma, etc, we need to go deeper, pay heed to the message and work to unpack that stuff. Unfortunately, we live in such a quick fix, give-it-to-me-now, so it takes away the pain fast kind of a society, that going deeper to locate the root seems tedious and “new age,” when truly, that deep searching is what leads to freedom, peace, and transformation. I have learned that the only way out is THROUGH.

    Thank you for the book recommendations and for sharing your wisdom around light and dark being needed, in which it sounds like you use on your beautiful path as a Wounded Healer. I see you.

    Multitudes of metta,


  • I wanted to make sure that you knew that I read the part about not being able to openly speak about one’s own mental health for fear of losing your job. Well, to be honest, that stigma is still thriving and I find that I have to be more careful about voicing my opinions regarding the going mental health treatment involving these harmful drugs. That is where I find the most rub to be. A mental health professional speaking ill about the going drug based paradigm that keeps the mental health industry financially afloat? That is where it gets sticky for me more so than sharing my story at work. That is where I have to be most careful and I really hate not being able to speak on the truth. Having to tell people that I am trying to help, “make sure you take your medications,” was the hardest thing I had to do when I worked with people struggling with their mental health. I would go home and cry.

  • Hello Bradford, Thank you for persisting and getting to the very end of my story. I see you!
    In my awakening, I have realized something very very powerful and that is, I never meet anyone that is NOT me; You are me, I am you, they are me, They are you. After all, you are just another me and I am just another you. We are all connected and your words to me have power, because it was like me talking to me. So, thank you for sharing your truth, Bradford, and your feedback regarding my story, because I couldn’t agree more with you. I wish I could change the word “medications” to “drugs.” I totally agree. The vast majority of people are so casual about drug use, because we’ve been tricked, manipulated, and sold the idea that “legal” drugs are for our good, physically, and harmless, spiritually, and that we can trust our lives, mental balance, and physical health to the professionals. Keeping us disabled, thinking we are “mentally ill,” and kept physically sick IS profitable. Most “medication” research has been cooked up to push the hypothesis that they are safe, when they are not. Same with vaccinations. A drug is a drug is a drug is a poison is a poison is a poison is a drug is a poison. I hear you, Bradford. The word pharmacy stems from the Greek word, pharmakeia, which translates to other words like “sorcery,” “witch craft,” “spells,” “potions,” and “magic.” Hmmmmmmm. Want the truth, well, look at the etymology of words.

    I would have loved to write more about my parents, who have been nothing but supportive of me and my mental health experience, but these personal stories are limited in how much we can write; there is a cap to how many words one can submit for publication. But, let me just say this, I know that there is something very spiritual about certain people we are close to in our lives; it’s as if we hand pick one another to learn from. It is quite beautiful to ponder on that notion. I don’t think anything is coincidental or accidental. My parents are some of my greatest teachers and I thank them all the time for who they are, the support they have given me, and for forgiving me for my stupidity and less-than-adult-like-behavior in my life. My heart is full of gratitude for them and yes, mental health care needs, or shall I say, “spiritual imbalances,” run in my family. I just didn’t have enough space to fit all those important details in my story. My next step is a memoir, so be on the look out for the details you wished were in my personal story here.

    Heaps of metta,