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  • Hello!!! More voices need to be heard. I cured “paranoid schizophrenia” after an illegal diagnosis at the age of fifteen. It was a horrible thing, the insurance and all of it were out to make an example of me and make me a model of schizophrenia. I uncovered some supporting evidence hidden away as to the elements involved in this oppressive systematic undertaking of the spiritually strong and willful. I came here after I also spoke out. Cures are possible! what helps me? a bit of C.G.Jung interpersonal and social realization, healthy probiotics i.e. new medicine will come from earth. Minerals and plants. Ginkgo, B, Calcium, Zinc, Iron, Copper are all essential. Most potent is the flexible nerves and cells. The start was a therapist who said: you can heal your brain just by thinking: that our brains are all neuro-plastic. But that was the beginning of a ten year journey into freedom from dependence. I was said I was a chronic paranoid schizophrenic who would be disabled for the rest of her life. I am 28 now! I am and have been delusion and voice free for about two or three years but it has been getting much better over time. I began taking anti-oxident supplements, and realized research that what you need::: the right bacteria or carrier to pass the blood brain barrier, the right medicine like Ginkgo or a plant that has neuro-resorative abilities. What you want to do is repair the tissue, white matter, nerves and blood etc. all these diseases are toxic stress models. Models of toxic stress. I had a rare gene passed down from one parent. It was a gene that causes the tissue around my nerves and cells to wear thin and degenerate over periods of time. Some people can’t walk its called charcot marie toothe disease, like muscular dystrophy etc. all of it is one big joke to these pharmacutical industries. Ok, no one is better or less than any other. None of the neurotypical or normative are that much more and less ok we share one common struggle!! So here it is. Glaring in our faces. There is a hidden cure in all. Recipe: a balanced source of vitamins, minerals to detoxify the brain and blood like iron for instance, so you need to cleanse of bad bacteria and supplement for good bacteria naturally and be careful of vitamins at drug stores and pharmacies. Best to find them in their most natural state. Boil sage, cinnamon, sassafras has anti-depression properties, it’s all there. Keep up the good fight!

  • I was broken for compliance at the age of fifteen by psychiatrists and in hospitals. I was isolated without being monitored for over 41 hours for refusing a medication-lamictal which I was having an allergic reaction to. I got a face rash, my joints were moving all the time, my head felt like it was on fire. What led to this was an episode at boarding school after being raped, but no one was able to detect the drug I was given or believed me in the psychiatrists office. The day I told my psychiatrist that I believed I was raped was the day I found (schizophrenia, undifferentiated) circled on a sheet of paper outside the office. My mom was upset about it. My mom was then jailed for a protest, that’s when she went crazy. Schizophrenia is systemic institutional abuse. It’s not a chemical imbalance, it’s an imbalance of power and control. I don’t take medication anymore for my Bipolar disorder, or ADHD, or PTSD or ANXIETY or DEPRESSION. Because I’m not anxious sad or depressed and I’m not hallucinating. They wouldn’t expect that after they broke me to comply with a system of false care.

  • This scares me a lot. My dad is quitting smoking, and Chantix so far is helping him because he gets sick when he smells cigarette smoke etc. It’s the only thing that has worked for him so far. It’s good to be aware of the risks though, so I can be alert to them. I know that he did get upset recently, and he struggles with anger when he doesn’t smoke already but so far he seems fine.

  • I was made to take thorazine. All it did was knock me out like a horse tranquilizer. I learned coping techniques and the very self-will that taught me to be stubborn, is what got me through my disorder. Being told you are sick is hard to come to terms with. For one, often what I call paranoia is thinking rooted in patterns that do make sense, once dissected and looked at from an objective standpoint.

    i’m not sure my stance on medication for schizophrenia anymore. I know people off meds and on them who are stable and intelligent. Often, the lesser a dose of anti-psychotics the better your prognosis. For one, I avoided SSRI’s and thorazine. Geodon and Seroquel caused hallucinations and epilepsy like symptoms. Abilify was the only one that worked. It just works for paranoia…I guess.

    But I don’t think it’s fair for the comments to assume the parent’s aren’t knowledeable or have tried alternatives. Having a family member with untreated mental illness, you soon learn that alternatives typically backfire. Retreats, vacations, ideals, goals, etc. they can help temporarily but without therapy and treating underlying chemical imbalances you never get to the root of the issue.

    Because brain imbalances do exist, just because they exist in the organ of the brain makes them no different than other organic diseases, they are just harder to treat.

  • I think some approaches would be to integrate holistic and compassionate care within the system, making it less patriarchal and dogmatic. Right now Psychiatry is over diagnoses people, and many issues are seeping into politics without much reality involved.

    I envision it being less huge, psychiatry needs to downsize, not grow…but branch out in the process. We need more people to see that mainstream psychiatry is too monotonous and there is nothing to say for the whole person, spiritually and physically, but it’s getting much better with your help.