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  • This is a touching and emotional sacred story, and I thank you for sharing. My heart sinks to think of the many people who have been lost to the tragedies of poverty, beauty bias, tribal hostility, ableism and political marginalization. We live in a society that celebrates sociopathy and stigmatizes difference, a society that lacks spiritual grounding and has lost its way.

    Although some with mental illnesses have biological brain disorders, many of us are midwives of Spirit, birthing new perspectives into the world. The wounds we have sustained from family, community and society represent shadow aspects of our culture that MUST be explored. We are powerful shamans, bearing witness to the secret fears of others, fears which imperil the body politic and must be addressed at all costs. The healing of society depends on our collective choice to make space for those who suffer.

    I’m happy to see that you’ve been able to recover to the extent that you have. I have not been nearly so lucky. I live in an inner-city area known for its ruthlessness and materialism. My appearance as a fat and ugly woman and my many disabilities have unfortunately resulted in lifelong singlehood. Bullying and marginalization have led to long-term unemployability.

    And yet I persevere. My voice is important. My story can heal. And I hope to someday live a life like yours.

    Thank you,
    Helen O’Neil
    Order of the Grey Mystic