Saturday, March 25, 2023

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  • Whenever I see the words “psychiatry” or “psychiatrist” the mental picture that comes to mind now is any clinician in a white coat who performs lobotomies on their patients or stuffs them in a straight jacket. People who are trained to deal with the mad and the clinically insane.

    Instead of going through those great lengths to neutralize their patients psychiatrists prescribe synthetic chemicals that interfere with how the body works, including the brain, metabolism, and central nervous system, all under the illusion of appearing benign and well-spoken. The two things that remain are the forced hospitalization and the questions of whether you hear voices in your head or have thoughts of suicide.

    But to end this ramble I really have to ask: How did we as a society ever give these people the keys to our minds? As a child in the foster care system I remember going to a psychologist, and I turned out okay for the most part. As soon as I entered puberty my aunt who became my adoptive guardian took me to see a psychiatrist who had me medicated at the age of 13 because I had difficulties adjusting to a new environment.