Saturday, July 2, 2022

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  • I also searched the term “psychological injury model” and didn’t find anything else.

    So I feel pretty misled.

    And I looked at his “psychological injury index” and was pretty disappointed in it.

    To me, it looks more like a marketing tool for Eric. One reason I say this is it seems you have to put in an email and a postal code to even see the questions. Also, this is what you see when the page opens:

    Take control of your mental and physical health!

    This is in very big letters, and notice the exclamation point.

    There are also several claims on the page such as:

    For the first time ever, you will get a clear picture of the psychological injuries that you have experienced.

    I also feel a little loss of respect for him since at least so far I haven’t seen him reply to any of our comments. If I missed something, please correct me.

    I did like the article quite a lot, btw, so I feel sad that these things I have mentioned caused me a significant amount of what I will call emotional injury/pain.