Monday, October 25, 2021

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  • After 18 years of various SSRI and SNRI meds I’m determine to get off. They don’t work. The pattern of increasing and increasing doses and then switching to others when dose gets too high is ridiculous in hindsight. After going through 5 different meds I finally realized these aren’t working. I decided to go to therapy, learn mindfulness and yoga and discovered some supplements that are helping. My psychologist is a big proponent of NOT using any-depressants and has been very helpful. I’m trying for the 3rd time to get off for good. I’m down to counting beads on my last dose and taking it extremely slowly. I started in July and I don expect to be fully off until this July. And if I need to be patient I’ll cintinue this journey as long as it takes. The withdrawal effects last time were brutal. I struggle mostly with anxiety and if I get depressed it is only because of a very long spell of anxiety and I begin to wonder if it will ever go away. I’m not even a worrier. Just have this debilitating sinking feeling and irritability that drains my energy. When I got off last time, I’d actually weep at the smallest things. Brain zaps galore. Headaches. Body Aches. No energy. They actually put me on another antidepressant to help with the side effects and that made me extremely tired and didn’t fully get rid of the withdrawal. I actually began thinking that this would be much easier if I could go to a hospital for a moth and detox off this. It was so hard to function.

    Reading this article and seeing that the side effects could last a year is disappointing, but at least I have some real information. My primary care doctor said that most of her other patients have no problems stopping these meds, yet she told me I might have to stay on the smallest dose forever. They really don’t know and honestly I don’t like going to see her because I get much more information from this site and other forums with actual patient experiences. She wanted me to go see a psychiatrist, but I’m scared I’ll get one of the many that push pills. I’m so glad to have found this site.

    I’ve had some success with Lithium Oratate and Ashgawanda, but stopped those after discovering Sam-E plus Betaine. Sam-e plus betaine has been really helpful for me over the last month. Sam-e alone would work for one day and then I’d get bad anxiety. It took a month of experimenting before I found the right dose of each. Betaine apparently helps as a methyl donor and I’m amazed at the difference. I will continue to look here for help in getting off this med. I’m also searching for a good functional medicine doctor.