Sunday, December 5, 2021

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  • People do not want to or cannot suffer their pain and lack the means and techniques to release that pain. They cannot cope. They take these pain suppressants sold as so called antidepressants. I am trying to slowly taper off one of these drugs. There is a collective effect when so many choose this option of drugging themselves. This can’t be proven but someone somewhere must take the burden of our denied pain and that may be in the form of violence and war, poverty or famine. People in those countries cannot afford the luxury of our painkillers. There is a solution

  • Great interview. There are so many good points discussed. I am drawn to comment on my experience twenty years ago when i was persuaded to take an antipsychotic for anxiety and followed by Paxil when not unnaturally i became depressed and could not function in my life any longer because of drug poisoning. The Psychiatrist was telling me in the lead up to prescribing to me that I could take a new drug called Viagra as well. The point i am making is that he failed to tell me why I may need Viagra once he prescribed me his cocktail. I was too immobilised by the effect of two drugs in my system to think about sex and by the time I had taken myself off these two drugs on my own without medical help which I don’t recommend, I was experiencing suicidal thinking and great discomfort so that the next step was taken by a GP to prescribe a new antidepressant, Celexa. On this drug i did experience the symptom of genital numbing and inability to achieve orgasm. I then took myself off this drug. Subsequently having failed to withdraw completely under medical supervision due mostly to GP ignorance and lack of information about tapering i was prescribed Zoloft for the unaddressed continuous withdrawal symptoms. On Zoloft the roller coaster ride began to find a correct dosage, to find a doctor who knew, this drug was very stimulating in too high a dosage and I could become uncharacteristically impulsively aggressive. I am usually a mild mannered man. The drug effect was obvious. At the moment I am tapering with help from as many sources as i can find. Consumer beware.