Saturday, October 23, 2021

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  • Quote: The Massachusetts Supreme Court has just ruled that all convictions, past, present or future, that are based in part or in full on a confession to police officers are now null and void and all such cases have to be thrown out.

    Because if a silly teenage girl with psychological problems of her own can convince a young man to kill himself using just texts and a single phone call then a confession obtained by one or more intimidating police persons in a cramped room in a police station with methods like the Reid technique cannot be held to be freely and fairly obtained and to be thus usable as evidence.

    Not to mention how often confessions are obtained by the police making promises they have no intention of keeping and by lying to the accused about the facts and the evidence. Carter never lied to Roy about the outcome of his suicide – except by promising ‘heaven’ which is the stock in trade of most preachers.

    I expect massive filings by all defense attorneys in the state. And a lot of happy, happy lawyers at bars this Friday.