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  • Maria,

    I support the need for any testing that can help build a scientific base for diagnosing and treating depression, including DNA testing.

    Right now, the lives of millions of people are left up to the expert opinion of doctors and psychiatrists who too often only seem to know what Big Pharma wants them to know. In addition to your tragic suicide story and similar losses to many other families, there are also people in prison for antidepressant-induced homicides.

    I understand this first hand. I recently uploaded a video called “Paxil-Induced Homicide” to YouTube based on my own family tragedy in 2004 in Canada. But, unlike Americans, I have my freedom back, have reconciled with my wife and daughter and have been rebuilding my career.

    I also filed a lawsuit in 2011 against GlaxoSmithKline based on my own 2009 DNA test results from Australia. I have been off all prescription drugs for more than 2.5 years.

    Psychiatry needs to have a scientific base. We cannot afford, in many ways, to leave diagnostic and treatment decisions up to opinion. CONGRATULATIONS to Sundance Diagnostics for providing leadership in this area.


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