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  • Typing a comment on the internet is taking control of the material world… hardly meaningless, hardly believing taking control of the material world is meaningless also to be anticapitalist is to be AGAINST private property, which Buddhism allows for, so what what political side does that put Buddhism on and what philosophical side does that put capitalism on ? Don’t get me wrong , there can definitely be Buddhists who believe in socialism, people who believe in both CBT and biopsychology , that are socialist too, but all of those things in and of themselves are about preserving the status quo, not change. Sitting in the lotus position does not remove what is causing trauma to our society.

  • the point is it is impossible to let someone control your thoughts, just like psychosis is impossible,reality is objective not subjective …this is why anti-psychiatry and biopsychiatry are two sides of the same coin as are CBT-biopsychiatry, liberal-conservative, pacifist-warrior,antifa-fascist etc.

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  • er, The labor relations board in the United States does NOT allow supervisors to join unions AND when government workers go on strike, they get fired. Government workers are NOT ALLOWED TO LEGALLY STRIKE!!! I don’t agree with that the government won’t let them strike, nevertheless that is their policy. ……Managers and supervisors are also not protected by the NLRA, and cannot join unions or be part of the bargaining unit. … from this link… and also…. Who Is Covered
    With the few exceptions mentioned below, the NLRA applies to all employers involved in interstate commerce, which generally means almost every company.

    Who Is Excluded
    Certain groups of employees are not covered by the NLRA. They include:

    confidential employees such as company accountants
    the families of employers
    government workers

  • A union for social workers won’t help prisoners of psychiatry. … Actually a union of social workers WILL help. Unions are about CLASS STRUGGLE the WORKING CLASS fighting against the FOR PROFIT MEDICAL SYSTEM , that it is FOR PROFIT is why there are PRISONERS!!!! Solidarity can and will be formed between the patients and the workers WHO ARE IN THE SAME CLASS AND HAVE A COMMON ENEMY, EACH OTHER’S STRUGGLE IS ONE AND THE SAME!!!! Together they fight and work towards a socialist medical system!

  • WRONG ANSWER I DO NOT endorse pharmaceuticals for mental health for the same reason I don’t endorse CBT : social practice : If a tiger chases you in the jungle, no prozac pill can make you not fear for your life!!! likewise no drug can make you anxious for no reason. There is no such thing as absolute anxiety or absolute depression!!!! (btw I HAVE had personal experience with these substances… not that it matters………..)

  • It looks like you have no idea whatsoever regarding what mindfulness is!!! Mindfulness is never about stopping thinking or about not resolving objective situational issues… ACTUALLY it IS about not resolving objective issues because if all you do is sit around and meditate and the philosophy behind that is the philosophically idealistic gaslighting attitude of: ” most of the time, people ruminate/worry about things that have not happened ” well that is philosophical idealism and meditation becomes an opiate because you have an attitude that thoughts don’t come from reality which is what you are saying when you say ” most of the time, people ruminate/worry about things that have not happened ” Which is the conclusion that since thoughts don’t , nothing is real , because if you say that most of the time you inevitably HAVE to say ALL of the time because if you can’t tell if one thing is real then you can’t tell if another is. And ” rumination ” means thinking about it , so stop gaslighting me. BTW I USED TO BELIEVE IN ALL THE CRAP YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT I HAVE OCD I USED TO MEDIATE , I also used to use drugs , alcohol , sex, porn,gurus, religion .. I was able to STOP all of those addictions when I became a dialectical materialist , so your statement ” It looks like you have no idea whatsoever regarding what mindfulness is!!! ” is an ASSUMPTION!!!! But that’s what philosophical idealists do, ASSUME, cause they don’t trust their 5 senses . .. of course you know what you do when you assume , right Nancy? No studies ( that you don’t link to ) have ever or CAN ever prove that mind makes matter… mechanical materialism… it is neo-Kantian some of the things you say… here is a refutation of that ….: p.s. Nice assumption : ” superficial manner” … I actually had one CBT therapist who ENCOURAGED ME TO WATCH PORN!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! same one who told me I couldn’t know about an obvious thing!!! The lady in this scene sums up the CBT philosophy :

  • No, gaslighting, I understood perfectly. CBT and mindfulness etc. say that the cause of mental illness is ” rumination ” ” focusing on a problem ” i.e. THINKING about it , THINKING . Then it says the cure is ” mindfulness ” …somehow magically ” observing ” the thought(s) without ” ruminating ” i.e. THINKING ABOUT IT . So it DOES say the solution to mental illness is to stop ruminating i.e. TO STOP THINKING ABOUT IT . When in OBJECTIVE REALITY thoughts are caused by material objects and so mental illness is a result of those thoughts being unresolved because THE OBJECTIVE SITUATION is unresolved . The cure obviously is the resolution of the problem. CBT and mindfulness are assumptions of cynicism and narcissism that say your physical problems will never be resolved and that they affect you alone so you alone have the heavy burden of them . This goes against fundamental human solidarity and thus is very bourgeois , simplistic and oppressive .

  • As someone with OCD ( which is on the spectrum) I think denying that there is a problem that exists in objective reality ( not being able to function within parameters of self and group help which are basically one and the same) is philosophically idealistic , conformist, bourgeois, existentialist and exploitative . At the same time , tolerance IS most definitely the key to overcoming as intolerance is the CAUSE not the EFFECT . Alienation from the products we make causes an aire of conformity that disguises itself in a veneer of non -conformity : there is no I in TEAM ! Instead of being in a natural reciprocal voluntary help human collective , a body is on a ship of slaves with enforced solitude . This causes stress / dysfunction . That dysfunction is then exploited , the” special needs ” person working for minimum wage as a sacker at Walmart. ” Rudolph with your nose so bright , won’t you guide my sleigh tonight ?” Then ” tolerance ” becomes exploitation . Instead we should strive for a natural reciprocal voluntary help human collective, the likes of which Che Guevara talked of, where help is OFFERED not FORCED .

  • Out – science IS objective Marxism is dialectical materialism and science is based on materialism and yes capitalism uses science , but we have to differentiate science and capitalism’s use of science as two different things. YOU are conflating science with capitalism, ignoring Marx’s embrace of it. Capitalism needs science, but the bourgeoisie found that they had to turn to religion to dope the masses because science would lead to progress , so it is only bourgeois science they embrace , mechanical materialism which regresses to philosophical idealism, but conflating science with capitalism you are embracing philosophical idealism , very bourgeois . As for the rest … to say that humankind is inherently flawed and limited has been disproved by history: we always overcome our difficulties , we have got past slavery , we have sent people to the moon, to say that our current limitations and flaws cannot be overcome just doesn’t jibe with science , evolution, and reality, your other arguments of accusing the paper of conflation are a strawman, Marxists DEFEND individuality WITHIN the collective, also a strawman that the paper disparages non-conformism : ….Like the existentialists, the socialist movement has made one of its chief aims and persistent concerns the defence and expansion of individuality… Also you strawman myself because I NEVER said psychiatry should not flourish, my argument is chiefly with CBT not, psychiatry in general. Your whole attack on this paper was a red herring designed to distract away from the REAL issue: CBT is philosophical idealism and is inadequate and existentialist, Marxism not. Do us all a favor, feign being a surprised Marxist elsewhere, your argument sides WITH existentialism thus WITH CBT!

  • I have had that blog bookmarked in Google for quite some time. As a sufferer of OCD , this subject is very near to me. All to often CBT and other therapies tell the OCD patient to ; ” Accept the uncertainty” . I have zero problem accepting uncertainty . The problem with OCDers isn’t accepting uncertainty RATHER ACCEPTING CERTAINTY ITSELF is the problem . You CANNOT accept uncertainty WITHOUT accepting certainty , they go hand in hand like day and night . CBT misses this point ENTIRELY ! Being a Trotskyist and a student of dialectical materialism has helped me to understand this and finally move past much of my addictive behaviors . This paper is an essential read for sufferers of OCD :

  • They won’t let you edit your comments here, I said : That is how CBT DOES try to control , matter makes mind instead of how it works in reality. Sure not EVERYTHING is under our control, but that doesn’t negate the things that are. IT SHOULD HAVE SAID : That is how CBT DOES try to control , MIND MAKES MATTER instead of how it works in reality. Sure not EVERYTHING is under our control, but that doesn’t negate the things that are. …. as CBT tries to control through MIND MAKES MATTER instead of HOW IT WORKS IN REALITY!!!! Correction noted.

  • The whole article is pretty much strawman CBT is philosophical idealism, and this was a thinly disguised attack on philosophical materialism…the whole article was philosophically confused. Yes, CBT is NOT about control in the scientific realistic sense like we DO control things , we have airplanes and spaceships and automobiles, a hoarder could take control of their situation and clean up their house which would cure their depression, but CBT looks at this the other way around , idealistically, the depression causes the hoarding, mind makes matter. That is how CBT DOES try to control , matter makes mind instead of how it works in reality. Sure not EVERYTHING is under our control, but that doesn’t negate the things that are.