Saturday, December 10, 2022

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  • Wow, an article on the esteemed site, Mad in America, touting positive statistics for that “psych drug withdrawal” center, Alternative to Meds, in Sedona, AZ? Are you kidding me? I too know someone who went there, and they, the staff, and their “medical director,” in my opinion handled her acute withdrawal symptoms in ways that ended up practically killing this person. This patient first was told, upon admission, that her depressed, suicidal, psychotic-like state, which was directly caused by a too rapid taper of an SSRI a few months previously, was “not due to psychiatric drug withdrawal.” But this was precisely the reason this person sought treatment there and which was why their “treatment team” agreed to admit her. This patient was someone with no significant history of mental illness. It is widely reported on sites like that high doses of supplements, which ATMC uses, can exacerbate problems in withdrawal sufferers. So can exercise, which ATMC also uses as part of their treatment. From what I witnessed, their philosophy for using the protocols they use apparently is based on the bogus, widely debunked “chemical imbalance” theory. Mishandling acute or protracted withdrawal symptoms can be life threatening, leading to violent behavior, suicide, and other adverse outcomes. I agree with Cole, above, that yes, some people can manage to “stay off” psych meds after they cold-turkey or rapid taper, such as what occurs at a place like ATMC, but the fact that people “stayed off” their meds DOES NOT mean they were successfully “withdrawn” from their psych meds. Instead, people who go off too quickly, whether at ATMC or on their own, are at risk of ending up disabled, bed bound, and completely nonfunctional for weeks, months, and years–which is what happened to the person I know who went there. Fortunately, she has now fully recovered–no thanks whatsoever to ATMC. Yes, this case, like the ones cited by Cole, may be anecdotal, but it needs to be reported here in order to keep additional AD withdrawal sufferers who read this article from giving thousands of dollars, out of desperation, to a place like ATMC, which might only make their condition worse. From what I’ve seen so far, the only proven healer for psych drug withdrawal symptoms is 1) EXTREMELY slow tapering, and 2) the passage of time, which are not what ATMC offers at their highly expensive facility.