Friday, December 2, 2022

Comments by JuhaS

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  • In addition to this, trying to get help and connections in every country should be done, to try to get through to the mainstream media. It is hard, but finding a right journalist is key. The times a probably better for pushing through this controversial topic, if an intelligent journalist understands the real state of the issue. They are brave enough to push it through within their organizations and network. With a local reporter here we are already drafting the structure of such potential articles. They have to contain true shocking cases as well as suitable figures and statements from our gurus and local practitioners. The same format could be reused easily all over the world.

    And one more thing; the admins of major support/sufferer sites should be contacted to form a picture of how many sites and members there are just in these groups, left alone to support each other and seek for cure, which is not available from the system.

  • It is great to see such top team together. Hoping things go well in one way or the other.

    I hope one of the targets of the new constellation is to think of modern media strategies to spread the word as wide as soon as possible. Every day there are numerous people making the choice about drugs pushed to them. Lets fight to minimize the number of new starters on useless dangerous psych drugs.

    Dr. Breggin says two things just as directly as they should be said (so that the whole population gets the core message eventually)
    – all psych drugs do potentially cause even permanent damage and loss of life in different ways
    – the first visit to the psychiatrists office is one of the most dangerous things one can ever do. (and the society still in 2019 supports this rotten system of greediness)

    Ready and willing to fight with you with the limited power left in me as one of severely damaged victims. We just have to win this. When enough people know the truth, the pressure will finally be felt at the highest decision making level of nations. Psychiatry and pharma as they are today deserve a full rundown, and a building of a science based humane caretaking system.