Saturday, December 3, 2022

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  • Sidra,

    I am angered to hear about what you went through. I’m so sorry you had to deal with that, and you are absolutely not alone. Former staff that has all quit since my time at Inner Fire have validated my experiences time and again by sharing their own and those of others before me. Beatrice used a version of that line on me, too (“I see something in you”) to continually coerce me into staying at Inner Fire against my will while I was extremely vulnerable until she’d taken all of my money. Thank goodness you did not live through the horrors of Inner Fire itself.

    I am also so glad you were able to find validation in my comment. Given my experience and what I know about narcissistic abuse, it can push one to question their own sanity. As you described, this is one of the appalling ways that Beatrice takes advantage of vulnerable folks. None of them ever meet her or her program’s impossible standards, and she does everything in her power to lay the blame on them. You are already aware of this, which is great, but in case you need the reminder at any point: rest assured in the fact that you are absolutely not alone in your experience.

    Would you by chance want to get in touch? My hope is to start connecting folks who had negative experiences with Beatrice and/or Inner Fire. I’d like to form a survivors group to counteract Beatrice’s weaponization of separating and isolating “seekers.” It is by cornering people and turning the blame on them, from what is often a relationship with a totally unequal power dynamic, Beatrice uses her silver tongue to sell the lie that her failings and her abuse are everyone else’s fault. This is inexcusable to do to anyone, but most especially those who are vulnerable due to their struggles with mental and emotional health (and who have entrusted her with their lives and finances). This needs to stop.

    If you would like to connect, please feel free to email me at [email protected]

  • I have unfortunately had direct experience with Inner Fire and Beatrice Birch. I experienced re-traumatization inside of this dysfunctional community structured by and around a very charming, highly manipulative pathological narcissist whose article you have just read. It is my hope that prospective residents stay discerning and safe from the kind of financial and emotional trauma I experienced. To that end, my advice is that you avoid this place at all costs.