Monday, February 24, 2020

Comments by Kosaphia

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  • “I believe if the person counseled is given respect,empathy,and support from an equal plane of hierarchy, and there is an exchange of ideas and feelings where each learns from the other, then something good might happen and problems may be solved.”

    Well said. This is at the heart of the work and care that I do. It’s about being in a state where I can learn from the families and children that I work with, as much as it is about them learning from me.

    I personally and professionally think the way social workers, counselors, and therapists practice needs to change. We need to critically look at, discuss, and change the way these professionals engage in the insurance game, labeling via the DSM-IV, achieve outcomes, and what fees/rates are being charged.

    The focus should really be on helping people help themselves get to the place where their abilities to cope are no longer overwhelmed by life circumstances, in collaboration with their natural, community, and spiritual supports, and I believe this is possible without giving them a diagnosis/label just to get paid.

  • How come we are doing the same thing over and over, expecting different outcomes? Why aren’t we looking at changing the fundamental way we do business? Specifically, why do we need to take health insurance at all? Wouldn’t everyone, the client and the therapist, be better off just charging a reasonable cash/credit rate and then offer sliding fees for those who cannot afford our customary rates and cut out the middle man of health insurance?