Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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  • I noticed a couple of comments regarding ECT and memory erasure… It is true, it does do that. However you do not get to pick the memories taken. Memories are the core of who you are. It would be lovely not to have some of the pain that eventually convinced me (along with an array of professionals) that ‘yes this can fix me.’ However, that pain is what makes me. Memory loss can be highly severe, my doctor asked me if I still had control of my bowels (we were discussing my memory issues) since another one his other patients had ECT and now can no longer remember when to use the restroom. I have lost memories and a broken off tooth that is getting removed from how heavy the seizure was. Their brain is that short circuited. The unpredictability of the side effects what they can do from person to person is much more dangerous than any “benefit” which might come from it.