Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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  • Psyhiatric Treatments? I have had more harm then good! 17 years ago I was put on paroxetine or seroxat, Ok I had depression, Just carried on taking them, no doctor ever questioned if I still needed them until I got pregnant 10 years ago. Doing research decided not to carry on taking them during pregnancy and GP told me to come of them gradually over a 6 week period. Beginning of my horror story! Side effects where torture and I landed in a total state of hell. that all happened before my child was born. I felt like a dead body walking around with no soul and emotion left. From there I was put on so many other psychiatric drugs, none of them worked. Last resort of course was ECT, I still have to find my match or someone that can break my record! 50 ECT TREATMENTS IN 10 MONTHS TIME. And guess what, hardly changed anything! The only benefit for me was having the anestetic,, the highlight of the week !My brief escape from hell! Only going back on paroxitine I started to get better, well that says it all, my brain is addicted to it! And thanks to ECT after 10 years, the memory loss is still there and I lost a huge part of my existence. I want the good and sad memories back! Every time someone tells a story of the past, it frustrates me, it tells me what I have lost>
    Imagine you cannot even remember going to your own fathers funeral? Well who cares, they `treated` me and never looked back! I didn`t even enter in their statistics of `unsuccessful patients`