Saturday, May 28, 2022

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  • Thanks for the article Sera, I never knew such fetishism existed in contest form, but I guess such human commodity lows shouldn’t surprise me in our upside down world of suffering=profit.
    In fact, while reading your article I was reminded that the town in WA where I live, (yes I’m that guy) in their artistic efforts to “prevent” suicide, is featuring a local photographers display of “disfigured faces.” Gunshot scars. Human beings who are forever marked with the scars of their suicide attempts. Disfigured. The “so-called” artist is naturally getting a lot of recognition and money.
    I call it a case of: Unknown Artist Discovers an Opportunity to Self-Serve By Creating Some Popular Social Issue Stuff. But then again what do I know.

    Anyway, in my opinion, this won’t do much of anything to prevent suicide but rather will drive home the imperative that your suicide attempt must be well thought out, 100% successful, (and not with a gun) or you’ll end up as a curiosity or fetish interest on a gallery wall.
    As far as I know, fear is not the answer with which to prevent suicide or prolong human life, but it is a great way to exploit people’s suffering for ones own self-centered benefit.
    Hope that didn’t sound too self-righteous 🙂
    Thanks for the article.

  • F*ck! I’m left handed! Darn, I guess I’m just predisposed 🙁

    I think it is safe to say that I don’t feel very safe knowing ASIST has the job of keeping me safe.
    Which reminds me of an old safe story… about The Little Safe…
    The Little Safe wasn’t allowed to go pee unless other BIGGER safes we’re present in the toilet stall with her, that way the BIGGER safes could keep Little Safe, safe.

    One day, Little Safe, after weeks and weeks of being unnecessarily kept safe by the BIGGER safes… finally had enough of their demeaning safety and senseless river analogies!

    With her little combination dial spinning, Little Safe confronted the BIGGER safes, swinging open her little safe door so the BIGGER safes could see inside!

    The BIGGER safes all gasped in amazement…

    Little Safe smiled and spoke confidently, “See you disparaging BIGGER safes. I have all I will ever need tucked away safely inside me already.” Little Safe continued, “sure, sometimes I can’t always find what I need right away, and I have to do a little searching, but it’s in there.
    Always has been, always will be.” said Little Safe.

    “In fact,” Little Safes voice suddenly ringing like thunder!
    “All of us Little Safes are actually GIGANTIC SAFES! And she instantly quadrupled in size. Towering over all the BIGGER safes who were now trembling, and needless to say they were not feeling very safe!

    GIGANTIC SAFE’s voice shattered windows, cracked the ceilings and the walls.
    “I fully realize,” her voice booming “that none of you are hardly the bedrock of intellect let alone able to understand a small fraction of the concepts I speak about.”
    “You safe-a-philes are all alike,” continued GIGANTIC SAFE, while the walls crumbled and fell, “you approach so much in life from a place of safe ignorance and false sense of arrogance that you never truly learn anything beyond what you are conditioned to see and hear.”

    As Little Safe returned to her customary size, “You see,” she said, in her normal safe voice. “We Little Safes can be BIGGER, and appear to be safe and in-control at all times too. We just don’t feel the need for illusions.”
    “We know we are GIGANTIC SAFES” continued Little Safe. “You see, we’ve had no other choice in life except to grow, and the need to feel safe all the time, to waste space in our safes with all the answers to the inexplicable well, that would just make us small again.” She said in her sweet safe sounding voice.
    “Oh, and Gary”… unexpectedly the Thunder returning to Little Safes voice!
    “Keep your “warm hand off” my dial or I’ll snap it off and shove it up your ass!”

    And Little Safe lived relatively happy ever after.
    The End

    Did I surpass ASIST’s use of the word safe?

    Ah, all the oppressive things we allow to take place before our very eyes and in our very lives, and the lives of others – all in the obsession with safety. Feeling safe.
    No wonder the ancient status quo of social control is still doing fine. Seems like only the centuries have changed.
    “The time is out of joint-O cursed spite, / That ever I was born to set it right!” soliloquizes Hamlet. For the lover of liberty and responsibility, the time always seems out of joint and the individual who assumes the task of setting such dislocations aright runs the risk of being destroyed in the process. We all need friends, and colleagues to help protect ourselves from it.
    Sadly, that is a privilege far too many people have never known.

    It may be a thankless task, but is a worthy goal!
    Great article, attitude and great use of your time and energy during a horrendous experience for both you and your children.

    You have my respect, and that is a rare thing for me to give someone. 🙂

    All jokes, storytelling and poetics aside, here is my main concern with what is transpiring with ASIST in today’s Universities specifically with counselors in training. (CIT) A growing body of research is providing support for the transferability of ASIST and the PAL model to the fieldwork experiences of CIT.
    Sounds fairly innocuous until one starts to consider the concept of “invitations.” One study found that CIT who received ASIST training discovered 48% more suicidal students than the control group without the ASIST training. Apparently, many of the students who were discovered to be suicidal didn’t even realize they were suicidal until their “verbal and non-verbal” “signs” and “tells” were observed by highly sensitive and aware CIT who received ASIST training on reading “invitations.”
    Meanwhile, the dulled senses of the control group missed these subtle behaviours.

    Were 48% more lives saved or is this a case of – If you go looking for suicidal ideation, you’ll find it. Even if it’s a false/positive or suggestive lead. Who really knows. I’m fairly certain no one of authority will bother to ask because it would interrupt the medicalization process of suicide, at least that is my educated opinion.

    Here’s an unfortunate societal “tell” – “invitation” for everyone who is not already aware, one that reveals the continuously sorry state of condemnation and silence surrounding suicide. We should be ashamed that we as a society are forced to weasel suicidal people’s true thoughts, fears and pain out with ASIST “invitations” – rather than openly providing a space to greet them with compassionate acceptance, love and non-judgmental provisions. Space where they can openly, freely share their thoughts and feelings without fear, or the need for interpretation of so called invitations.

    So, while we’re busy weaseling – how many false/positives will we create when interpreting their “invitations?” After all, checking behaviour boxes is the key to diagnosis. How many of the 48% more students are now labeled because of their “invitations?” How many will wear that label without question and worst of all, with the DSM-5 it’s no longer just a label. Suicidal thoughts and attempts have been medicalized. Now 48% of students are a disorder. They suffer from a mind disease. Who will research this new disease?
    Pharmaceutical companies who will produce ghost written studies and pay KOLs to attach their names to them. The studies will all show suicidal behaviour disorder is pervasive and under diagnosed. Thank Ggod we have diagnostic tools like ASIST!
    They will show that treatment with psychotropics is safe and effective. Drugs will be produced or repackaged and marketed to prevent suicidality, doctors will be bribed to prescribe them… we all know the drill. Why would this ‘disorder’ be approached any differently than the others which have traveled the path to inclusion in the DSM?
    Thankfully we have models like ASIST and PAL to help us identify and throw a net over these poor suffering people.

    As a Gatekeeper ASIST is about as effective as all the rest which every study, other than those involved in what Plato called The Noble Lie, (when science says the right things for the wrong reasons) every credible study has found Gatekeeping to be promising at best. However, transferring ASIST and PAL into the fieldwork of CIT is potentially another recipe for destroying lives… but a chance for more pharmaceutical money… develop the “anti-suicidal drugs” or “pro-life drugs.”

    Sera, do you know if suicide terrorists are suicidal? That could be another market.
    Oh and btw… Personally, I wouldn’t want a “warm hand off” unless I was first taken out for dinner and drinks.

    Disclaimer: I am not anti-psychiatry or anti-medicine.
    I’m simply anti-absolute and pro-questions.