Friday, September 24, 2021

Comments by Agustina

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  • Sandra, Daniel’s documentary ‘Healing Homes’ is so helpful to answer your question. In a vacuum, you think about supporting a person going through that and it sounds so overwhelming and scary, but if you listen to the stories of the host families in ‘healing homes’ you realise that in reality, it is just so simple and beautiful. It all seems to be about simply being human, being humans in our suffering, and being humans in helping others through that suffering. The rest just seems to follow, whatever shapes it takes, whatever moment comes next, what matters seems to be that in the ‘now’, we are able to be present and be kind and be compassionate. If Daniel movies teach something, I think, it is that what we need most from supporters is not science, or research, or hospitals or medicines, but human beings that can tap into their humanity and give themselves to others, to allow themselves to be as raw as the person suffering is being. The documentaries also teach that although it is very hard work and the journey can be rather long, we have to trust the process, that at the end it will be a positively transforming experience for everyone involved, and the hard work just seems so worth it, and even magical. Daniel shows us that, as we are all susceptible of going through a extreme state, we are all also capable of supporting others while going through those extreme states.