Saturday, June 25, 2022

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  • Drs Don’t know because it’s a job to them and they honestly could care less. I mean psychiatrists usually get into psychiatry to fix themselves. So unless u happen to get one who’s had panic disorder then you’re kind of screwed. And from my own personal experience most Drs think they know more than everyone else about everything .. at least everything in their field. So it’s hard for them to see any new view on anything they’ve been taught especially with an intestinal blockage comprised of their head. And if anyone is reading this seeking help with this issue, for the love of God if you have ever done any kind of drug recreationally even just once NEVER tell any Dr EVER. You’ll be branded for life. I’m 35 and did recreational drugs when I was 15-19 and haven’t touched one since but am still to this day given Advil for broken bones and Benadryl equivalents for severe panic disorder I’ve had for the last 15 years. I’ve been self medicating with 2mg of Xanax daily for the last 12 years and function perfectly. Before that I was a basket case who couldnt form sentences after 4 straight days of panic attacks. Doctors would rather throw medicine at you then listen to a word you have to say. Don’t believe me? I had stomach problems for 18 years and had Kaiser the entire time and saw the emergency room no less than 100 times. Guess how many times I was ask about my diet or even what I ate that day? 0. End of story