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  • Mental disorder is essentially psychological and that’s how it has to be assessed, that’s how it has to be understood, and that’s how it should be managed. Wow Jock- that’s just so lifted me up- like i knew you were good, but that’s like their’s nothing more real than that. That deserves this Jock-
    I just cant get past, or beyond, if its not Psyche-“Logic”,- How!, can it, make Sense!
    There it is , that’s the real of it, There’s no games with Logic.
    What is the concept of Logic?
    “Logic is the study of correct reasoning”. Logic pertains to all subjects, since people can reason about anything they can think about. Politics, the arts, literature, business, the sciences, and everyday problems are all subjects open to reasoning. Reasons are in answers, and answers are in reasons- answers heal people- knowing heals people- not knowing- not being comfortable in the knowing- or with the knowing- that’s what troubles people. Ya gotta know to be ok- hey, ya know.

  • With 500 different ideas about caring for peoples minds and feelings- why on earth would any decent considerate people-or Government- let one rule- with force- when there’s so many that can help, and when that ones, harming more, than it’s helping- anyone who cared, would want to care, with as many different options they can help with- it not about which one worked for so and so- so that,s gotta be it- its about recognising that any one of those 500 could or might be better for the patient-s-not the doctors or health salesperson-of that particular brand of care-when theirs a whole library of ways to care- we should all want as many ways as their is, in order to know or discover the best way for the individual-patient- seeking the care, all ways-are way better, than one way, wish i could find the article i read years ago- where it said- from a survey- that no matter who cares, in what way they care- MH wise, that from a garbo to a Psychiatrist- in that care capacity- has from37% to 53%/57% most -being successful-and that their was no clear winner in that capacity again-whether they were garbos, painters,or doctors, it all pretty much came down to, the relationship, between the two people.

  • I care what they see- but i don’t too- cause i know they’ve got indoctrination in their eyes- and their imagining things- they think, they think, or know-when its all misery see- and highly imaginary- misery imagery- how to see dark from a dark indoctrination- we live and breathe darkness- sell it, and shove it down throats- Psychosis hey- big word-the thing is people get to a place society, with the help of the MH professionals, calls psychotic- on their own- that’s just one small percentage- but the major percentage are people effected by drugs- experiencing temporary drug induced psychosis- bad drug effect- bad trip- bad acid- whatever they’ve taken- whatever it is their effected by- from- is a temporary condition brought about from mind altering substances- that need to eliminate themselves from their bodies via sleep- good food- vitamins- the waylaying of their drug effected thinking- that they just don’t do in bins- their unethically adding drugs to these people who are ultimately sleeping off their street drug conditions- only to have them replaced, or take the place of the leaving condition- as they sleep it away- by their own- going onto a psychotropic, psychotic condition- and you can see the condition they truned up with leave- with the sleep they eventually get- and the new ongoing drugged psychotic condition, arrive- as the street drug condition leaves- so they go from one drug dealer- drug-conditon to anther drug dealers, drug condition, when all they needed was the right kind of waylaying caring nurture, and the sleep they needed to sleep their conditions away by eliminating the offending drugs-and restoring themselves to their normal-not drug effected selves, that they “don’t do” which in my mind and heart, is a criminality- not just a denial of the reality- but a failure to treat people ethically- decently- or properly- according to their condition- their real condition.

  • The fourth grade bullies used to slander the other children by calling them “faggots” and anything else demeaning that they could think of.
    These are not legitimate “diseases”. These are names that are used to intimidate, neutralize, paralyze the patient into submission.
    That being the case- why hasn’t all the people who disagree with the slurs and the defamation- taken them- the authority that manages /calls them names- to a court of law-to answer to the charge of slander- defamation. All i know is if we all did this worldwide-at the same time- we might be able to get “everyone” to sit up, see, listen, hear, and get it. Only gonna cost an application fee to officially try to sue them- and in doing so make it official, in a recorded lawful legal way. You likely wont win- but the judge will have to summarize and adjudicate- that alone’s worth doing it- and the judge believed us and validated us, again really valuable, i can tell you, cause i’ve done it- the judge said- im sorry i cant legislate for decency- if i could or had id be able to do something, but i cant or my hands are tied- cant quite remember what she said- but ultimately the guist was, under the law their allowed to call us horrible nasty names, but man it felt good going through that process. I recommend it to anyone named and shamed by this school yard bully system of care for some/ abuse for the rest.

  • Great article- Mind altering drugs alter minds- that’s’ what they do- they change/alter who we really are, sometimes horribly so, people know that, even though some are still going to try them, we all intrinsically know mind altering drugs can hurt us- – doesn’t matter who’s mind altering drugs or what they are- their all potentially harmful- and most people who go for MH care, want talk care- for that very reason- most of the time- from bad reactions or effects from mind altering drugs- yet these bins tell these, temporarily mind altering drug effected people- the drugs they’ve taken- even though they’ve reported taking drugs and being adversely effected by them on admission- as the reason, their there, their being rudely told, that these drugs haven’t caused how you are now, but have, “brought out an underlying MI to the surface”- which is really how, and who you are, and that we need to treat with our mind bending drugs- that are way far worse than the dogs that bit them- in terms of side effects- all by, people who’ve denied them their/the reality of their temporary condition, and their need for talk care- (that they just cant and don’t do)- that they came there for, thaT PEOPLE, DONT EVEN REALISE , until its too late, and their being held down by MH gorrillas and injected- all because they’ve got brains and enough intelligence to now recognize what they’ve done, the mistake they’ve made-one in taking the drugs that caused their temporary drug induced psychosis- and two knocking on the wrong door for help with talk care- cause to those smarter, of the same people, who all try drugs, they know, more than the not as evolved, or smart, more vulnerable, that drugs aren’t answers, but the bins cant just have all the not as smart ones, they bunny into taking their far worse drugs, as their image, can they, they need to sprinkle some smarter looking thinking ones into the mix, to lift their profile, look a bit smarter, not so veggied and not so not with it- so they force the smarter, more evolved ones, into the mix with the others , so the image is more up beat and society acceptable, buy able, lol, im gonna leave it there. think I’ve painted the picture, just gotta wash the brushes now.

  • As good as it gets Niall, the parents- no 2- and no 1 you missed- the law that the Government wont alter or emend- that stops or allows for all “first episode-rs” to refuse being poisoned- fix that- and “all the other problems begin to absolve and disappear”. Nothing else will change or stop what their doing, talk till the cows come home, way too invested and stupid for that, but it will stop all the CTO abuse and wasted expense, stop victims returning every 12 to 18mths cause they just cant live their lives drugged like that, that at any given time, make up 70% of the, in facility, revolving door population.

  • brains lie- hearts do the truth- its as simple as that, if you lose the connection with your heart gut- your brain really takes over- and its a liar- the me me me center, the more you stay in your head, alone, the more you fall into the me me me section, hearts do, you you you, and that’s all their is to it, basically its about balance. Nothing wrong with doing me- just not too much- and yous where its at- way more peace in you you you, than me me me. so its getting out of your head that counts the most, which is why the focus should be on not focusing on whats in a lying me me me head, it doesn’t count, cause it was born out of a jungle of the me me me trap, that’s very understandable, cause it came out of a trap, that heads get into, when they lose the focus and the connection of the love inside, the heart that keeps them safe, if they only knew or realised, and which is why its all about information for most people- in regard to MH care, around the 70% mark according to the WDS 2019- so society really knows its all about, what you don’t know, and need to know, and what you do know, that’s hurting you, to heal, be well, stay well, feelings are everything, feelings are about the love, thinking’s bullshit, on its own. That’s why my brain will never hurt me, i know its a liar, and its only interested in itself. and naturally thinkers think- with their best asset- its all about thinking- feelers feel with their best asset- that its all about feelings- two different people.-, but i treat my brain like the thing it is- it doesn’t treat me, nor does anyone who thinks it matters, cause i know it doesn’t matter, and man am i glad about that, and lucky.

  • still clearly hypocrisy Sera, we’ve been warning our children and people about the harms of drugs since the beginning of time, and we’ve all taken those warnings on board, with respect, without any shaming stories, ever, none that ive ever seen, until the last 12 to 24 months, since those on them, Psyche drugs, have started making noises about feeling shame, or shamed, and started this pill shaming angle, story, about it all, what makes it so wrong is the fact theres one half who’s saying their harmed by it, and their calling them shamers, and not sympathizing, or empathizing with them, the pain and the trauma their feeling, and reporting, which in one way, is telling me, the drugs, might be taking away their empathy and compassion, that should be in the right place, with those harmed, before it goes anywhere near the happy ones, in a normal caring, compassionate. world.

  • there’s two communities, a helped and a harmed community- the helped talks their helped lingo, the harmed talks their harmed lingo, reals real, fairs fair, its the same with alcohol, tobacco, yet we talk drugs, that help and harm, in the same way alcohol or tobacco does, and the rules are different, but either way, people need to just believe or focus on, in, whats right for them, and accept for others, in the same way some substances aren’t right for them, or wrong for them, & that other people are the same, and are going to want to share harms, what that, those are, to them, as well as what isn’t, in the same normal way others do, -so they can be forewarned, like most parents want to do with their children regards, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, forewarn them, isn’t that the same thing? yet none of them are saying their being shamed, maybe tobacco smokers a bit, its like a big chunk of society knows that and that that’s how its always been, and accepted, i mean they even have AA- and NA clubs, groups of people attacking drugs and alcohol, believing in their hearts that’s the right thing to do, for themselves and others, and no ones telling them their making them feel horrible or awkward for them saying it, or acting it out in a club, yet its different for this group, just seems a bit special or hypocritical, odd, to me,i know its all understandable, just feels spoilt, brattish, no one cares what drugs people have, if their ok, its only if and when, their not OK, that really matters, but if others feel it matters, then fair enough, no one wants to hurt anyone, well usually, most people speak the truth of whats real for them, out of their passion, and their hearts, especially when their talking about their feelings, everyone matters, about their fears, equally, cause their real to them, they matter, their real matters, whatever it is, and everyone should care for everyone, regardless of what they believe or not. with compassion, empathy, and care, before they go into themselves, outside of themselves, cause that usually fixes, whats usually, keeping them inside anyway, insecurities, cause if your true blue about you, what you do, where your at, what your beliefs are, the rest is pretty much, water off a ducks back, just like it should be, over your beliefs, truth, real, etc. accepting were all different, with differing likes and dislikes, personalities, preferences, bodies, constitutions, beliefs, drug effects, etc. etc. that are never going to match up to anyone else, not really. It’s what makes each of us different.

  • Either way- whether it gets to a point of going to a kangaroo court to challenge the Government in it’s court, with its Judge, and jester, or not- its the “truth” that matters, and will always matter, so officially, regardless and outside of litigation, if you know it’s their drugs, and their dodgy imaginative diagnosis, that’s got you trapped and in a forced, abusive,adversarial, drugging situation, whether its going to become litigious or not, you should at the earliest opportunity let it be known officially, how it is, “for you” i only ever send emails cause their electronically recorded, cant get lost in the post or misplaced, so just remember whatever you say, as far as the law goes, can be taken and used in evidence for you and against you, so choose your words carefully, the truth usually wins out, not always, but hard to beat the truth, everyone’s got their own truth-s, but yours is yours. theirs is theirs, and even though you might lose against, their truths, that are still, lies to you, their not, your truth. or, your real, cause their not you, and you’ve got to let them know that, law court or not. Once somethings in your heart and your comfortable with it, and it can answer all challenges, comfortably without too much stress, your ready and you’ve already won, and that’s something no one can take away, or mess with,/ the comfort in the truth, the harmony, the peace, of truth, honesty,the knowing, MH/Psychiatry or the Government or its courts, can never take that away, cause hearts cant take bullshit, they only take the truth, heads lie, brains lie, people lie, hearts don’t. I know that’s a bit out there, but that,s how i feel, think, and that battles are won in hearts, not in heads, or kangaroo courts of law, in law, or by the manipulation of the law, or by a special language, by big shot lawyers, that disadvantage over half the people they, and the courts serve, so its not so much about winning against a corrupt legal system or an abusive government allowing it all, i mean you have to expect to lose, that way, which is why at least, the victory in your heart, that should win the court case, is as important as the court case or the result, cause its probably going to be the only truth at the court case, and its yours- you win- are already winning, in that true sense, that none of them will or can have, cause their not you.

  • Well said and written, just realised about that ECT machine maker admission thing, in a way, the judge might have been saying, cause the judge didn’t say you can’t do it anymore, maybe he was saying,”no worries, as long as you admit it causes Permanent Brain Damage”, pay the fine, and put a warning on your ECT machine, & provide a side effect warning pamphlet, to the patients or public, zap away, and figured he’d done his job. Could that be another reason, apart from what has to be the “GUILT” they must be feeling, 80 years of it, and why their pretending, saying, they don’t believe the machine makers, manufacturers, about their Permanent Brain Damage admission. I mean after that admission, none of them should even be wanting to do it, let alone continuing to promote it. And if they perform it against anyone’s wishes, because of the admission, it should be a criminal offense, automatically, of assault and battery, as in, to “knowingly” cause brain injury, or permanent brain damage.

  • none of it matters mate- what matters is that some people think their ok and some don’t- that’s their reality- and that’s what matters to them people- whats right or wrong for them- and what matters to them is them- their choice- not some drug dealer/ or pusher employed by the state. The reality is all drugs can help or harm some people- a fool knows that- yet we’ve got fools who force them into people in contrast to the reality of their report, when in reality, it doesn’t matter what anyone says about the medication and its benefits- their not going to be there for everyone- because their different, for everyone- reality again- the only way anyone promoting or pushing “their drugs” on anyone- can know, is by the “report of the person having them”- being forced to have them- that’s the bottom line- and if they’re saying they make them feel bad or sick-er– that’s what they do- in reality- and for anyone to say their crap or whatever, however, is the same as anyone saying they don’t like beer- or cigarettes- their crap-or anything else- and when they say that are they shaming those people- or just trying to save them. Cuts both ways mate.

  • Its not just the words of misery they use- its their faces, and their body languages – the whole “misery” see – slur see- practice of psychiatry, is killing us all- the expressions on their faces from their ugly imaginings, and the harm, of that, as they hypothesize, and lie, from it, the indoctrinated ugly imaginings, are very very damaging, even when you think derogatorily, about someone, your hurting them- speaking its even worse- calling people names is nasty regardless- and not just to the looked at- the lookers harming themselves as well- misery is misery- share it you hurt two-verbal hey- we haven’t even arrived where everything you do think imagine or and say effects others- even when your not expressing it- bad thoughts effect people- bad feelings towards people adversely effect people- ugly heads looking at people effect people- a sad face effects people- a happy face ef– etc- and all that’s, apart from what they do to you, physically, poison wise- mentally- emotionally- and violently- after they imagine the ugliness they’ve been taught to see/imagine with/by- that their heavily vested in– sry- blinded in- snowed into. they sit there with their ugly heads, and misery see judgements, not even realizing, their so far removed from what really matters-, just doing that, alone, is harming their victim- ugly people thinking ugly things in order to, “do ugly things” to others- is bent- and nasty- harmful- and misery acting/ thinking. regardless. I’m not saying their intrinsically evil or ignorant- but i am saying their indoctrinated into an evil- masquerading as a good- and were all young and vulnerable right up to 28- then we mature and grow up a bit- so its a bit hard to blame kids believing in indoctrination’s when we all know cult people, congregation people- suck in vulnerable young people too- like any cult will do or try to do- and try to stop a Mormon or a JW believing- going to church- praying- virtually impossible- and for those people- we actually feel sorry for them- we don’t blame them- we blame the organization- the operators- the parents- teachers- anyway, that’s how i feel about Psychiatry- and Psychiatrists- the majority of them anyway. The manipulated- manipulating society into its misery, “new religion”- ringing a bell- gong ding dong. hear ye, hear ye, here ye. You can be clever in thinking but not have a heart – when to some people- a hearts the biggest and only true measure of people- intelligence- the only measure to some people, that counts. matters. Its my measure anyway cause to me, academia is just a good memory- and that’s all it is. A head only thinks- and its got a LIAR LIVING IN THERE- whereas a heart thinks and feels- it wins, hands down. A hearts there to keep you safe from the head- just you’ve got to be listening and fully connected to your heart to know that- see that- and benefit from that. without that connection its all brain- and brains lie. hearts don’t. Were all giving everything to brain when its a thief and a liar- we started with the heart/and psychology a long time ago- when after the initial accepting of the wrongs, or things that go/are wrong- that mess with peoples minds, lives, and families, were just starting to get into the psyche, and accepting understanding, of the needs for people, to get well- do well- overcome- that is, until, along came a spider who sat down beside her-who took advantage of the head peoples despair- cause they, (the indoctrinated psyches) couldn’t do the feeling thing anyway- psyche – try- not psyche- logic- and they had to take responsibility for only doing head stuff- no time with their kids,- messed up kids- needing time, emotional support, etc-etc- was too much for them to take- or feel responsible for, or about- which was part of their healing- and their kids- so the spider, never missing an opportunity- sidled up alongside them, and whispered in their ears- its all a chemical imbalance– nothing wrong with you or your parenting- nothing “to do with you”so you could imagine how happy these head people were, about that- from that, they worked out, if we can get these people doubting these psychologists- we can clean up- so then they made this “how mad are you flyer”- somewhere late sixties, early seventies- and sent them to every household in the states- when things were still in favor of self realization- therapy- talk- education- etc- where the average American thought just like wed all probably think- oh ye- lets see how mad we are- :-)- with this new psychiatry thing they’ve got going- unfortunately they just didn’t realise what it was aiming to do- and what they were setting themselves up for, might have been fine, or not so bad, had they not sent them back- but a majority sent them back didn’t they- silly buggers, anyway an Industry was born- and here we are thirty forty years later in head land- everyone in their heads- no one getting outta there, cause their all being sucked in, constantly, continually, by the industry propaganda machine, -drugged with it- weakened with and by it- insanity- insecurity- sadness- despair- etc etc..

  • yep and that’s the only thing that’s gonna stop them too- you can argue till the cows come home- their just gonna play word games- mind games- cause their trapped by addiction just like we all are- 70% of the budget going down a drain- is the trap that’s keeping a sick system sick- and us along with it- every conversation we have is contingent on a response from the same people in the same trap no ones got answers for- no one can get out of including them- the only thing that’s gonna stop that trap, not for those in the trap now- but for those about to be trapped- the new victims- and the despair caused by that addiction trap- “is the Governments that allows for them, in law”, to create addictions in people”- without recall- free will for them- by its law- to forcefully drug people- – by stopping that law- and allowing any first episode psychotic or otherwise patient- to say no, for up to ten sleeps- will save at least 50% of new drug effected kids- becoming addicted adults- maybe even more.- asking them to do that, or even consider it, even though is the ethical way to treat people temporarily effected by drugs- is like asking a Mormon or a JW to not believe- or not pray, go to church, its virtually impossible- the only hope we’ve got is to appeal to the governments sucked in, but not quite in the congregation of the church of Psychiatry.

  • sure is Fiachra- didn’t realise how much until i saw how much of the DSMs been altered- from the last edition to the latest- how they’ve taken away anything, they could see, they can/or might, be incriminated with or by, or tied down to, or have been, hence the changes- making out, its about better service and understanding- when its clearly about making more patients- victims- and dollars- and changing anything in the wording that could harm them, incriminate them, or not benefit them, along the way. very very shifty.

  • I dont care what anyone has if their ok having it- im pretty sure were all a bit that way- ya gotta be real about it- we all want a drug that makes us feel good- and im sure we want all people to feel good- or maybe we dont- but wed be one of a few- the reality is that all drugs can /will, either help you, or harm you- ipso facto- doesnt matter whos selling them- who the dealer is- ya just gotta be real about that- and keep it real- who am i to say when its not me effected, its them- when everyones effected differently, by different drugs,- you have to take their report about them for them- when only they can really know- and they do- usually- which is why they prefer or choose certain drugs- but 90% who go to bins- are effected by drugs- that arent the right drugs for them- bad choice- which has very little to do with mental illnesses- but everything to do with drugs that werent right- or the right drugs for them- thats all- they just need them eliminated from their bodies and minds- when all psychiatries doing is swapping those drugs, for their own,- whilst those drugs eliminate themselves- they just replace them with theirs- and a new way more horrible drugged feeling- then add tags to their victims- and then send them out to be addicted to these debilitating drugs in the community- “forcefully”- an addiction – No one can escape, without going fully mad from the withdrawl- pretty good set up hey- call em mad- drug em mad- render them defenseless to prove their sanity- addict them, so they cant escape- all when all they needed was sleep, and for the drugs temporarily effecting them, to eliminate themselves from their bodies and minds– whilst they sleep them off, and recover- that 90/100 do and will if they treat them ethically- that they don’t do- they say funding prevents them doing it- when i say its the seventy percent of the budget they waste, addicting people,unethically- who have to try to escape- not all, just a bit “over half”- mainly- but even the happy ones, believers- keep having to escape too=- so all the moneys spent- wasted- 70% of the budget- on topping them all up, like junkies- to try to stop a drug madness, no ones supposed to get, or be addicted to- and drugged with/by- so theres no money for decency- ethical treatment- whcih might i add was told to me by a top female psychiatrist with a real concious- so not, when any drug dealer- shouldn’t ever, be able to force their drugs into anyone- but then i guess it depends on how you view these drug dealers- you either see them as all the same-like me- or you see some drug dealers differently- i dont- to me the most evil, of drug dealers- are the doctor drug dealers- out of all the drug dealers- a drug dealer who forces their drugs down throats of already troubled drug effected people has to be the lowest– i mean how low is that drug dealer- what drug dealer does that- maybe a murdering drug dealer- mudering someone with their drugs- but thats about it- so in effect a doctor drug dealer, who force drugs people- is really one of those drug dealers- a murdering type drug dealer, murdering people and peoples lives,-forcefully- murdering their sanity- hope- recovery- killing them off literally- all, to deal their drugs, act important- pretend they know something, no one slse does- that only they can see apperently- ultimately- like your standard drug dealer- with priveleges- Government priveleges-i could never imagine anyone, so arrogant, and evil, to force mind bending drugs, into anyone- not especially, when theyre supposed to be helping them get away, from, what hurts them-is hurting them- “their adding it into the mix”- when their supposed to be, assuring them, their not mad, but drug effected, and who cares- pretend sane first- talk sane- act sane- be sane-as you would hope, and act, before you’d do anything- anyway- like imagine shit for insatance— instead- their “telling them their real mad, its real- when their at their most vulnerable”- which is akin to putting the boots in, whilst their down- when its just so disgusting and bent to do- and not helping them up-like decent ethical people would do- as an example 15 years ago when mine was drugged, when that was the last thing to do- never mad, except for a firts try at speed- and the effect of that-

    (( when i got “14 national rehabs” in Australia- who were saying at the time, that a speed psychosis is just that- not real- and that, thats how it should be viewed- ragardless- and that, thats what they should be told- thats how we should all act- and if we do- it will eliminate and resolve iteslef, within from two, to ten days sleep- and that is/ was their way of ethicallty treating people, suffering amphetamine induced psychosis- the drug experts- not imaginary mind people, natural thinking people- who naturally, waylay their drug induced thinking, encourage them, feed them well– provide a peaceful loving caring environment- vitamins-etc- who bring them back- to us- and not sell them out or push them down a drain- like Government MH/Psychiatry is doing))–

    yet was drugged with a drug, or drugs, within 24 to 48 hrs-tied down four point in a straight jacket- with love- that over fiteen years, has only ever caused them to be mad, only ever- when trying to escape these horrible mind “person destroying drugs”, the only time- which has made me realise- maybe all these patient victim people who i think are on their team, as well as maybe mad- arent really mad at all- in fact, whos mad- really- when none of them can escape whats forced into them-, without going mad,- and so,- which mad are we looking at- the drug withdrawal mad- or the real person, real mad, theyve been called, and drugged with forcefully?- im not sure anyone can even say anymore- not once a persons addicted– not possible really.not when this is how these doctors act and operate- when they dont treat people ethically, with the full ten days sleep for street drug effected- first episode- temporarily drug psychosed people- those people should be seen as sane people, clearly effected by drugs, who need those drugs eliminated- for at least the first ten days=- to give the drugs in them, the time to eliminate themselves- properly- from their bodies- whilst, the people effected by them, are encouraged- have their drugged thinking waylayed- etc . etc; Psychiatry and mental health do the exact opposite-instead of helping them by bringing them into the light- out of the drugged dark their in- they tap in- turn the lights off and pull the blinds down- tell them “its real”- and then poison that real- they choose to imagine- think, believe- whatever- right into them.

  • Love your writing Lawrence… as far as the dollars go… if i fill bins with real mental… and make sure every one sees that, their gonna be pretty convinced real exists… weve got bins full of them,and from there the rest we get by advertising sick everywhere we can… so 25% in bins, on CTOs, and the other 75% going to GPs and chemists and paying squillions in drug tax dollars.. not sure but thats how my brain works out what they work out for dollars.

  • Thanks FeelinDiscouraged — yeh i thought it sounded a bit new world order- 🙂 – i just mean one government anywhere- lol. maybe i worded that wrong. I don’t care how it happens to be honest-just that it happens- i just think any one government- anywhere, would be a winner,- big winner- well would to me , anyone hurting from the system– the can’t es-capers- really need the new healing recovery withdrawal wards- and the people who messed them up, against their wishes- fixing it- them- so everyone heals- but they’re just not doing it, in spite of stealing those two words, from the victims,-and using them themselves,- without opening the wards to go with the words,-and that’s what’s broken the camels back- for me- it has – like when confronted about that, the new adopted words, they said were evolving too- we evolve- i said oh yeh, sure, when are the withdrawal wards coming, then, to prove it, silence, and then on the safe wards site- i was told they are healing and recovering- turns out its just in their minds- like business as usual- so that was it, right then and there i decided i cant do this anymore- they just pretend , and lie, i can take a lie, when i know it is- but pretense, is too much, you don’t know when their lying, or telling the truth, and fifteen years at this war, i just decided stuff everything- its eating me alive, and everyone else, even though some people seem to handle it, its all too much war for me, in me, and all my family, then i thought if you think about it- nothings changed in fifteen years- maybe they’ve gotten worse even- and it feels like the more you say, the more they lie or be silent, and in a strange way the more they win, because most of the words coming at them are in angst, and angst repels, so hard to know what the best way to be- speak is-, how to tell the story so that the people can take it on board- or inside without feeling repelled or awkward from the driving force when the drivers an angst-or very much that, or of course that could be just me and me caught up in a me kind of way- either way, theirs caught up- and then their’s “Caught Up”- that’s me- 🙂 – and i just cant be , i know were all the same in the sense, no one ever wanted or should have been caught up by this horribly violent system of care- but the horrible, aren’t seeing the horrible they are- acting- being to people- 15 yrs later- so it has to be one government, anywhere, who has to save over fifty percent of the people- according to those latest figures- the 75 studies-over fifteen years- from last week- that says over half do better not on the drugs- which to me says today things have to change- not tomorrow- and that should be on the front page of the mainstream news- because that means- ipso facto- they’re hurting five or more- to help five or less-potentially even- is enough to take that law away- it “means” their abusing their power- and abusing over half the people doing it-to me that’s a government- or the police or and a court case away- because its criminal– clearly- has to be- imagine a surgeon with a track record like that- or a real doctor of any type- saves 4.5- kills 5.5– doubt they’d even get that far- so i think its gone beyond speaking to them- its time to demand , not from them, they’ve shown/ and proven- themselves to be who and what were saying, that only leaves the governments giving them the power to do so. Any one of them could be the difference and the start to something beautiful- or something- were never gonna get out of, these tyrants who see themselves as healers- recover- ers- all of a sudden- well over the last 5/6 years anyway, are totally in denial. and have an arrogance that’s beyond connecting to or with, that’s so up itself, even if you wanted to, you cant.. and when you do- its- jibber this- jibber that-will you- no i wont- do you- no i don’t- just can’t do that any more. I feel like- nah your not talking to me any more- your too crooked and corrupt to even talk to- and you don’t answer anyway-not honestly that’s for sure- and their all well and truly indoctrinated- do you or anyone you know try to talk to cult people who knock on your door, out of their cults- i doubt it- and we all know why- this is the same thing- these people are the same ilk- or cult type people-indoctrinated mentalities- closed minded-everything about them “screams” cult- so government-any one- take their power away- take the cults power- to force drug us, away. To be honest i cant do it anymore cause of the emotions – too angry for way too long- the back and forth just keeps the porridge bubbling- the one line- maybe two- will help me inside-where its been too much- like it is for anyone being stood over – poisoned- or watching helplessly whilst one of our own is dragged down and kept down- by the same people- so if i can word it right in say two lines or so- and know inside that its just about getting the message into the psyches/ hearts-of some people- any people- it might start a ball rolling’ that gathers momentum, and keeps going- like a trend- when one follows, someone else does- so two things- for myself cause i still want to try- but cant keep going back and forward chewing the cud-and two- I firmly believe its the way forward- like the common sense of me- in me- is telling me. were past the rest- its time for these governments who give them the authority, their abising, and abusing us with, to take it away, cause its so clearly- hurting/harming people- their report and statistically- and theyr’e so clearly not listening and sill doing it to people- hurting them- and over half- end of story, end of talking, time to put up- feels like talking, when that’s happened, is wrong- beyond talk- cause that’s(new data) the sign, and the time for government to step in- which you would either expect them to, or for the people doing it, to stop it- immediately- and neither has happened- so that’s it- that means- you don’t talk- that means you go to the source of the problem- and that’s the government letting them- not them- their corrupt and stupid- poisoned by their own poisons- and that’s literally, with last weeks figure of 75% of new doctors are all sick in the head- and all on their own mind bending drugs- so not only shouldn’t they be practicing- but their obviously not well- sitting in judgement on others- how bent is that- the loonies judging the loonies- so that in itself says we can really only talk to 25% of them- and expect a real answer from- not a scew with, drug effected answer from-mixed in with their shot, drug addled, already troubled emotions- and thinking- loonies running the show. Anyway see what i mean- im sure i could have said most of that in a couple of sentences-:-) .or I write a miles worth- when a few inches/lines will/would do. Anyway thanks for connecting-i love this site mate- this is the best site, with the best people.
    ,- the most clued up, in touch with the pulse, place, out there. Its only an offering – if it feels like im telling -im sorry, im not about dictating- or telling people things- take it style- when they’re the pulse and the energy of the fight were all about especially- too much respect and appreciation for that- just wanted to say that. To me this is like an offering to the gods- that might be going a bit far for all of us- but its something like that–:-) maybe the kings of loving- cause to me when people want to enlighten people- help people- especially people feeling terrorized- traumatized by a system of care- which is an oxmoron- then those people- you guys- send out the most love- the most meaning- the most caring- the most hope- the most guiding words , and the most good. Just the way it is- the way, and the weighing- of things.

  • Talks cheap- actions speak louder than words- time for “a” world government- “any one” world Government to take away the power Govt Psychiatry has abused, “that they abuse over half with-latest figures”- that governments allow them to do- no ifs buts or maybes- take away the law- the legislation- or at least alter it-to stop the abuse.. Great article Lawrence- you look a bit like that bloke on that -conflict- show on the telly.- 🙂

  • Great article Lawrence– ive been trying to tell people for so long- they’re all being brainwashed and manipulated -with misery see- view- the psychiatric /MH kind of misery see- view- the propogated view the whole worlds going mad from-or thinking they are.
    Filling itself with insecurity from- imagining its what, the experts say it is- are telling them it is,-and all that MH made-created- insecurity, is then going out to everyone else- on the planet- and in their despair and insecurity from it- because of this insecurity, their not sure is insecurity, or mental illness,- just in case,- their backing the people, who have created it all- instilled it all,- out of insecurity that’s been put their by misery see people in power- with a power- and a sick egenda- because hey- maybe were going to be needing these Powerful professional- people- we cant shoot the guy we might need- the messenger- who we might need to save us- from this stuff in our heads- that who knows, might be, this mad, thing- mental illness thing- everyone else, seems to be afflicted with or by- i better just hang onto the myth come reality- in case its me- going to be me, not sure, im pretty insecure- lol- wonder why mate.
    I go another step again- im saying that all the wars- and all the crimes- in a round about way- are being – committed because of psychiatry – MH- all the despair and insecurity called MI_ isn’t illness- but a propagated crippling insecurity- dressed up as mental illness- were all not sure, afflicts us or not- created by the sick and drug dealers, of psych-and MH- “the troubling MH- psyche-thought package”- is in every mind on the planet- slowly getting in- a bit at a time- a day at a time-one misery see view at a time- and all we can do is try and wake them up- counteract-not that its going to make a lot of difference, until any one world government takes away the power they’re abusing- and abusing some of us with- over half going by the latest statistics- the rest is a kind of jibber come back and forth- because its not an even playing field- we can say whatever we like- and they can just flick a switch- to shut us up and our loved ones- their torturing- so their is no conversation- theirs only a dictation-a one way street- and silence- if you beat that in a word fight- a morality fight- door closed- tell someone else- so yes the worlds inflicted effected and infected- but their not stopping- cause they’ve got “legislation” that allows them to continue- all the rest is jibber by two opposing teams- believers- non believers- begging these people knowingly harming over half -to save just under half- who wont stop it cause their in an elvis trap they created, that were all trapped in- either media wise- or in fact- reality- so – “the only thing that can save us” is for “one world Government to take away this forceful – clearly abusive to over half- force poisoning power away” – they’ve got no moral compass- when they’re, “knowingly” harming more than they’re helping- and the ones their not helping- they’re harming- that’s not a doctor- doctors don’t knowingly harm people- without a doubt their power to do that, must be taken away,- regardless of whatever the result-outcome- doesn’t matter- you cant continue to knowingly harm “over” half the people your claiming to be helping- – and that goes for the government giving them this power to do so- weve spoken long enough- too long- and were going nowhere but into arguments about how wrong things are – that their just being silent to- or arguing with jibber against- to me everyone involved- effected by the wrong- should all just put all their energy, and focus, into getting- just, one world government, to take the power away- its the only way- im 100% sure of that- been around too long listening to too many arguments about the rights and wrongs- that just get shot down by the authority- in the same way they shoot down any argument in a bin with. with their authority and their power over others-take that away- and who cares what any of them have got to say- that’s more them, than us- that’s their main worry- no one believeing them anymore- or having to,- freaks them right out- big time- and that’s why its the only thing we need to fix-we have to make the playing field even- we have to make them as equal as us. in word feeling meaning- in law- in reality…otherwise were just talking- a nd they dont care because they dont have to listen- or answer- so were just a noise- like their patients noises- they dont like-that their going to do to us the same thing they do to their patients with and about- shut it down-power over it- with this legislated power theyve been given to do so- anyway think ive tried to clue everytone up again- ill just wait for us to evolve- whilst im waiting for society and psychiatry to evolve- all good– have a good one. I dont know how im going to get it into the heads of the people- but this is the only way we can fix it.Cause you see whatever we say- has to be made ok by them- be OKd by them in effect, ultimately,- to go anywhere- w ho needs or wants that- and why keep doing it. its like a never ending nightmare- like friggin groundhogs day or something. “they have to lose the power theyre abusing with” first- talk later when the fields even.

  • I’m never sure when someone calls someone a narcissist its not just them. can be a pretty subjective word- and in a way you’ve got varying degrees — or a healthy ego in one family, could be narcissism in another- or nothing in an-others, compared to their version- of what that is- then people who like a healthy ego- and people who don’t- or not that one, people who see it as- people who don’t- im never sure about it- but horrible word- im sure about that- id rather they were just called what they’ve always been called- ego trippers.. at least we all knew what we were thinking- looking at. Nice article Sadie- seems like they pretty much work it out as they grow- as people avoid them- the pennies drop- great article- the mirror picture was cool, it made, me, see our reflection going out to our kids – we started it- well I know I did- fonzie probably helped me a bit- 🙂 anyway, now we’ve got to watch it in our youth without the same grounding of a time we had- all alien- lets call it- Narcissism. feels a bit like that too.. does feel like they/ some- have taken it up a rung or two, though. Like ego trippers on steroids or something. :-). Just gotta hope they don’t get stuck there hey. Hope their just trying it on to see if it fits, and if they wear it, they grow out of it.

  • yes they are who they are- the trouble is theirs thinking people and feeling people- and thinking people are treating feeling people- not saying we all don’t feel or and think- just some are better at one than the other– they often develop differently- they often come from families where feelings are more developed as a way of seeing- understanding- coping-than in families where thinking is more of a way of seeing or viewing the world- a bit like academics and labourers- very different thinking and feeling people- different friends- different type of communication-different people- alien somewhat to each other- laborers hang out with laborers- and academics hang out with academics- they should hang out and judge each other-only- because their alien to the other- other academics might believe academics- in an academic way- but a laborer just wants to tell them and their imaginations- to boot off- your an alien- something like that- but are forced to not only listen to academic spin- they have to take what the spin doctors telling them theyre going to do to them- as well as the jibber misery dressed up as science or academia awareness- or whatever they call their jibber- its like a war between academics – thinking people- and workers – tiolers- feeling people- academics with no feelings- trouble in their feelings or lack of- and the same for workers- laborers-more feeling oriented people in general- with trouble in their thinking- stanbard-one’s better at one than the other- more one way than the other- theyre handy to each other, but thats about it- they shouldnt be treating the other though- the same type of people should be treating the same type of people- cause ones an alien to the other- generally- i dont talk to academics or hang out with them- i find them boring- and wierd- not enough feelings talk to me- shallow to me- so imagine being judged and drugged by one of them. forcefully- how alien would that be to a feeler person–who doesn’t even like them to start with- who believes people who live in/by their thinking heads, are plastic people- but dont realise that when they knock on doors- they expect real feeling people- and just get aliens without any heart or any earth about them- thinkers- naturally thinking- its all about thinking- that they’re going to treat- because the government in every country on the planet lets them-to me this whole MH/psychiatry thing is just a war between thinker people- and feeler people- just the thinkers have got all the money and power. and that’s obviously why, too.. im with you Eric everything happens for a reason—the answers in the answer- or the investigation- to find it and the reason- 99/100– just we cant prove it with the current system, that doesn’t allow us to- or to be treated ethically.. cause theirs only one system — owned and operated by an academia – with power and dollars- looking after their drug dealing mates with power and dollars- who are paying governments dollars in drug money taxes- so the rich and priveledged- academics thinkers- are getting richer- basically.

  • yes pretty much Eric- any mind trouble is mind trouble- people can call it what they like- its all the same to me- troubled thinking is what i call anything that troubles a mind- logically- i don’t believe in any other labels- or i don’t believe their right- i do know its all just bad thinking– in my thinking/feeling anyway- :-)– trouble– causes trouble- so always a reason and an answer- trouble and insecurity go hand in hand-troubles trouble unless you see it as something other than what it is- and call it something- other than what it is- simply- and drug it- then its drugged and alienated or alienating- troubled thinking- even worse- not for everyone apparently- but for people who are badly effected by drugs – it is more than it’s not– and which is more than likely why they knock on doors in the first place- their suffering from the effects of street drugs-immaturity- and their over thinking and now drugged brains- psychosis is just a word they use- – only one word to describe a brain state- theirs two of them apparently- one who isn’t effected by street drugs- and one who is- one with life effects- one with drug effects- slightly different- but the latter isn’t anything other than altered by drugs- in the most- and they’re all getting drugged unethically- and in the most, debilitated and made more despaired- worried- troubled- from it/by it— im a carer parent- watching the ongoing abuse— abuse anyone can get over- but “ongoing” is way too much for anyone- how can anyone get over ongoing. not possible- not until its over can anyone heal or recover- not when their reports is that that’s what its doing to them- their report- their truth- is them.. their reality- their eyes, their feelings, their body, their mind.

  • I think their just highly emotional and sensitive people- in a world full of trouble- they’re deeply effected by. Deeply effected anything, can cause mind worry and concern – just look at drug psychosis- born out of insecurity and concern- worry- is this ever going to end- will i be me again- when they’re always going to be me again…if they can beat the insecurity and concern their feeling burdened by /with.. and we all know how that happens and can happen- maturity or words— all it ever was and naturally and logically-all it will ever be.

  • That’s so right- perfect- Fiachra- what you said there- dont know if ive ever seen everything that needs to be said in three lines- done so well. i think the suitable person is a really big part of the get well be well plan too- and i think if you had super clinics with twenty heads- on screens down a long hallway- all telling stories about themselves- what their into-a bit of casual lingo– etc-to pick from- as in who you feel you’d click with- like the most- top three to pick from- that’s where id want to go anyway- if i had a few mill id get the coolest dudes and make it happen i reckon-:-).

  • I threatened to kill them if they went near my loved one with ECT- stating that if they did it- they might kill them- and that the only way to fight that- fairly- was with the same threat- mind you i would never do that- just felt so despaired- that was my only chance-so- they just doubled- then tripled the poison- 117 days of full on poison abuse- and trauma- when an average stay is 40 days at the most- couldn’t and would never ever go to a kangaroo court tribunal again-unless you just want to get extremely upset- cause that’s all they ever do to anyone- reallly- really- depress them- its like going to be assaulted- for being assaulted- i would advise no one to ever go to a tribunal- their a real health hazard- similar to asking a government run bin for a second opinion- people just don’t realise- they all work together- for the same boss- who gives them permission to abuse people free will- as if they’re going to go against their bosses- and their work buddies- themselves basically- anyway there ya go- they killed me and my loved one off- and now were too scared to do anything- complain- nothing.- just to live oppressed and drugged- and try to handle it. I have to shut up or they get them- they have to shut up -or they get them.

  • Great article- i think half of its anti – misery view- the anti authority -is in- not being able to do misery or sick- people brought up to reject misery- are instilled- almost with a fear- of misery view- practicing it- is simply out of the question- or the equation- of getting and being well–getting and being real- therefore- anything that goes against that learning- premise- positive outlook-is- insane- and bad.

  • Jail would be- a way more better place- to do time- than a bin- 99/100– without a doubt- at least you’d be alive inside- still be able to laugh loud and hearty – walk- talk- relate normally- feel normally- be normally- un drugged- fogged – outside of not being free to come and go- but the main reason would have to be- that your punishment times- over- when you get out- theirs takes you oppressively to your grave- on CTOs- and never being able to withdraw from what just brings you down- without going mad-especially when its forced and your intolerant- way better than what mental health or psychiatry’s got for you- that’s for sure- in fact i reckon id do twice the time – lets say an average 3 months in facility care- and then a CTO till your grave- id do two years in jail happily- rather than anything like that mental health/psychiatric misery.

  • Wow – Great insight– Artemisia, and such a nice way to explain all that. -Even the same for the person on the street– the fear if they dont buy in- where and with whom does it leave them in the event of – either them or a loved one.. becoming..what society thinks- imagines- believes- is informed- is/ or could be-or are mental illness-es-.- still i think you kinda covered that with someone – i guess being anyone- yeh it says so much in only a few lines too- and very fair- i like that- fairs- really- important. Thanks for the lesson in that- as well. now I’ve just gotta- try and keep reminding myself to practice – :-).

  • Great article- thanks heaps – very enlightening- well written too–Ive got quad polar – beat that- (up and down- bi-polar)- (up- down- back- forward- quad polar)- (up down- back forward- left right- hexa-or sexa- polar)- (around in circles -octo polar) —

    Bi- winning, Bi- OK,_ Bi- guidance- Bi-some hope and help- Bi- cognitive based therapies– Bi- life as a roller-coaster- Bi ups and downs, Bi –reality, Bi –a plan, and a recipe-Bi- empathy, Bi- learn that all unwell, has a reason, and requires you, to Bi- time, for you to learn, and to overcome, temporary insecurities, called immaturity.
    don’t bi- a poison, don’t bi- an illness, don’t bi-sick, don’t bi-sick seeing views, don’t bi- helplessness, and hopelessness, don’t bi- a crippling tag.

  • hang on Paisley- your happy- im not- doesn’t your being happy- hinge on my- being not happy- in the same way you speak of that effect in your example– – im happy with happy- im not with unhappy- do they or you feel the same way- conversely- does my not liking beer- make all the beer drinkers feel crap – and so i should shut up about my dislike for it. because its going to upset the beer drinkers. man i think people are the same over generally- if your happy im happy- if your not im not. generally. And your talking about believing in people and what afflicts – them- like- that really matters.

  • Feeling dark gloomy and lost- in amongst a darkness of thought and emotion— obviously needs- light – all i get in my mind -and thoughts – visual- are a small group of psyches chuckling – giggling away- after having made sure all the lights are off- and their crouched- watching behind a cover- the person- who needs the light to see- stumbling around in the dark- where they were once – free at least- and are now incarcerated in the dark- with no freedom.. that’s what it seems – feels like- looks like anyway. Unbelievable really. Thanks for a really good article.

  • No mate- nothing “neutral” about it- not when your calling me it- their isn’t- but what is obvious is “mental”—being the opening word or title- “that they- know of” –health or illness are the imaginary- Mental is the “real” the tag and title- and nasty name -they give to “what they think is”- ill or UN- healthy- ‘mentally’ or mental – is the the chicken before the egg mate- the main deal-. I cant believe that “three of you” would all stick together on slurring people because in my mind- its your trend- your thing- the “mental” health thing- we do “mental” health-illness- client- and whatever other word we can link “mental” to-arm in arm- that’s how im seeing your responses anyway.. and what really blows me away is that. of anyone. on the internet, I thought it was you guys. who would have been the most switched on. sensitive and aware. clued up. I thought you guys were the Gurus——- funny that.

  • I reckon you explained it pretty good– people know when their in trouble with drugs- even if troubles all they’ve got outside of them or with them-.- they still know who they are- what helps and harms them- what’s good and bad- they don’t stop knowing that- because its been taught/ and experienced from day one- in the home- in school- work and play They can deny it- but cant not know it- because they’ve mostly spent their whole lives-= without drugs- normal- as if they don’t know what effects drugs have on them- to them- and if they knocked on a facility door for help from them- a bad effect on them- they had insight- how does that insight turn into anasognosia- with other mind altering drugs- why are any mind altering drugs- any different in adversity- or the report of adversity- when bad feeling and thinking is why they turned up- its clearly hypocritical and abusive

  • Hi AA–Yes your right in what your saying- but we can also go out and get dope- alcohol -cigarettes- heroin- speed- off -the local dealer- we cant stop the dealer dealing – just like we cant stop the chemist -or the people buying the drugs- in the same way we cant stop thieves thieving- or robbers robbing- or doctors suggesting them- but we should stop people forcing them down throats- and into bodies- especially knowing like everyone knows- that some drugs harm some people- their the people that matter way more than the others, that can leave, any time they want to. They’ve at least got a choice- and are free to take it or not- the others haven’t. Cheers mate just saying- great article Philip- love the way you say it all.

  • Good on you Jock- not everyone has a top odds psychiatrist in their court – or on their support team either- it’s not just a simple solution to pack up the family and move interstate- anyway that’s why people don’t just get away- escape- plus they’re always in hope each CTO will be the last- the withdrawal will be OK this time- but it never is for some- and they go back- but no one knows this – until they’ve been on the journey- merry go round- with mental health or psychiatry- when often its way too late by the time they realise this despair and abuse – they cant believe is till going on- “just doesn’t end”- but never too late we know- just could have been earlier-as in Garth’s case–they just live in hope and despair- like they always have since psychiatry got a grip on their loved one- until the years just roll on and past- and the hope dies off- and the despair just becomes way too overwhelming- and everyone’s in despair and traumatised by it all- no one more then the patient- but if you think about it that would mean thousands of people treated by mental health- in Victoria- would have to move to Queensland- and that just doesn’t happen– how easy would it be to move the whole family away from one American state to live in another- when you just cant believe in the way a state is treating you- still wouldn’t be easy- but easy to say when your not actually in that situation- and then you’ve got to get someone to help there- and get through the withdrawal thing that no one can- haven’t so far- or if they could have- would have- so yeh not so simple and easy- and like one writer said everyone’s a Garth in Victoria- not in such a violent way as Garth was treated– but much the same- and the other thing is they undermine the parents concerns and despair- as part of the problem-carers- who try to tell them to about their horrible drug side effects- and treatment of their loved ones- and some of those loved ones- start to believe them- or become unsure/ more insecure about themselves -and this so called mental illness- that “maybe they have got”- not saying that happens to all- but to some it does too- anyway theirs a lot to moving to another state or country to get what most people think should be happening at home- and to some extent might or hopefully will, they think and still hope- as their children mature, and learn to cope and manage better from that maturity- be able to withdraw much safer better successfully- without any interfering behaviours or party drugs in the mix- unhealthy company- things like that- easy to get trapped and stuck anyway- thanks for a great article- and for the update and relief about Garth’s new life and freedom. Cant wait for some time to pass- and for Garth to just keep on getting better- your all stars to me- Jock.- hangin for the movie.

  • Great article – thanks Noel- really like what you said– was just thinking though- if we contend current practices- what can we actually tell people to do, when for instance, their son/daughter, comes home in a psychosis- drug or otherwise- what should we tell them to do for help- help, they might think theyre gioing to need, because its all alien to them because they might feel theyre not going to manage, or cope- who- what type- where- what foods- herbs vitamins-advice- if they want to try themselves- can they- any ideas.

  • The thing is people don’t want to hear that the people they believe in- who they might just need at some time-or are abusive people-or aren’t the right people- or might not be-to fix them up -if they need them-somewhere in the future- and so they strike out at the messenger that makes them feel insecure about their understandings or beliefs- securitites- that in some ways help them feel secure or safe-and we might be trying to save them from the only sense of security they have.

  • I just know you say the word “mental” and we know what everyone thinks- gotta be real bout it-what it conjures up in a mind- I understand the words just a descriptive word- and harmless in the right place and context- to explain something- but because it has an associated imagery- and has been used derogatively- to explain mad- or say who’s mad- point at someone-for so long- throughout time- I don’t believe its helpful- yes their s mental in the mind-yes thiers mental out there- according to others views- imaginings-but why lay it on everyone in a name-by association- when it has that connotation- to many or most of us- that hurts those who have that in their minds and in their history- in the negative meaning of he word. And who some – because of that single word- feel discriminated -I mean their sick- their mad- and their mental…. great – thanks.

  • I think that at least 80% plus- first episode psychosis- turn up effected by drugs- and 79.9% get treated un- ethically-and diagnosed with one of three- schizophrenia- schitzo effective- or bi- polar- this is all standard and par for the course in Australian psychiatric facilities– and then id say that the figures would be pretty much the same for for all the returns- those predominately being – neoroleptic withdrawal psychosis- that gets called- your real mental illness relapse- back to your real mental illness-all a debilitating poisonous escape attempt- effect- that they’re all lying about together- arm in arm- heads on pillows-government and all- the boss of them- who owns the court your going to take them to..

  • This is so good this site- its like a smorgasbord of insight- all the comments were good-th Self Acceptance Psychology looks good too- -and that write-up information was like music to my ears- really spoke to me- I felt like id been to the doctors- everything was looked at and checked- and then had that feeling- like when your leaving and everything is OK – and your feeling really good- thats what it did for me anyway- you really put it all together in my opinion- like a really grown up- evolved- considerate- expose- on why healing and- healthy- non coercive- treatment- matters- explained in an easy going way to- understand- hear-and take- in-and on board -ive already focused on a trigger- and the ignition- now I just need to get into this integration- and see if I can stop it all – the trauma- blowing me out- spinning me out- in such an auto way-, :-)- seen myself in their– all of that- that’s for sure- thanks for all that, everyone- Thanks Ron.

  • Yes your right Robert- the language needs to be more inclusive -or all inclusive- with less attack- more sharing- not easy to do when a lot of people are in ongoing situations- languages change when the pains aren’t ongoing- when they’ve stopped or receded- when forgiveness can begin. that changes languages. So not not easy to actually do- we might need to make more of a conscious effort to love- or care for the people hurting us- turn the other cheek- a bit- regardless- because we are all -at -a place- on our own roads-paths of understanding- wisdom- But what you say is very true.


  • What’s really needed is a government mind care facility- that offers natural healing care- by people who have overcome- and experienced the same effects- conditions-drug caused effects- similar circumstances-as those presenting- at facilities- for care.
    – not psychotropic – chemical management- the psychotropic only- potential adverse treating system- that we’ve got. I can tell you this much- if were waiting for them to wake up- and change- well be here for another decade- the people have to do it- take over the air waves and the care- something like the “Robert Whitaker” mind care facility– first episode psychosis centre- healing centre- etc etc- that’s what’s got to happen I think- and is something people really need- that they haven’t really got. We have to do it- because they’re not- haven’t- and just might never-in the meantime- people are still being adversely and forcefully drugged for a lifetime- for transient conditions- without a safe escape- or any escape- or a chance to escape what shouldn’t even be there in the first instance of care- for 9/10 drug induced psychosis effects- thinkings-imaginings- they’re effects and imaginings- not dormant mental illnesses waiting to get people- sneak up on them to stay-like some fairytale story- some highly imaginative ignoramus- psychiatric bad tripping- story.- by vested-trippers.

  • Lies -Abuse- Anger – are the three biggest causes of mind trouble- in my mind they are anyway- and just happen to be the very three things- psychiatry do really well- and cause- especially cause. and- That they will deny.- and lie about, to convince themselves, and others they aren’t, and don’t- more than likely.

  • Hi BPDT –who came up with the name “mental” health anyway- who’s idea was that!- Trevor’s was it- what were they sitting there, and going, how about we call it/us-mental illness- what’d reckon bob- it lets them and everyone know who they are- and how they are- yeh great idea Trev, lets go with that, I like it. its a winner.

    Is that how it happened? or came about.

    Isn’t it an illness of the mind- not of the mental- so much———- although- its the same thing- with the same intention- its stigmatising way less than “mental” is.

    Why even have mental in the name– mental is either truly -gene borne- or too much trauma- and the person who stares at the ground all day- or talks loudly to the world on a street corner- that’s mental- illness-when the majority of people treated- are mildly effected in comparison to that “mental” illness- and are way more mind troubled or ill- in reality- and would be far better off being addressed that way- and treated “that way” than the other way too.

    All in all– good for everyone involved.-“mind”- emotional- thinking-feeling- health- anything but “mental”– its a sad bad mad thinking- in itself-take it completely out of the equation I think.- its stigmatising to everyone on the planet- I think- I think it makes everyone feel bad- insecure.

  • Great article- The problem in trying to convince people- is that- in a way when we tell people of the dangers of psychiatry- its tricks and its medications- harms- they start to freak out- not just because it naturally scares them- but because they- like the majority with insecurities- might feel they “might need” -some care- about their own minds- down track- most of them have insecurities– but today- with psychiatry selling(forcing) its mental illnesses to/on the planet- most of those– have been created by psychiatry– and again they don’t know that either-so in effect- they don’t even realise- is a mind state they have -due to all the insecurity created by psychiatry- with its 500 – most highly imaginative-illnesses- sold to- and brought-by the entire world- and that- we are all- effected by– no one more than the insecure to start with- the people who haven’t looked at psychology- or ever done some real self soul searching–or analysis’s- don’t know what therapy is about- and are scared of it anyway- because it puts them- under a microscope- and their insecure- so psychiatry shifts all the real need and care- that scares most- to something that excuses a need to look at them- and what they do or dont do that has caused their insecurities- not mental illnesses- and so look and think – the chemicals story- not themselves-or the work and talk needed -to make themselves strong and well again-chemicals and biology- when they’re- and what they do- or look like- are just the result of unhealthy thinking- behaving bad-or some other social factors- or just insecurity– and transient- in a life- or on a life’s road-along the way/road- to find out- pain -joy-sadness-happiness- all part of the journey- for all of us- shifting the care need- from real- and in the light- or the truth- to synthetic- false- like a blanket over reality- in the dark- so instead of turning the lights on- they’re actually turning the lights off to the world- and the world is pulling the blanket they’re using/offering/selling/forcing over their heads- and buying it– blind. and in the dark- dependant on them- and the story they’ve been tricked by- just the way- the cult wants them to be and behave. And im starting to be convinced- these drug dealing- abusive doctors- actually believe their OK about what they’re doing- forcefully/bully style– then knowingly- onto -“long term adversity”- like for real.-, like that’s OK. I mean “who’s” really sick – the doctors or their patients.

  • It is- as is winning- and a lot more than just those things- I was commenting on why if anything it wasn’t being stopped- not whether anyone’s going to win or not. He was right but messed up the legalities– I don’t know about that in a legal language sense- but it wasn’t an independent venue or people- I know that much- it was the government – judge-psychiatrists-mental health authority- and defence lawyers- with bats in their hands- beating up their victim – with blood all over him. That’s how I saw -and see it.

  • Great article– thanks –I think this is the key- After having spent something like $10 million over the past twenty years only to wreck this man’s life, they could not take even one chance in a thousand that somebody else could achieve what they couldn’t. If they had let him come to Brisbane and he improved, they would be in serious trouble.— and quite clearly- im not sure if it was ever really about Garth at all.

  • Hi Lily– no im the johnnyb from Melbourne/aus– short for johnnybegood- just to remind myself- I like the b especially– it says be anything and more- but above all, be good. Good makes healthy thinking– and John a happy boy-bad creates it– I know that much– that’s why I keep telling people in trouble to go to their heart- where the truth-honesty and love reside. Sometimes I play around with it — johnnybebetterthangood- johnnybereallygood- johnnybexcellent- johnnybetheantspants- johnnybethis- johnnybethat– .
    yeh if there was some advertising about care that doesn’t coerce or oppress- incarcerate– drug you till you die– all that stuff- and all the right care– people might just start to knock on a different door- but they need that door today- rehabs take time appointments and commitment–that aren’t available without time- and mainly deal with long term stuff addictions– not so much first episode drug induced psychoses- and even though they can help it’s not what happens there- because of the time it takes to get there–in the meantime- an alternative is needed for those with no other options but the wrong door- they need to know where they can go- and if they cant– how to do it themselves- and have someone to help them do it–encourage them – teach them a bit about the language- the vitamins and food to give- the treatment regime- etc-etc- take the care away from the abusers-into the hands of families and people who wont abuse- but who will and can care ethically -and with love.

  • What’s needed is information for people- in regard to certain substance psychosis- all mind altering substances- varied side effects- the waylaying of drug induced thinking- language- the natural vitamins foods-list- natural relaxants sleepers- etc- to treat them- instructions for normal people- family -parents-friends- on how to do that- and advice about what to avoid- a psychiatric clinic for a starter– and confidence that they- can help- can make them OK– where’s that? I did one the other week somewhere- ill have to try and find it, or do another one myself. I just know that the biggest percentage of people knocking on the wrong doors- are kids-teens- young adults- investigating/ trying drugs with an attempt to either belong to a scene- or a group- and to ease emotional, thinking, over concern problems, temporary conditions- creating other temporary conditions on top of their temporary conditions- one recovery need requires abstinence- the other requiring words that ease and show the way of the past- the reasons- and the reasons and way forward from there– with a recipe– and some ongoing cognitive based care- they need to KNOW.

  • HI Kayla–I’m with you– People join to help people–and find out- their basically drug dealers/ turn keys- for finger pointing people- they joined to love people well- like most human beings with compassion will /would do to heal- and help- and find out none of that matters in mental health– because there just being force drugged sad- long term-so love as much as you like or can- the client– but knowing their being treated adversely to a grave— and staying within the system doing that is just supporting an abusive regime–who have tyrants leading– or running the show– so im wondering should they stay because– god knows the system needs their loving care- or go as a protest of that systems corruption/treatment to vulnerable young and troubled- from under privileged backgrounds- very often drug effected adults teens- suffering temporary conditions– easy enough to waylay, and then encourage, nurture well- by evolved people- but made permanent on forced long term psychotropics/poisons- by UN-evolved- finger pointing– well to do- academic green people– with a drug dealing agenda- anyway– its one thing to recognise the wrong and have no part of it–by leaving it- or not joining it-its another to see it and stay- and if they’re staying, they also need to speak up—- if they were, I’d support them- so what your saying might be right –if they were speaking up–but their not are they–the only people who talk about it are those hurt by it- and their loved ones– and some evolved caring people- positions of authority attract authoritative people–bullies- its time we started this royal commission- in recognition of the fact that bullies attract to positions of power/authority over others– and psychiatry is at the top of the ladder- both in complaints and bullies- they tend to go together–anyway hard to look for the good, any good, in such a bad evil run- drug dealing place- where no healing even happens– just management to an early grave– healing–the word-has only started to be used by them- and that’s because society has screamed it out for so long–at them- the ears have heard– they’re onto it– and are now using the word themselves– not because they’ve evolved like the rest of society, like they tell everyone -and pretend they now understand–because–and -get this-because “we are evolving too- just –and this really makes me feel ill- “like the rest of society” sorry the rest of society are- like- ten years ahead at least– and for these things to liken themselves to the rest of society just makers my blood boil– especially whilst at the same time they’re destroying more than half of their (victims)–lives, and their families-with ongoing-long term-adverse- debilitating drug abuse– the only reason were even here- if they didn’t force what they reckon saves lives- what over half their clients– the victims are saying is killing them- slowly maybe- but is killing them- their life- their body- their minds- with a little bit of help from the puppet nursing staff- who may know better- but says nothing about it-does nothing about it- because they too need to feed their families- funny that about feeding the family–in third world countries where people cant afford to even have a mental illness- let alone the medications to “fix” them- but for those who have been tagged– they don’t take the medication for -one they cant afford to be drugged on sleepy poisons when they have to work 14 to 16 hrs picking in a field of cotton–just to put food in their kids moths– so they cant afford to play the mad game– cant afford the mad pills- cant afford to be sleepy- cant afford not to work- and because of all that have a high eighty to low ninety% success rate– never return- healed-compared to our -80 to 90% failure rate- returns- managed. On that bit you said about–“I’m yet to hear of anyone being forced out, of weather working in, or receiving services in the mental health field.” I know someone who was kicked out– they were way to comfortable with their madness to be there–a bit like myself — except they added alcohol to their madness- which makes it closer to real- they manipulated all the doctors and patients– sent them all mad- and they couldn’t wait to get rid of her– they needed a holiday after that because she had blown their intolerant brains away– she was too much for them -I can/could handle and cope no worries- but for green people – it was way too much for them- they had to get rid of her or go mad themselves- they kept asking us to take her away-we said no–lol- we needed a break too- and we knew no matter what they gave her or did to her– it was water off a ducks back to her- she was way saner and madder than anyone out there- the problem was the alcohol- and they don’t like drunks–or people effected that way- another reason they wanted to rid her– anyway they kicked her out when they- and the other clients- couldn’t take anymore- she was way too switched on for them– and she was undermining them–successfully- to themselves and the clients– so yeh — we could–they couldn’t– which i always consider to be a bit of a victory- and always gives me a bit of a chuckle.

  • Hi John–another John here- thanks for your post– I can identify with exactly the same responses youve recieved– ive been writing for fourteen years– to everyone and anyone connected to psychiatry and mental health– heres just a few at a particular time during that fourteen years-
    Mary Woodbridge
    Robert Clark
    David Davis
    Nicola Roxon
    Attorney general–robert mclellan
    Mark Butler
    The Chief Psychiatrist
    The Health Services Commission
    Human Rights Commission
    Mental Health Review Committee
    Premier of Victoria
    DHS or Mental Health Services
    The Ombudsman
    Mental Health Legal
    Mental health Commissioner
    Department of health
    Department of health and ageing
    The Medical Board
    The Treating Doctor and the assisting doctor(the back up guy)
    (Their puppets)the mental health nurses association– doing the psyches dirty work
    the prime minister
    Melbourne university(and all universities) psychiatric departments.
    The TGA
    Drug companies etc. thzat was when maybe we could have really saved her—now its a miracle thats needed.

    so as you can see i didnt just watch– I wrote to all those people to step in and help– even flew to canberra to meet with Nicola Roxon– and not one of them would help stop electrocuting at the time— they all just said basically –were sorry to hear– we sympathise– but we cant do anything-and wont— write to one of those twenty and talk to them–all exactly the same– these were letters about long term psychotropic adverse drugging-ECT-etc– drugging at all-seeing it was a temporay drug induced psychosis-speed psychosis–first time–a temporay condition– with an ethical treatment- requiring sleep from two to ten days- and- sleepers at the most-drug wise- good food- a course of multi vitamins and a massive dose of ascorbic acid-a peaceful loving environment- and the “waylaying” of drug induced thinking-encouragement-thats ethical treatment of speed psychosis- that not one psyche ward adheres to- and in spite of that psychosis lifting after- two to three days-slept off-have been tagged-adversely drugged-electrocuted-raped-bashed- restrained-straight jacketed- and incarcerated 12 times for “neuroleptic withdrawal psychosis” seen as and called -ever since– each time called a lie -a relapse back to your real mental illness–when theyve never had a mental illness– other that the mental illness withdrawal from psyhotropics -and the debilitating effects on it–the cause of any mind distress-or mind illness- to imagine anything outside of normal reaction-effect in withdrawal- in this case–the withdrawal psychosis- is a lie–so they lie and call whats clearly a withdrawal psychosis– a relapse– and if they’re lying every day at a psyche ward near you– right now- what makes anyone think theyre ever going to answer appropriately or tell the truth — when they’re clearly liars– anyway– the last letter after the last incarceration– i wrote to the premiers office about the chief and MHCC being corrupt – and in bed together-and not answering appropriately to the complaints-that i had written them– MHCC and the chief psychiatrist wrote their standard letters of —we sympathise, but wont, and cant do anything about it again,- which is what i explained in my letter as well–where i was saying they are basically, complicitly criminal-because of their response- anyway nearly two months had passed, and i still hadn’t gotten a response– so i rang them– i spoke to this bloke who said to me- ver batum– we rang the chief psychiatrist– and they said to the premiers office rep-the guy i was talking to—They’d heard it all before– so just dont answer him– thats what this guy told me– i couldnt believe it– anyway when i tried to growl at him for even speaking to them-let alone listening, and then taking advice from them- when my letter was specifically about them being complicitly criminal–he hung up–so i tried ringing back to ask him if he could just write that response to me– by answering my email- he again said he wouldnt– so i made a lot of noise about it again and again-lots of phone calls- and somehow it must have gotten back to him– and then i got an email –saying–Your correspondence has been referred to the Minister for Mental Health, the Hon Martin Foley MP, for a direct response.-for the third time mind you– anyway that was twenty days ago-this started end of nov 2015– and im still waiting–this was a brand new complaint– about the abusive and poor treatment of/at the last incarceration–specifically- there have been three of four incarcerations ive complained about over twelve years- in a big way– but were all individual complaints–for individual circumstances-different hospitals-different psyche wards-different doctors and people– and varied-all to some extent similar– but where isnt their similarities in a complaint about the same organisations-organisations make certain mistakes all the time-their is always similarities in complaints– but to say weve heard it all before- so fuck off–and tell someone else – is disgusting in any language or response-but is what you will laways get from mental health/psychiatry-standard-par for the course- either sorry to hear-we sympathise-tell this person–or silence–the third trick of psychiatry-sorry- and of a liar-the more you trap and ithdrawalexpose them fro their crimes-the quieter they get.

  • Management– is what they’re doing though-in reality– and what they’ve always done and hung their hat on– recovery is psychological healing and awareness–stolen- from psychology- in the late sixties early seventies–along with the care baton– so we were recovering–when that recovery was stolen– and turned into management– now the same thieves want to steal what they stole– or destroyed- in their beginning– which in effect was the late sixties early seventies– when all the rich people made it trendy because it excused all their faults for them– the owned the money and the press– and have been selling it ever since– which is why we’ve got such a sick planet and people- we’ve just spent the last thirty fourty years becoming it– thanks to government-psychiatry mental health and all the vested– sick and misery sellers.

  • Just wondering about the criminality in forcing drugs down throats with up to 3000 reported and known adverse side effects reflecting any mental illness known to humankind in them –ready to interfere-and the overwhelming probability of harm–is to me everything that’s wrong about the act that I call a crime– because common sense says, I can adversely be effected in 3000 different ways– why would I want that– take that type of risk– if their is a non-coercive and natural alternative–and why would anyone want to inject three thousand adverse effects into me–well ill tell you– its because they’re idiots and tyrants of the highest order– they cant waylay drug induced thinking because they don’t know what it is- have never experienced it– their straight(sheltered middle to upper class academics) and (quite plastic because of it)–( the last people to look after the attitudinal – been there done that knock about– who has knocked about a bit usually– been in the gutter for a splash ) their like aliens from another planet sitting in judgement on humanity–and poisoning those they think don’t fit the mould– but with the very conditions they’re suffering– easy to understand if you don’t know what your doing–or your plastic–sheltered- or you’ve decided like someone did a long time ago– that fighting fire with fire is the best you as an individual can do– because you cant connect with gutter people– so that’s what we end up with fools–fighting fire with fire-( a bit like hitting someone on the arm to take the focus off the leg– with a bit of funeral in it)-because they’re basically fools with no communication skills–and that’s a fact—ive met dozens and if they had a communication brain/skill between them I must have missed it–I was at home one Friday- late afternoon- when I got a call from one– hello– hello– im just ringing about so and so– oh yeah–what’s going on– yes yes, oh yeah-mind you i couldn’t hardly hear, or understand the language, and had to keep asking him to say again- i said– but what about this — silence– but what about that–silence– thirty to fourty questions, — still silence–mind you giving him at least 20 seconds between questions– In the end–1/2 an hour later later–I said listen mate –maybe ring me when you can talk–or are willing to answer me– if now’s not a good time– OK — ive got to get going now– so just an example of the communication skills– ive never met one different–not only that, they’re all from other countries and cant even speak or understand the language- or the nuances or local lingo– let alone be able to identify and relate– so alienated by an alien–alienated by a language-alienated by culture and class-alienated by the silence -alienated by a look- alienated by a poison-alienated by a finger pointing tag- and alienated in the world because of it all- anyway — that’s what im taking them to court for– the 3000 adverse side effects they’re forcing into my loved one– nothing else–simple and common sense wrong–“for some”–that they(psychiatry) admit to–and the fact, that that’s the reported complaint and crime — in a common sense value– they then must in common sense and decency– be ordered to slowly and carefully withdraw the 3000 mental illnesses in the forced adverse drugs-poisons– no where to go with that– a facts a fact–3000 of them–a probability/or potential fact is the same as the fact that comes from the reported adversity– its “is”– so its left probability and potential– to reality– the reported factual adversity– is real- because its matches all other reports of adversity– that these tyrants agree happens “to some”.. full stop–cant have it both ways– anyway how am I going to go? This is the report on the adverse effects–——————— you see to me if the judge and they want to make it about something else–then they’l both be dodgy together– and even if we lose in the court– we win in our hearts– so I don’t care how the court case goes– because we all know evil reigns in psychiatry and governments- as long as the people sitting on it are shown up for who they are in their decision– that might just have to do for now. Like one judge said when we took the external treating team– the CTO people- to court for calling my loved one derogatory — defamatory-names– which blew the court out, because no one had ever tried it before– anyway we both filled out statements– and then went before a judge–what the judge said was brilliant– the Judge was an older lovely lady–who listened and empathised- in the end she said –I agree with all of what you’ve both said– but- I’m sorry– ” I cant legislate decency” etc etc–anyway that was good enough–especially for my loved one–its funny though, because I asked for a copy of our statements and the judges statements–the clerk said shed post them to me–when i rang to find out where they are- they it never happened– they’ve got no record–anyway — it might have been a mock trial– or ordered to disappear by an authority- doesn’t matter– the main thing about it was DECENCY– and the fact that, in that, my loved one had some hope- belief and trust restored– by a decent human being. with authority. So a victory in the heart, where the truth resides–and a mind–where thinking resides– is still a victory.

  • Of course the “scale of intelligence”, is something, some people, measure the criteria for with a different yard stick– one measures academic achievement–thinking- and another measures humanity–thinking and feeling– and usually academics rate academia–the thing their best at– and humanists rate humanity–not always –but usually–because their smarter ,or how much someone cares for another– and the results of that care– not from themselves about themselves and the people who just like them–like psychiatry does– but by the entire number/body of those effected– so if your talking academia — they probably score well– but as far as humanity goes– and the score there– that’s your 80% dumb- incompetent– and then adding the humanity in the actual totality of care- is 20%– so if we take the 80% academia out of 100% and the 20% humanity out of 100% it comes to 50/100– is that a pass__ science clever is one thing– humanity clever is another.– and they talk and think different languages– act in different ways– they are both alien to each other somewhat– yet the one without humanity sits in judgement on the one with, troubles, that spring from humanity or inhumanity-bad treatment–bad emotional psychological experience–trauma– yet get treated by people with only 20% of the main ingredient “they need” to relate and be understood and cared for properly or in the best possible way by the best possible people–or the right people with high humanity scores–not academic scores— anyway I know that’s a bit heavy on them — but the proof is they don’t respond to people because of it– or they do with arrogance, science and a pointing finger- but never ever answer the actual concerns of other human beings–with loving caring words– where any normal empathetic caring person would–some are now trying to–the younger ones– and some of the older guilt driven–or save me driven ones– but that’s about it –and even they aren’t helping anyone away from what they themselves admit harms “some” . The main body/majority of them are plastic academic people– in my view- and what I can see- from affluent backgrounds–aliens to the people they treat. Thanks for you article it was really good– their a reason and an answer to and for everything– and it 99/100 comes in words– not poisons.

  • Thanks for the article –really really good– I really like the way you explained it– mind you im not too clued up on the language– but I got the picture anyway– only realised recently its the serotonin they’re messing with– and how that causes neuroleptic withdrawal that gets called relapse–like a catch 22– the only way to fix it all, is to have in law– a right to withdraw with proper assistance- a right to investigate adversity in medication for the individual– which, in a way– would make what’s been happening wrong– and them wrong- and they’re not gonna make anything they’ve done or do wrong either– not without simply putting it down to evolving like the rest of society anyway–just like they’re starting to do, with the CBT/therapy– – push at the moment–the internet– the world waking up to– screaming for– “recovery” as opposed to “management”–more internet–nothing mainstream– but– they’re simply not giving up their government given “power” over others–the first and biggest drug– outside of “attention and money”, not in a hurry anyway. And not whilst the three tricks of psychiatry are still working too- 1/to baffle— with science–2/ to “manipulate words and meaning in science and people”–to suit the line or story of the imaginer– 3/ silence– what you usually get when you’ve got them. Thanks again–jb

  • Great article Sara- personally I believe there’s a reason for everything– good bad or in between– and that within every reason their’s an answer that will clearly show the why– and that its knowing/understanding the why that heals– the knowing– the reason– reason is sanity– is necessity– is what keeps us well. Finding the reason/sense for things is in words or time and maturity– never in a pill– or rarely– and that’s why forced poisoning is the crime– and although we know we have to have it for some at certain times– but for very short periods is OK– to stop the onset or escalation of symptoms– but to me the symptoms have a real cause– and that’s not a name calling mental illness–although we can understand a need to name something to show what we see and understand collectively–but its what caused it- not a name and a condition we need to manage that came from the cause –especially when its to be overcome– its a reason with an answer and healing from that –that counts–matters. And that’s why im saying forced drugging has to stop– or at least give every person the right to be able to attempt with assistance withdrawing when they say its harming them–doesn’t matter if you consider them this or that uninsightful– seeing that its their body and mind– their heart–their emotions–that we cant see– and know very little about– and science knows very little about– how about people in science who don’t know about the buried deep emotions–probably in all of us– that causes the surfacing of troubled-debilitating thoughts or thinking– again like they do to all of us at some point- give them the decency in assumption as another human being — knowing we all get troubled –in diagnosis. Why do they want to make people their drug experiment– make them take a tag– take management when that’s for those who are really-truly mad– and who may never recover– why are they putting everyone in the same basket and managing-drugging them for a lifetime– that’s the crime– the lifetime they steal– that they drug uncomfortable– and then don’t listen to the cries and the pain of what they’ve done– don’t give them the opportunity to prove them wrong– or themselves right– which doesn’t really matter anywhere near as much as getting your sanity back–your sense of trust and safety–your freedom- no all of a sudden–your sanity- freedom–trust–doesn’t matter because were fixing your brain- and us fixing your brain is what matters– not what matters to you– your UN-INSIGHTFUL– yet they know the problems they had- they’ve ovecome–like we all do 99/100– but are forced to endure debilitating drugs- for something your well and truly over– just like “someone else”–who im responding to– so this isn’t just another of the many people being forced to take what harms them— but maybe more importantly- its the type of person in charge at the asylum, and not so much -what they’re doing we need to stop first. its the misery mind set of psychiatry that’s really killing us all–The trouble here is that they only have 20% of the madness out there–the GPs have the other 80%– even though their sending on another 20% back to the bin for the psyche–from the damage — the psyches very greedy–and wants more of the action$– which is why they lie and instead of seeing and calling what nine times out of ten bin returns are– neuroleptic withdrawal psychosis– they call it “a real mental illness withdrawal” — back to your real mental illness– see their line–see their lie–see their angle—- which is what it is an– ANGLE– an angle that keeps the till full– at the expense of their “forced drugged debilitated from it –client. I haven’t failed–what I do isn’t harming–hasn’t harmed– im a good guy– yeah sure and pigs might fly too.

  • I didn’t even realise what this bill was about until today– wow– I’m amazed– I thought here in Australia we got the idea of “involuntary outpatient commitment” from America— it started in 1986 here– What I don’t get is– what happens when people get out of state psychiatric units over there– do they send them home with instructions? a bag of pills– if we had that here, anyone who is a first episode psychosis prisoner– usually for up to six weeks of the wrong treatment– and who knows in their heart and mind how wrong and harmful these drugs are to them–for them– could simply and slowly stop taking them–and because its only for a few weeks– could pretty much get away from them without going mad in the process– over here once you get into the mental health system– that’s it– they’re taking you straight to your grave–each year your adversely drugged and more addicted– your weakened–and each year makes it a bit more impossible to get away without suffering a neuroleptic withdrawal psychosis–and when that happens– thirteen times in our case– they simply call it what its not– a real mental illness “relapse” back to your real mental illness–that never was — and never will be– other than the forced madness you feel from the poisons shoved down your throat– anyway when that inevitably happens– the C.T.O (community treatment team) in numbers– turns up– and takes you back for lock up treatment– and starts it all over again– with more of what you were on– new drugs–new combinations–back out for a new 12 to 24 month community (coercive) treatment order- I’m so sorry, worried, and saddened, that this type of coercive forced adverse to the most treatment– is being proposed for American citizens.

  • Well said– trouble is there is no getting off these drugs– don’t you get it– they’re worse in withdrawal adversity than any street drug/or combination out there. you go mad going on them and going off them– that only leaves going back to them–(usually involves incarceration and a new set of poly-pharmacy)or staying on them– funeral-ed out– on funeral drugs– sleeping/tired/ alienated– especially the one month jab– the only way i can see to withdraw is to go from 20 mil/ one mil at a time each month/ to zero/– coupled with ongoing therapy, counseling, support, and a sense of value/worth by the with-drawer either working part time–or studying part time. The other way would be to go to a neuroleptic/psychotropic- withdrawal clinic– run by psychiatry—–:-)– /and psychologists /to keep “them” honest and real.

    Thanks for a great article.

  • Pretty amazing regardless of what the, “almighty” ,psychiatrist did, when outside of that, 5670 people, go to this extremely stressful pre- loaded “kangaroo review board” to one way or another– stop the torture, what about the 5000 plus that weren’t aloud to leave the insanity in the loony jail and the poison being shoved into their mind and body– —Hello! yooo hoo–:). How sad is it that. Only a hand full are aloud to leave, and then, theirs “for ever” the new ones don’t even really know about yet, think about that power, think about that sad future, never mind the winners. The only way to fix the review board is to have it like a “normal court jury” of “normal people” that you pick in the same way you do in a normal court, say, where you are taking someone to, for kidnapping, incarcerating, poisoning, and brutal and violent assault, just like you always do, that’,s why a lot of these people are in reality, going to court for, and they don’t even get a jury. But they do get drugged insane, for a review hearing, of the perpetrators peers, to prove their sanity, and “somehow” try to protect their sanity by getting out, away from the insanity in the bin and in the poison, good rave guys. That’s my two bobs worth, thanks all, jb

  • Thanks for that article, The Australian government, Psychiatry, the T.G.A, and mental health, are the dug Mafia, eleven years of forced poisoning, for a temporary amphetamine induced psychosis, injection style. Its a bit like, your mad— no im not—yes you are,and just in case the challenge is going to bring us undone, bend over, here’s the insanity, just to be sure to be sure. If their was any honesty in mental health care, where are the Government run psychotropic detoxification centres. They dont exist.To me that says it all.