Saturday, June 25, 2022

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  • Sera,
    I’ve been a fan of yours for a while now (I used to work at the Central Mass RLC, now the Kiva Center) & I am absolutely disgusted at how you were treated. Unfortunately, it’s all too similar to the legal & judicial system’s approach with anyone who is “charged” with having any semblance of substance abuse disorder-related crime. You are scum, you will heretofore be treated as scum, until by some odd chance you are found not guilty or you have a smart enough lawyer who can get your case dismissed. Imagine having two officers shove their way into your home the evening of your boyfriend’s funeral & one of them, a male, gets in your face ( you have C-PTSD) & begins barraging you with questions & accusations about your recent trip to Cumberland Farms, and “don’t lie bc we’ve got it on camera.” You have Tardive Dyskinesia and under stress it worsens. Not once are you asked if you have any mental health issues, not once are you asked if you feel safe. You are forced to try to respond to this officer’s nonstop questions that repeatedly interrupt you & make your ADD worsen. He forces you to do a sobriety test – you explain that due to lithium toxicity you have severe balance disorder and will not be able to do the test but will gladly do a urine or provide blood. All you remember is his smirk. He doesn’t care. You try to do the test & fail. He says “Look I know you’re on something “ & says he’s bringing you in. You protest but the tears don’t start until he grabs your wrists behind your back. His smirk is the one thing that I remember. It’s been 2 years, 1 year since the judge dismissed the case, but my life has been forever impacted.