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  • Antipsychotics have no similarities with real drugs at all. Moreover they can be called Antidrugs. This is their effect on the brain. Sedation is the only real effect of antipsychotics. And for this simple effect you have to pay an expensive price. I am not a God and do not know the real purpose of narcotic and psychedelic plants about which you write in your article, and easily compare them with cheap dangerous chemicals, produced by truly perverted minds. It’s like taking clonidine for sedation and putting yourself at risk of being bedridden, as a result of a stroke. And people still abuse clonidine without even knowing about the risks. And the doctors continue to prescribe it. The same can be said about antipsychotics. Also i found your comparison of antipsychotics with rat poison a little naive, because it is the same, literally, no jokes, no metaphors. You can even change the name of the article – “Why i take rat poison and don’t plan to stop.” Wouldn’t people think like that in 100 years? considering this rhetorical question and the subsequent answers to it a little wild?

  • “Despite severe side effects and questionable efficacy, clinicians often balk at reducing or eliminating antipsychotic medication”
    This is not true, if the doctor sees that the patient is not taking and does not want to take the pills, he will offer to cancel antipsychotics. Because it’s silly to give antipsychotics when there is no risk of psychosis (unless the patient himself wants to repeat such psychedelic experience).

  • Pill Shaming is just a common sense, if a person believes that the pills used in psychiatry are real medicine – then he is a doctor or just not so smart. Or it’s a person who has never tried to take them, because anyone who has ever tried antipsychotics is well aware of what kind of “medicine” it is. Chemical lobotomy is a very precise definition, and how can someone be considered normal if he voluntarily takes such medicines? The correct term for this is Stockholm Syndrome. Maybe I did not understand the meaning of the article? The “Pill Shaming” phenomenon is when a doctor is ashamed to prescribe such drugs? Especially when it comes to types of psychosis when antipsychotics are contraindicated. And none of the doctors even know that there are such contraindications. But still, large doses are prescribed, causing hallucinations and toxic hepatitis. I think it’s quite natural that there will be people who will not like the fact that somebody take such medicines voluntarily and praise their effectiveness. This is called collaborationism.

  • EСT is the same as neuroleptics, total ignorance and exponential neglect of human health, with no positive effects at all. This is the same thing as prefrontal lobotomy in the 1950s. It’s such a strange ideas, that shocking brain with electricity and a regular poisoning could help someone. And don’t let new computer technologies mislead you, we live in a dark ages. Today i read the news, son of billionaire Yegor Sosin had an acute psychosis, due to drug overdose (marijuana?) And he killed his mother, one of the reasons – she gave him pills (antipsychotics) and according to him, because of the pills hallucinations began. I read an article that you cannot treat psychosis caused by marijuana (and maybe other drugs?) with antipsychotics, but this information is very difficult to find and no one knows it. The boy studied in one of the best schools in the world, had his own business and was socially very active. Of course, he was given a chronic diagnosis and instead of prison he was sent to a psychiatric hospital for compulsory treatment. The article provides an interview with a psychiatrist. I will quote.
    – Was it a temporary insanity?
    No. Sosin is still sick, so he was sent to compulsory treatment, and not to prison.
    – So he was sick for a long time”
    Apparently, for a long time. How much time – a question for specialists.
    – He was aware of his actions when he killed his mother?
    No, he did not.
    – It is strange that earlier none of his friends, relatives did not notice any deviations behind him …
    Apparently, he had such a disease. The disease manifested itself in this way.
    – It is known that Sosin took drugs. Maybe under the influence of drugs, he decided to kill?
    The fact that he took serious drugs, we learned only from his testimony. This moment is not proven.

    Isn’t it strange? Firstly, in psychosis a person does not lose the ability to be aware of his actions. It is even more serious crime. Because psychosis is like a test, and you realize it.
    Secondly, how can a person be declared chronically ill, when he had only one drug induced psychosis?
    And finally, I want to say that if you had drug induced psychosis – after taking antipsychotics hallucinations occur, for example, like real cartoons, if you concentrate attention on a picture.
    As for ECT i’m sure this procedure works in a similar way – doctors do this because this is their job, but subconsciously (like in psychosis) everyone knows that it is harmful and meaningless.

  • “They exert enough force to contribute to extensive suffering and mental illness in the oppressed”
    Lets talk about “Big” psychiatry. Keeping the psychosis in mind. If you have psychosis without a reason, then you have been sick since childhood. If psychosis has a cause, then you are not sick. Everything is simple.
    Those who are confused and do not understand what psychosis is will never know it, because it is a big secret.
    This quote is valid for fictional diagnoses such as depression. Assuming that a person can get seriously mentally ill, as a result of dominant class activity is a singular, restrictive and reductive understanding of all the ways in which humans can experience psychosis and get a lifelong misdiagnosis.

  • It’s better to just throw money away than spend it on psychiatric medications.
    By the way – Ukraine is now at war with Russia, and Russia sends so-called humanitarian convoys to occupied territories of Ukraine with antipsychotics and other things (in white trucks), as in the Coca Cola advertising. I get this “medicine” in the hospital and it says “Humanitarian Aid from Russia”. Isn’t it simple and honest? As if revolution and psychosis have the same roots?

  • I just read the news: A man stabbed his own head with a knife in order to get rid of the blocked nose due to flu. According to the doctors, he has schizophrenia. That’s what mental health is in Western Psychiatry. Did they say something about psychosis? No, they say – schizophrenia. And everyone reads such news and smiles. Maybe he wanted to commit suicide? Nobody cares. As for the article – why Maori? They didn’t have diversity of psychedelic plants to know what psychosis is. What is this, a joke?

  • Since often antipsychotics used in hospitals to make old people die faster, talking about “recovery” would be too optimistic, as well as “mad pride” on the one hand is obvious (if you have psychedelic experience), on the other hand there are really sick and misdiagnosed people. Psychiatric survivors is a correct term.

  • “At age 19, he naively told his mother and his doctor that he was hearing voices”
    There are many beds in psychiatric hospitals, sometimes doctors even offer a chronic psychiatric diagnosis. This does not mean that you can simply refuse it, but you have to go to another hospital and get a medical certificate, which indicates a different diagnosis. It can happen with a head injury for example.

  • Concept of “Early dementia” makes sense, because people who have spontaneous psychosis experiencing real learning difficulties, such people very often spend most of their time in the hospital, which undoubtedly influences behavior and cognitive abilities. And of course the psychosis itself can cause actions that can be explained by a lack of intelligence. Mention may be made of people with autism, in whom a large part of the brain, compared to ordinary people is responsible for the perception of smells. So the real schizophrenia may have its own meaning, but this is a separate topic. What is important is that people with a single psychosis (which has a cause) get the diagnosis of schizophrenia. And therefore it cannot be said that we are dealing with early dementia, because psychosis by itself doesn’t make people stupid. So why do people with a single psychosis get a diagnosis of chronic psychosis? The reason is that even a single psychosis affects a person’s behavior and beliefs. And this “abnormal” post-psychotic behavior is interpreted as the so-called “psychotic behavior” – the term is very broad and it means that the person had more than one psychosis. Not seeing differences between psychotic behavior, psychosis and chronic psychosis is a big mistake.

  • Research at Yale looking at the causes and treatment of auditory hallucinations or “voices” will continue with over $600,000 in combined funding from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), the Donaghue Foundation and the Charles A. Dana Foundation.
    “About 70(!?) percent of patients with schizophrenia hear voices, with a population incidence of one percent overall,” said Ralph Hoffman, principal investigator on the study and recipient of the grants.

  • If the old man hits the old woman with a crutch, and the old woman will call an ambulance there is a chance that the old man will spend the rest of his days in the hospital with a diagnosis of schizophrenia.
    Real psychosis is so rare in psychiatry that nobody cares. Until an overdose of drugs happens and they will write in your medical card that you scatter your poop on the floor, because for example, you offered the doctor to treat his patients with cannabis instead of antipsychotics.
    Psychiatry doesn’t need proof, they have vacant beds.

  • The first time I agree with everything that is written, almost. I think still there is a difference between induced psychosis and schizophrenia. The only problem is that you will get schizophrenia even after a single case of psychosis, in the medical card the doctors will write a lie that you had two or more, if you haven’t shaved your beard for example or if you ignore meetings at the hospital, or don’t want to take your medication etc. I know what psychosis is, but there is enough people who unconditionally believe in medical records and the words of doctors and think that they had dozens of psychoses. They think that psychosis is when you get drunk on vodka and loudly sing songs, and many doctors think so.

  • When i came to the hospital with acute psychosis, the first thought is that i got into a female religious sect.
    Everybody in white clothes and it seems somewhat arrogant. I think everyone thinks that when they get there.
    Now I think that the main thing that unites religion and psychiatry is the degree of fanaticism.
    In my country, for example schizophrenia is when you take so many drugs that you feel an overdose every year in the spring.
    This happens because the brain is damaged, arguing with that is useless.
    P.S. Also doctors will write in the card that you scattered something on the floor (salt for example) because in the old Soviet textbooks such an example of schizophrenic behavior was given, this can be compared to false religious rites when the fire is lit by itself