Sunday, November 28, 2021

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  • “Due to joining, adopting its rigid norms and doctrines, and practicing its regular rituals, they become alike/cooperative/organized, they overcome their selfish/barbaric nature, and they loyally surrender their will to the group. Even as their numbers grow very large and dispersed, they still think and act as one.”

    This statement tells me you have had very little experience with the Christian faith(the only one I can comment on with any real knowledge). It actually made me laugh.

    If you have even a basic knowledge of Christian scripture, you’d know that the above isn’t taught/nor reality. We are not taught to give over our will to any group, just our Lord. It’s an individual pilgrimage to Grace, through grace.

    Wicked men use all religions (including Atheism, capitalized as it is a true faith/religion…a rigid belief, dogma, rituals, etc) to wield power over others. They always have and they always will. Some sheep are dumb, and fall for their line. That has as little to do with true Christianity as SSRIs have with real ‘mental health’. Bad men use anything they can to hold sway over others: religion, food, love, lust, loneliness, sadness, politics, etc.

    We all have our delusions. We all have our coping mechanisms. But some ONE thing is true. Either it all means nothing, or it means something. Can’t be both. Christian scripture tells us we are delusional, as natural men, btw. We are in darkness, and need light.

    Christianity is (at its core, not in man’s perversions of it) the ultimate clarion call of hope, bearing witness to goodness and wholeness and redemption for a ruined race. It’s quite glorious. Even if a pure delusion, with no basis in fact, it’s the best thing going (in its core belief, not in the perversions of it by wicked men).

    Time’ll tell which delusion is actual truth. We’ll see what happens.