Sunday, August 7, 2022

Comments by Dr Lynne

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  • Good for you! Great for those kids. Add easy-excuse to the long list of harm from labeling. But, it’s not always ‘greed’ that leads to ‘providers’ complying with DSM. We MUST to do our paperwork unless we freelance and refuse third party involvement. We can try to stay outside in in our actual contact with those we serve – but even that can be difficult in these times. Thanks for how you deal with young folk.

  • I am so very much in agreement and felt your presentation was compelling. Thank you. Also, I hope to read more of your thoughts and experiences. I’d like to believe that we are closer than we’d ever been to making changes that would free us from the trap we’ve constructed – I don’t, but it would be so beneficial! I’m planning to re-read and attempt to say more upon consideration, but the immediacy of my reaction demanded a comment.

  • What? No comments? I liked reading your piece and agree heartily. Validation is quite important to most people – perhaps even more to those who do suffer emotional/mental distress. And, for many, in the context of an appointment with a healthcare professional validation is a diagnosis. If I have the opportunity to work with such a person, over time I try – as it sounds like you do – to help them find other ways to feel valid. Thank you for your first piece here.