Wednesday, October 27, 2021

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  • Hi Noel… just wondering if you are DID? You seem to know so much and so well shown through your writings about the depth understanding of this condition… ?

    Glad to see that recognize this as a true condition… also think about the possiblity that also, all so-called “mentally ill” people are actually very gifted intuitively… there is NO doubt in my mind about this.

    Do you have a private email? OR is this the only format… you offer guidance?

    “I am working to try to get first-person perspectives on how to work with altered identity states and memory loss; so many individuals” — your words from your article here…Noel.
    I can help with this.


  • Wow, this is the first time I have read this great article by Daniel Mackler who I met a year ago at a convention in Florida. Amazing you are Daniel.

    I also want to say, I am sooo glad to hear so many comments about what is happening in this world of ours pertaining to the issues of treatment of both medication madness of forcing drugs immediately upon crisis and also pertaining to HOW TO REACH those who have been brainwashed in the system and have come to surrender to the system’s forced hand.

    I am someone who has tried fighting the system for well over 30 years. I ALWAYS refused to take my medications once released from the crisis center mainly due to the fact that when I had my “first break” (sorry I know some hate to hear that kind of language but only way to say that it was my first time introduced into this whole field of psychiatry and all its additives) at the age of 19 (now 52), when they gave me Thorazine… I ended up with the Thorazine shuffle and lockjaw and almost took the bridge (literally, I was contemplating it because of this drug they gave me) because of what that medication did to my mind and body (off the top uncontrollable anxiety created by the drug). But for the last 2 years, I have succumbed to taking medication on a regular basis because it seemed that I could not get past 3-4 years without having a break. After 14 hospitalizations in the past 30 years, I am getting tired. Though, I have always dreamed of having a place for those who suffer with these problems. I actually still own 5 acres of land in WV I bought in 2005 for this very purpose but ran out of money to build the home (center).

    I am finding this whole world’s view of the so-called mentally ill becoming very frustrating and almost hopeless. But after reading, all of these comments, you have all inspired me once again to keep moving along with the ideas I have always had about how government and the psychiatry field have had way to much power.

    I want to say to “anonymous”… that your writings truly touched me as I felt your anger? or the injustice that obviously you have witnessed or experienced (Excellent writings). I too have been in that “mind space” and find it hard to trust many at all when it comes to finding a place of rest when I need it the most (when in crisis)… there HAS TO BE A WAY to get through the crisis’s without the hell of dealing with the “professionals”… which are far from professional. I have seen so much in my lifetime having to do with people treated horribly at the hands of “professionals” its scary.

    Yet, I see that even at Soteria-Alaska has its challenges. I can’t imagine the energy needed to truly help (with respect and dignity) those who are so out in left field due to medication withdrawals… doing it in a true dignified manner would be a sight to see. I am glad Daniel that you have witnessed this first hand at some of these places you have been to. I wish I could be a part of this movement that shows you another way to really help people in this way. It is the only thing I have lived for in the past 25 years – I feel it is my only mission in this life but still don’t know how to bring it all together.

    Keep up the great work everyone … YOU simply amaze me that you care so much for all of us that have lived through some real “hell” in this life. Thank you for working towards finding the real truth in all of this, by posting your opinions. It has helped me tremendously.

    BTW, the center I was going to open, was going to be called IMAGINE: A Healing Center for the Soul (named after John Lennon’s song Imagine).

    Peace, Sherri Zimmerman