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  • Hi, I am the author of the story and I have some pressing deadlines this week, but I just wanted to say quickly to all of you what I was trying to do in this article. The aim of this piece, like a lot of Bob Whitaker’s work, is to highlight the corruption that runs rampant in psychiatry! It documents how Lieberman’s entire diagnostic framework–the DSM–is bogus; it also shows how one of the most influential psychiatrists in America uses his power simply to bully psychiatrists he doesn’t like; what’s more, it shows how he and his allies in the APA can get the NYT both to buy into his pseudoscience and his harassment of colleagues and to celebrate him as some kind of paragon of both integrity and wisdom–when getting his billions in grants for his bogus science is all he really cares about. And he certainly doesn’t care about the welfare of patients that he drugs or America’s public health. For him, it’s all about the $$$.

    Re: Lee’s own take on psychiatry and on Trump. I don’t think she is necessarily right on anything. And all of you raise some good questions on whether there is in fact a scientific basis to her assertions of dangerousness. And that should be debated. My point is just that we don’t want the Liebermans of this world to slime her.

    As you know, Lieberman has slimed Bob as “a menace to society” for his excellent work on the dangers of the psychotropic drugs. And Lieberman is essentially doing the same thing to Lee and her colleagues and for the exact same reason–because they also threaten his business model/$$$. And just as Lieberman doesn’t want to debate Bob on the drugs, he doesn’t want to debate her on the Goldwater rule. He simply doesn’t care about the issues–just about his $$ and power.

    Thanks for listening and all the best, Joshua Kendall

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