Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Comments by Steve Baz

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  • I wonder if the problem is also partly the doses of antipsychotics being used? When someone is acutely psychotic then antipsychotics clearly help many people but the temptation is to believe “the dose that gets you well keeps you well”. This is true of the antidepressants but not true of the antipsychotics – there are several elegant studies showing that reducing doses to a half or even less of the acute doses results in much better outcomes and lower symptoms. May be long-term use is effective but outcomes are being adversely affected by essentially toxic effects? That would need to be studied but I think it would be worth it. As a pharmacist, I always recommend that all medicines should be started slowly and stopped slowly because it’s kinder to the brain. I sometimes wonder if some relapses are the shock to the brain of taking something away too quickly.