Saturday, February 27, 2021

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  • I agree totally Robbert. Here in South Africa state hospitals have become a dumping ground for people who have mental reaction to street drugs, and instead of being helped to detox and to get some form of therapy they are put on psych meds and labeled schizophrenia or what ever. We have been told by the staff in one ward that 90% of the people in the ward were there because of drugs and or alcohol. Many families wanting to help their children or loved ones end up in the psychiatric system, and once there, there is no talk about the drug/substance problem and the person now becomes a psychiatric case. Here we have seen it that people are kept in closed wards for months. They lie in the floors, no recreation, no books, nothing. No gardens, neglected buildings.

    And on the other hand, drug rehabs that are all private are absolutely impossible to afford for general public.

    We are indeed faced with a tremendous issue since drugs is an ever growing problem in our country and the world.