Saturday, May 28, 2022

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  • Social media and smartphones are part of the problem, watch kids, they are so addicted to the devices that they don’t know how to have interpersonal interactions live. It raises their anxiety as they wait and watch how many views or likes their posts receive. and any negative postings take on a life of their own and have a new permanence. They are now isolated when they are in the same room with people because they don’t interact. Its sad. There has always been bullying, but social media puts it on steroids.
    And we need to take the media to task also. The content of TV and movies. We grew up with Little House on the Prarie, The Brady Bunch, Eight is Enough, The Waltons….and they grew up with The Purge, Zombie apocalypse, 13 Reasons Why, Mean Girls and a host of other horrific content. Most of which glorifies violence and callousness. It is near impossible to screen out.