Friday, November 27, 2020

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  • It used to be said that Cocaine was god’s way of telling you you`ve made too much money.
    In the same way you could claim the supporting the more extreme elements of Neurodiversity is just god’s way of telling you you`ve spent too much time in isolation on the Internet, on a device usually paid for by someone else, i.e. wealthy loving parents, welfare (taxpayer).

    It’s the ultimate in self-indulgent rubbish, the inconvenient truth is the majority of autistic individuals are disabled with a lower life expectancy (sometimes as low as 36), 90% unemployment rate, with a life of poverty and loneliness. Nobody is saying they shouldn’t have rights in the same way as other disabled individuals like schizophrenia, but all this rubbish of autism is a difference is just un scientific nonsense, being dead is a difference, so is being in a coma & in a vegetative state!

    In the real-world citizens work all week to put a roof over their heads. Government quite rightly supports measures to help those that cannot help themselves, such as the disabled, but as a healthy trade off also supports measures to reduce the future burden of these individuals through research and treatment programs.

    Those that refuse future treatment if it becomes available would quite rightly receive no sympathy in the form of acceptance, welfare support.

    The idea that cash strapped western governments and hardworking taxpayers are going to be happy to pay enormous sums of money to the 90% of autistic people who are unemployed / unemployable because they refuse treatment, is not going to happen. The idea that schools will accept children that may go crazy in the classroom bite teachers etc., because their parents refuse them treatment is not going to happen, if a cure or effective treatment becomes available. In fact refusing your child treatment will quite rightly be seen as a form of child abuse, given the pain and suffered by some of the lower functioning types.

    I used the term Western governments for a reason, in Africa, Asia and nearly all the rest of the world, it wouldn’t even be debated, some of the ideas of neurodiversity would just be laughed out the door.