Saturday, November 26, 2022

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  • Thank you so much for sharing your story! It is very inspirational & gives hope to so many. I have been researching what helps people recover so I can better assist my sister when she gets out of the hospital. Reading thru many of the comments it seems everyone is focusing on the niacin….but to me it seems your recovery journey started long before then.
    You believed you could get better, you choose to pursue your dreams despite the struggles you were going thru. You took responsibility for your health, with the yoga, meditation, martial arts, diet. And you got to know yourself & when you needed help. I feel this was the beginning of your recovery, and it was not linear there were ups & downs but you continued on despite your challenges. After being kicked out of the therapy program you decided you would not let this define you…these are very key details of your recovery story. This belief in your self & your resolve to get back up and try again led you to the niacin treatment. You already believed in yourself & the caring attention of a doctor that also believed in your recovery can help more than the treatment itself. I believe that this belief that you would recover was they key to making the treatment work. I am wondering if you had supportive friends, family & counselors that also believed in your ability to recover? Often times I see clinicians & family are very scared to let their loved one attempt to pursue real recovery out of the fear of relapse.
    I do truly believe that supporting the health of the body with high vitamin doses can certainly help propel the body’s ability to heal but one’s belief & daily rituals and habits (esp habitual worries & fears & thiking recovery impossible) can greatly undermine the effectiveness of the vitamins. The body can naturally heal when at a state of calm & peace but not when in a state of fear & panic.
    Again, thank you so much for sharing your story in such an inspiring way.