Sunday, December 4, 2022

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  • Hi Sera
    Thanks for this article, I enjoyed it. I love your observations and concur about how we avoid the word “sorry” as if its a weakness to say it. I feel as though our society (American society) is so focused on “toughness” in whatever variety that may be – physical, mental, both, that sorry is equated with being “weak.” Sadly, by denying our “sorryness” we promote this false sense of stability that temporarily supports our ego above the reality of a situation that calls for acknowledging another’s real feelings. Yes I agree, being in love and generally respecting another’s humaness requires realizing one’s own fault, mistake, etc. I have always found that those who struggle with sorry, even in the tiniest situations, also have a lot difficulty growing emotionally Sorry can so powerfully allow us to reflect on our need for change or growth, what an awesome word it is!!