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  • Thank You, Bruce! I do like how you tie history into the tapestry of psychiatry’s utter BS. I was aghast that Benjamin Rush is even remembered at all considering his messianic and paternalistic madness, not to mention his wack theories that killed god knows how many. I imagine that most psychiatrist have never even investigated him but are glad to take the Benjamin Rush award for achievement which I found on the APA site. My experience with psychiatrists, and especially interns in hospitals, is that they are rather an obedient lot. I started reading the studies they do and just the language is so inflated e.g. “mental illness” is called neuropsyche impairment or some other invented phrase. As a side note, I had a Nurse practitioner with eyes wide like a religious fanatic show me a circled paragraph that read, ” Zyprexa, lithium, and Risperdal increase the growth of brain cells! Of course, which they proved in a p-hacked study on rats after 7 days of trials. I looked it up. Its scandalous that they dress all this up in science, of course, no one is analyzing the studies in the actual field. These drugs actual curtail intelligence just take one and wait for the drool to hit your chin! Also, there are very few studies on Tardive Dyskinesia from anti-psychotics- which essentially is brain damage. They seem to never mention or care about that- I guess its just a side effect in between growing new brain cells. Welcome to to the brave new world.

  • ‘Rush prided himself on his powers of observation. He carried a notebook with him everywhere and, in his highly disciplined way, recorded conversations, observations, thoughts, about everything under the sun. He appeared to have abandoned this habit during the epidemic, perhaps because of his frenzied practice. There can be no question that Rush’s mercury purges and copious bloodletting were profoundly erroneous and sometimes fatal. How many hundreds of deaths Rush watched during the epidemic is not known, but in each case he found some way to exonerate his “remedies” as a cause. Many people that Rush should have respected, including most of his professional colleagues, pointed to their own observations that Rush’s treatment was often worse than the disease and murderous in its consequences. As the controversy became more public and strident, Rush’s defense of his treatment, always vitriolic, took on increasingly paranoid overtones. He truly believed that he had been chosen by God to save the people of Philadelphia and that opposition to his views was heretical and sacrilegious.’ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1312212/#B3

  • Great point! We are all commodities from daycare to death bed. I live alone and have almost no close friends and I am feel great! I work out, I talk to random people and show them respect and humor. I disagree the being alone is unhealthy! Why are we so fixated on the dichotomy of health/ ill health or mental health/ mental illness. Its such black and white thinking. Health has become a fetish and mental health, as well. I recall going to the doctor and taking some dumb questionnaire where basically they figured out I wasnt have sex and had few friends. Amazing! I guess health for them is lots of sex and an AMAZING social life where you have to fight the friends off. Ugh, they are
    framing reality. I say No thanks mine is fine.

  • Indeed, how anyone gets “saner” being traumatized by the forced treatment is beyond me. I had a doctor screaming at me, “Are you paranoid and do you have weapons?”-treatment as usual. I have noticed that most community mental health psychiatrists in my area are 1) from India, and 2) cold, brash, elitists. I hate to sound xenophobic but why are they importing so many psychiatrists (I know this is anecdotal evidence). I digress. In general, they are just bullies with high paying jobs. I dont even think they believe their BS but, hell, it pays for the new Porsche. Lets be honest its mostly about money and prestige. There world is divided between the mentally ill and them the sane doctors. They get to walk with an air of superiority while having the do-gooder mentality. Its fascinating, how few people even question the shaky ground of diagnosis? That goes for progressive types to boot. In fact, the amount of celebrities advocating for mental health awareness, which is always medication is depressing in itself. But it really is an industry full of fads and cons. Just read the research and notice hardly ever a mention of a subjective viewpoint from a client. The patient has disappeared under the microscope. How convenient for them-not having to deal with pesky things like racism, oppression, or lack of love.

  • Very enlightening article about Thomas Paine, whom I only knew by name. it reminds me of a quote I will paraphrase- I am fine with Jesus its his followers I don’t like. Anyhow, I took a trip over to the APA web-page and clicked under APA sites I found PsychiatricNews (APA created I suppose) endorsing a partnership with Pentecostal ministries for recovery. Its all about drug addiction recovery, and fits well with my experience in psychiatry and drug recovery circles- God and Pharmacology. Both are modern day opium for the masses. Proof is in the pudding- Psychiatry, as the article demonstrates is trying to learn something, or expand its market, from religion. Wow! They must really be short on ideas. Well, here is the article. https://psychnews.psychiatryonline.org/doi/full/10.1176/appi.pn.2019.6a8