Wednesday, August 10, 2022

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  • Only James Hillman spoke about psyche in its proper language. Monotheistic science and medical empiricism is beyond the topic. Monism does not care about psyche. (Materialism + theology/spiritualism without psyche.)
    It is hard to imagine what people feel after reading his books. This is ideological prison. Many are going to be killed in the name of monotheistic status quo.

  • Well, James Hillman was seen as a destructive renegade. Because he told barbarians that psyche is not a branch of medicine. I agree, our ego depend on imagination which is far beyond brain. Those people who think that psyche is an imagination beyond our ego (or brain) are seen as nowadays witches.
    Well, psyche is something beyond our ego. Monotheistic man sets a fire, not the psyche.

    People do not understand movies like Divergent or Insurgent, because this monotheistic culture is too blind.
    “We (psyche) are not the problem, we are the solution”.

    James Hillman “Re -visioning psychology”. Dare to fight for freedom of imagination.

  • Yes. Psyche needs polytheistic background, its proper rhetoric, because there is no possibility to talk about polytheistic psyche using monotheistic rhetoric – monotheistic religion and science based on monotheistic theology. How can you talk about something which is beyond your small perception? Mono-theism is less than poly-theism.

    James Hillman “Re -visioning psychology”.

    We need to reanimate psyche. Because monotheistic man has gone to far with barbarism.

  • What a shame that psychiatrists themselves never questioned their power over people. Unawareness?

    James Hillman was the only psychologist, the rest are anti human and pro materialistic egoic or pro religious. When you must go to the psychiatrist, that’s mean that there’s no place for you among the other people. And that something is wrong, but, with you. With you, not with the fact that theological psyche they believe in, is a false flag.

    Why we must go to the psychiatrist anyway?

    Because theological and spiritual fascists hate human psyche, they do not want to face the psychological reality. So the invented an pseudo medical ersatz to destroy you. Convenient and blind spiritualism destroyed psyche. Because psyche is the truth, and that truth could destroy their power over psyche. Church, theological utopia, economical power and so on. Monotheistic power over polytheism.

    Normal people, they agreed, to destroy you and your pathology, because that pathology means an end for their convenient theological lies. Theological power, convenient life without roots. Apollonians are using theological power in medical disguise over psyche, because it is convenient for them. They do not care about what psyche really is. Materialists and spiritualists are not intrested in your psyche, because they themselves are safe and beyond dangerous things you are talking about.
    So for them psyche is a fiction, because psyche means danger.

    Theological lies about psyche are more convenient than the truth.
    Titans mean more than materialists and spiritualists. It is about the price.
    Normal people, beyond psychological reality, can’t eve imagine what you feel, but still, they want to correct you/condemn you.

    Because theology condemned psyche long time ago.

  • Mental health fixation belongs to apollonian fundamnetalists. Stupid won’t help those more deep than he himself.

    Psychiatry has killed Hemingway and Plath. Because their language was more complex than psychiatric jargon.
    Because words means everything. And psychiatry is a war of the blunt apollonic pseduo scientism with metaphor.
    All the people I knew and who were killed by psychiatry, they were psychologically more important that those privileged who have killed them.


    James Hillman “Re- Visioning psychology”

  • ” ‘Everyone’s worried about stopping terrorism. Well, there’s really an easy way: Stop participating in it.”
    Noam Chomsky

    Terrorism, suicidal death non compliance are the only way to change something. Suicide is more important than comfortable life built on false assumptions.
    Comfortable life means nothing today. Nothing but complete ignorance. Happiness in this world is something infantile. What counts is how much you have done for the future.

    Psychiatry is not the answer. Psychiatry is a political economical theological war against psyche.

    Your depression, your psychosis, your suicide is more important than economy. Psyche is more important. And economy belongs to psychological reality not to materialists. Price. You have to pay a price for what you are, what you represent in psychological meaning. When you represent nothing you need to work, because work is easy for apollonians, they are natural born materialists. Apollonians pay nothing to psyche, so they should also pay for ability to live in that easy infantile way with easy opium in place of psychological reality.

    We do not need psychiatry. We must now the price. The real price of living.

    Pay for what you represent. And the price is high only for psychological man. The rest are having party.

    I am against a state of materialists who reject their own psychology and are using infantile god and medical religion against it.

    You know, the things you pay to Ceasar is not enough. The real currency is psychological work. Apollonians and spiritualists are having party. Psychological man is the only one who pays.

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    “My war – and I have yet to win a decisive battle – is with the modes of thought and conditioned feelings that prevail in psychology and therefore also in the way we think and feel about our being. Of these conditions none are more tyrannical than the convictions that clamp the mind and heart into positivistic science (geneticism and computerism), economics (bottom-line capitalism), and single-minded faith (fundamentalism).”
    ― James Hillman