Wednesday, May 12, 2021

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  • Something I have heard from clients that recoil at CBT I’d like to share as well, and it boils down to our two brains. We have a Wise Mind (Neocortex) and a Reactive Brain (Reptilian and Limbic) and they often operate at cross-purposes. CBT asks we Wisely “tell” our Reactive brains when they are spouting untruths with an accurate statement. 3 things:
    1. It does work with practice! But to be effective, our Wise Mind has to be engaged. When overly stressed, the Wise Mind shuts down, making reason difficult to engage.
    2. The affirmations, truths, actualities have to really be strongly believed, or the automatic negative thoughts will win (cuz they’re the loudest and most persistent).
    3. Which can lead to arguing in our heads over what is real and true. And again, negative often wins, because negativity assists survival (tho often poorly). So a client can come in with persistent negative thoughts, and we ask them to get into arguments with those thoughts. That can be exhausting, make things seem worse, and can lead to people just giving up.
    Simplistic, but it’s a post, so please forgive my simplicity.
    For these clients I like to use Acceptance and Commitment Therapy’s thought defusion. Rather than arguing thoughts, you can simply let thoughts be, let them come and go, and carry on with trying to live a meaningful life no matter what your Reactive Brain is yapping at you.
    Any way, my 2euros.

    JN Olympia, WA

  • Great article!
    Had to respond to the notion of providing oxytocin to Germans to help them accept immigrants. My understanding is that oxytocin only increases bonding to people we consider our “tribe”; it makes us more competitive with people we consider “others”, which means that experiment would have ended in disaster!

    More generally, what’s next? Since consumption, entertainment, distraction, and numbing are all failing us, what will come down the pike next to keep this anti-human system afloat?